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The Turkish-Islamic Union will be the salvation of the Pattani Muslims




Apartment flat for women subjected to violence


Freeway says he is a Muslim and prays


The Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the cruelty, repression, and violence to come to an end


Allah will eliminate both violence and the philosophy of violence through Hazrat Mahdi (as)


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Is a Descendant of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh)


The Light of the Qur’an Has Destroyed Satanism


Terrorism: The Ritual of the Devil


Hazrat Mahdi's (as) struggle and the difficulties he will face -1-


A call for unity - 2


The Qur’an refutes Darwinism – I


Only love can defeat terrorism


The bloody history of fascism - 2


The bloody history of fascism - 1


Every Muslim who does not strive for Islamic Union is responsible for the millions of innocent people in the Islamic world suffering oppression


All Muslims have a responsibility to free the Muslims of Nepal from a climate of fear and oppression


The whole Muslim world must strive for the liberation of the oppressed people of Kashmir


The spread of atheist ideology will reach its most severe level in the end times


Dawkins is desperately trying to deceive young children


1,5 million year old footprints is a brand new, shocking, severe blow to the imaginary evolution


The messiah dajjal has secretly started work


Those exerting violence against women will be monitored by electronic cuffs


Revolution for violence against women!


Special bureau for violence against women


Prime Minister Erdogan: ''Violence towards women is meanness''


100 thousand people are educated for violence against women


Second memorandum on the violence against women from Erdogan


A secular, democratic system will come into existence properly, insha’Allah. The time of oppression, the period of violence will come to an end. Insha’Allah.


THE COMMUNIST REGIME DEFINITELY COMES INTO POWER BY VIOLENCE. COMMUNISM DOES NOT EMPLOY PEACEFUL METHODS. This is a truth. That is why a rational, scientific work has to be carried out.


A person who tries to ensure that religion is lived by through the use of violence is a bigot. There is freedom in the understanding of true Islam.




Violence, terror, cruelty are acts that should be strictly avoided, I mean they are directly features of the Hell. These should be strictly avoided.


The Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan said that they are working on a law involving violence against women


Some of the portents of the day of judgment that are coming about – Part II


Darwinist Education at Schools is the Main Reason Behind the Violence and Terrorism


Violence, cruelty, terror are not characteristics of a Muslim. A genuine Muslim would not have a way other than mercy and love.


It is wrong to name people who are pro-violence as Muslims. Those who advocate the system of horror, the system of violence; they are idolaters. They are from a pagan religion. A Muslim would not do that. A Muslim would abide by the Qur’an.


The proponents of violence are killing Muslims and they are killing Christians, they are killing Jews as well; they are enemies to everyone. Allah does not consider those people as Muslims. They are idolaters. They are pagans. I mean they do not accept the Qur’an as their basis.


Judaism, Christianity and Islam; they all preach compassion, mercy and love. Some evil, satanic elements forcibly attempt to bring about violence from religion.


Those who resort to violence actually burn out their own souls. Ideas spread with science, love, reason and democracy.


How will the bloodshed in Egypt cease?


It is sheer immorality to attempt to make people slaves to one's opinions by -supposedly- intimidating them and by using violence.


"Violence conducted by the army in Egypt might give way to Al-Qaeda style formations"


As people show resistance to the system of the Mahdi, fanaticism, violence and terror enwraps the world more and more each day. And because hatred is prevalent, it is not difficult for organizations like Al-Qaeda to find proponents, weapons and funds.


A solution for Egypt: Turkish Islamic Union


Instead of living in a heaven on earth, people instinctively live in conflict and ragez (05.09.20139


Mass Psychology Is Destructive


People started to see violence as admissible


People have not been taught about love, they have constantly been taught about violence. Hatred and lovelessness settled firmly in a great majority of society. The state should make it a national issue to teach love and sweep away hatred.


Violence brings about violence. As violence brings about violence, it also becomes a sort of training for violence. For instance Syria and Iraq became the schools of violence; there is an amazing foundation there. But in the system of the Mahdi, only compassion, mercy, love, friendship, brotherhood, peace and wisdom prevails. Eventually people will be obliged to approach to the system of the Mahdi.


All troubles in the world stem from lovelessness. Lovelessness brings about lovelessness. Lovelessness brings about violence.


Violence brings about violence. Only with love, mercy, friendship and brotherhood can stability and balance be attained in Libya.


Love is the greatest weapon in the world. Violence brings about violence but in love, the loved one would love you even more, and that makes you love even more. So you become friends, you become brothers and turn this world into a heaven on earth.


God creates violence and hatred so that people will understand the value of love before the system of the Mahdi (03.08.2014)


A lesson from Ferguson riots


Only the love of God can provide a solution to violence against women


ISIS cannot be destroyed with guns and bombs


Violence begets terror, violence begets horror and by doing so you would be playing into the hands of irreligious people, into the hands of persecutors. Irreligiousness spreads in places where there is violence. Religion spreads in peaceful environments, in loving, compassionate environments.


There is no violence in the Qur'an; the only condition war in which is considered acceptable in the Qur'an is defense. When a persecutor attacks, we defend ourselves. There is no persecution, no pressure in the Qur'an. You simply defend yourself when attacked by persecutors. The verse is explicit. God says; "There is no compulsion in religion." (Surat Al-Baqarah; 256) God also tells us to say; "O you disbelievers! You have your religion, I have my religion." ( Surat Al-Kafirun; 6) How do you come up with compulsion with these verses?


