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The real cause of the civil conflict and slaughter in Africa: Darwinism


Turkey is the voice of Africa


Islam: The light illuminating the world


The Muslims of Nigeria are waiting for help from the whole Islamic world


The Turkish-Islamic Union will also bring peace to Africa


Turkey: The sole leader state in Africa, the Middle East and Asia


Turkey is the new route


The Ideological Basis of the Rwandan Genocide is Rooted in Darwin's Theory of Evolution


The slaughter in the Central African Republic shows the urgent need for the system of the Mahdi (12.01.2014)


Extremism is one of the reasons behind the genocide in Central African Republic (13.02.2014)


France is in sight of the violence in CAR


Is Africa Condemned to Hunger and Famine?


What Can Be Done In The Central African Republic To Restore Peace


The hunt for Muslims in the Central African Republic


New conflicts have put the whole of MENA into turmoil


Toward a wealthy and tranquil Africa for World peace


Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite Avec Dialogue


The salvation of Africa is in the End Times. The whole history of Africa has passed with sufferings. Their ordeals will come to an end only with the system of the Mahdi but those ordeals will, insha’Allah, return to them as a beauty. Those pains, those ordeals will have a perfect return for those who are faithful; the gardens of Paradise, the tables of Paradise and above all else the good pleasure of God.


African terrorism in the shadows


Africa: A victim of agro-imperialism


Asylum Seekers: a Problem of Humanity or Security?

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