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The Day of Judgment

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The Signs of Prophet Jesus' (pbuh) Second Coming

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The Day Of Judgment

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The time when the sun rises in the west is approaching

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The Day of Judgment

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The Dajjal has influenced people through hypnosis, making them unable to see the most evident facts regarding the end times

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The test will end when the Sun rises in the West, and the faith of those who believe after that will be of no benefit

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The next generation following ours will see the Last Day

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The Last Day has been halted because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come; it has been made to wait.


The Last Day will be progressing very rapidly. That is because there will be a collision to the Earth. A massive meteor will pierce through the world. It is stated that the meteor colliding with the Earth will pierce through the Earth, take a spin and then hit the Earth once more. As a result of this, the direction of the world's rotation will change. It will start to rotate the other way. Yet this is something that will happen within hours. It would maximum take hours. The Last Day will break very fast.


The Last Day was supposed to come but the angels that will bring the Last Day have returned. That is because Mahdi (pbuh) and the system of the Mahdi are on the agenda. What does our Prophet (saas) say? "Even if we have one single day, one single moment, one hour, one minute left till the Last Day, Mohammad Mahdi (pbuh) from my sons will come," says our Prophet (saas). He says; "Allah will postpone that day. The Last Day will be postponed."


The Last Day has been postponed. And people are not aware of this. The Last Day has been postponed with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) being instrumental. Because people talk about the system of the Mahdi, because people talk about the Mahdi (pbuh), because Mahdi (pbuh) is actively on his mission, because the students of the Mahdi are actively on their missions, because the system of the Mahdi is being invoked intensely; the angels bringing the Last Day have returned with the command of Allah.


The goal of the Last Day is to give an immense desparation and an immense agony to those who have great love for goods and those who are obsessively devoted to this world and to make that pain settle in their hearts.


The Last Day will come about 2120 when people claimed to be deity.


The world that has lasted for 15 billion years with turn to smoke and dust with the Reckoning in 2020 (05.08.2013)

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The world comes to an end with Imam Mohammed Mahdi (pbuh). Imam Mahdi is the reason for the postponing of the Last Day, insha'Allah.


There will not be another earthquake in Istanbul until Hijri 1506, insha'Allah. After Hijri 1506 it will be like hell until Hijri 1545 anyway. There will be earthquakes, disasters, troubles, civil wars, coups. There will be a fascist uprising and a communist uprising and that will cover the whole world. There will be a blood bath.


There is so little time left for the Last Day. By the leave of God, it seems that it is necessary for both Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus Messiah (pbuh) to know about the Broken Letters. That is because there is no one else who could make use of them right now, they are the last ones that could make use of them.


The Last Day does not come upon the world Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) lives in but people are not aware of this. All the radicals of the world will be hostile against him. They are not even aware that they are alive by courtesy of him. They are not aware that the Last Day does not come about by courtesy of him. Unbelievers, those people who are astray are not aware of the fact that they are living thanks to him.


The time for the promise of God is right now. I mean there are about a hundred years until the Last Day. There is no time, other than this century, for the global triumph of the moral values of Islam. That is why Freemasonry and the Templars should decide, the Sanhedrin should also decide. The global deep state should also decide. Otherwise, the world will be destroyed completely. The time for Islamic Unity has come.


The Last Day and the end of the world would have come long ago, were it not for the appearance of Imam Mahdi. The Last Day is imminent; God makes it wait for the sake of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

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