The Solution To Violence Against Women: Love Of God


Acceptance of the Truth only becomes possible after worldwide violence. Without that violence, the acceptance seems impossible. We see this in the Ad tribe and the Thamud tribe and all the other tribes. There has to be violence. People tend to leave this world behind when faced with violence and start thinking about the Hereafter.


Despite being Muslims, ISIS is on the wrong path. That is because they are using violence; violence has no place in Islam.


It is very clever of Rıdvan Dilmen to say that Qur’an should be read to stop violence against women


The greatest refugee camp of the world is established in Turkey for our brothers who came from Kobane


Baltimore and Ferguson prove that violence ushers in more violence


The sole reason of Greece's economic collapse and violence acts in the USA


Demirtas does not sound convincing when he says "Do not speak to us of war". PKK is equal to terror and violence.


Bloodshed in the Middle East shall not cease until Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) takes the lead of the Islamic world


People of the world should come together and announce that they don't want war and violence anymore


There is no valor in promoting violence. Struggle based on violence has no place in Islam. It is essential to live in peace as brothers and sisters.


Those movies containing violence cause spiritual destruction. They also put a strain on the nerves. Since humans are weak, frail creatures, it causes a great deal of stress on them. It causes stress even as people watch that movie. It leads to sickness. People should stay away from such movies.


Homosexuality is a great obscenity; meanwhile killing and committing violence are brutality. A person who commits murder is punished by eternity in hell.


Killing a single person is like killing all of humanity according to Islam. It is unacceptable to exert violence on a person because of his ideology.


Thousands of books about the sufficiency of the Qur'an and the fact that there exists no violence in Islam must be handed out by means of planes which are now used to drop bombs.


It is blood that feeds terror. Terror cannot be repressed through violence.


Our Prophet foretold that the End Times would be an age of violence and terror. There is an intense indoctrination of violence right now.


They try to solve every issue with conflict, blood and bombing. Violence begets violence; it leads to more blood and dread.


If a person prefers to be a man of violence and dread rather than a man of love, this is a dajjal movement.


Muslims are one another’s bothers. If one has a mistake, you simply give advice; resorting to violence and insults is not acceptable.


Those who depravedly find violence to women normal would break all hell loose if they were subject to violence themselves. They regard women as worthy of violence.


The most influential way to overcome terror is to analyze the roots of violence by intellectual means. This can be done by responding to Darwinism in the scientific way.


The Qur’an includes verses that allow rightful self-defense only. No verse in the Qur’an orders or encourages violence.


Unless the Darwinist, materialistic system is scientifically defeated, terror and violence would not come to an end in the proper sense.


Violence begets more violence. Blood will lead to more bloodshed. Radicalism should be taken on intellectually.


The Qur’an is a whole and there is no violence in any part of the Qur’an. God only allows rightful self-defense in case of an attack.


They should stop trying in vain to show Islam as a violent religion. Islam is the religion of happiness, beauty, art, nobility. Islam is the name of the most beautiful form of life. It is the name of everything that is beautiful. With the Qur’an, we showed this fact to the whole world.


There is no violence in Islam. It is a lie attributed to God. They find it heroic to abide by this lie, yet it is heroic to abide by God’s religion.


I’m vehemently against all sorts of terror, anarchy and violence. Violence is violence no matter what: I will never accept it.


There is no violence in the Qur'an. Fabricated hadiths which are used as a justification for violence should definitely be removed from the hadith collections.


Our Prophet would never say anything encouraging violence. Those hadiths promoting violence are fabricated. They have to be disavowed.


ISIS, Al-Qaida and the Taliban are all idolatrous organizations that are not complying with the Qur'an and that turned Islam into way of horror and violence.


I am against terror and violence in every way. Struggle can only be intellectual through love, peace, knowledge and wisdom.


Satan sets a trap to people using Darwinism and materialism. Those who fall prey to this trap become inclined to selfishness, aggression and violence.


It is not realistic to say that there is no radical Islam. Radical Islam is based on false hadiths, not the Qur'an and defends violence.


Trapped behind the walls


Trapped behind the walls


Trapped behind the walls


Declare war on terror, but how?


Love is the subject that satan opposes the most. It aims to destroy love and beauty. Films that incite hatred and violence serve satan without people’s knowing.


Fanatics resort to violence for everything. The salvation of the world lies in the Qur'anic Islam that we are preaching which is based on love and reason.


Racism threatening European values


We condemn the terror attack in London and extend our condolences to the British people. Terror and violence are products of the Darwinist, materialist ideology. We condemn all forms of terrorism.


Insidious indoctrination via hideous arts


We, the Turks, respect peaceful, democratic communists, but will not accept those that resort to violence.


The PKK can be stopped not with bombs, but only with an ideological campaign. Darwinist education fuels terrorism and violence.


The scourges and pains will not end as long as the education system, which openly denies God claiming that 'God did not create us', persists. If youth is inculcated with a mentality teaching that ‘our ancestors were bacteria’, they could easily lean towards violence and communism.


Declare war on terror, but how?


Declare war on terror, but how?


Declare war on terror, but how?


Should We Accept Terrorism as a Part of Our Lives?


Those who inflict violence on animals should certainly be divulged. Anyone cruel enough to inflict violence to animals would be very dangerous for our society.

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