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Devlet Bahçeli

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Bahçeli: Everyone that loves their country is a member of the Turkish nation


Mr. Devlet Bahçeli is a very sensible person, it is reasonable for him to voice his concerns. Communists want to take control in the South East.


MHP lays stress on national discontent. Alright it is a fact that our government shows a candid effort but it is really required as well. One circle lays stress on vigilance, the other strives for solution. That is a balance. That is not something against the government, it is to its advantage.


Mr. Bahçeli is a very reasonable person. And the idealist youth has strong character. They are all very brave and sound young men. In one respect their existence is a kind of guarantee for Turkey. They are the cement of the society insha’Allah. They are an amazing power that hold Turkey upright, that make the foreign forces shiver. For that reason they should feel at ease. The Help of Allah will be upon them all the time.


Mr. Bahçeli put forth his attitude about the Gezi Park incidents. It would be inappropriate to make individual outbursts apart from that.


MHP has given a very big effort for this country. They have given a great service for this nation.


Mr. Devlet Bahçeli is leading the MHP (National Movement Party) very nicely on a warm and lenient line.


Devlet Bahçeli: The AKP Must Follow up on Corruption


Mr. Devlet Bahceli: Democracy is the way ahead, not pouring into the streets


Mr. Devlet Bahçeli: Our Prime Minister should see the danger clearly


Mr. Bahçeli Appeared with Two Ladies by His Side


Bahceli is right to say that the PKK will never lay down their weapons and it is only a trick


Mr. Devlet Bahceli: “The PKK Never Buries their Weapons under Concrete; the State Should Hand Them Over”


Devlet Bahceli: “Level Qandil to the Ground if Necessary”


Mr. Bahçeli: “The PKK is equal to the PYD”


Devlet Bahceli: "The Tone on the Social Media Is At an All-time Low"


Against the Increasing Terror Threat a Strong Cultural and Military Campaign is Essential


Unity and solidarity of the Turkish people is crucial especially now when the PKK threat is big.


Mr. Bahçeli is a very esteemed person raised by Chieftain Türkeş. His statements are very wise and to the point.


Mr. Bahçeli is a patriotic, rational person who is not after any rank or position and who loves his nation expecting nothing in return.


Mr. Bahçeli is a very precious national idealist who’s been through great struggles and great ordeals. He is a real statesman.


The nationalist, idealist community trained by Mr. Bahçeli and the Chieftain Türkeş are brave, determined and valiant people loyal to the state who are ready to give their lives for our people and our homeland.


In his last speech, Mr.Bahceli made an in-depth analysis of the British deep state. He's a person who reflects the Ottoman spirit very well.

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