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Swear Allegiance

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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 January 2012


All excesses and extremes will disappear through following the Mahdi (pbuh) because no arrogant person will remain. Everyone will be devoted to one person. All the little pharaohs will disappear, in other words. Only the Mahdi (pbuh) will remain.


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 5 June 2012


Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) praying in Damascus is an incident related in the hadith.


The spiritual leadership of Muslims will come Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) while he is sitting at home


The state of Israel will consist of faithful Jewish people sincerely devoted to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


The way to prevent Muslims being divided among themselves is to abide by Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


Pain, sufferings and tears would not cease to exist unless people abide by Mahdi (pbuh).


In the Qur'an, Allah tells us how we should be treating Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the story of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh).


"Those who pledge you their allegiance pledge allegiance to Allah" (Surat Al-Fath; 10) Companions pledged their allegiance to the Messenger of Allah (saas) and we will all pledge allegiance to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha'Allah. The abjad calculation of this verse gives the date 2025. The calculation gives only one date and it is 2025. That is a miracle. The abjad calculations of all the verses related with the End of Times and the world dominion gather around the same date. Masha'Allah.


If the Mahdi (pbuh) does not explain the wisdom behind something, one should resign himself to that and harbor a good assumption about it.


We will see the Jesus Messiah (pbuh), we will see the appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh). Mahdi (pbuh) will wear the cardigan of our Prophet (saas). He will gird on the sword of the Messenger of Allah (saas) as a blessing. They will pledge allegiance to Mahdi (pbuh); that will be a pledge of love, a pledge of friendship. 2021's, 2022's, 2023's will be like this.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 5 April 2013)


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (12 May 2013)


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put on the blessed sword of the Messenger of Allah (saas) as a formality insha’Allah, as a gesture he will put on the blessed cardigan of our Prophet (saas) once in the opening of Hagia Sophia, secondly in Kabaa and thirdly in Jerusalem in Temple Mount.


Following all these sufferings a beautiful light, a radiance will prevail in the world insha'Allah. May God give us those beautiful days as soon as possible. May God make me and you as well, all of us students to the Mahdi. May God give us a beautiful system that would bring peace to the whole world.


The pain and the sufferings will increase even further, Muslims will say;"enough is enough!" and they will find the Mahdi (pbuh). They will ask Mahdi (pbuh) to be the leader of the ummah. Mahdi (pbuh) will not accept in the beginning. They will say; "the ummah is in a sea of blood, you've got to accept this. If you don't, all their blood will be on your head." In this way, they will pledge allegiance to the Mahdi (pbuh) even though he does not want it.


People will be left in desperate straits and will beckoningly make Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) their leader.


By 2020's, 2021's the world will turn into such a state that they will fail to think about any other solution. They will be in desperate straits. They will regard the system of the Mahdi as the only way out and they will embrace it beseechingly. Mahdi (pbuh) will not have claims, they will beseechingly make Mahdi (pbuh) their leader, insha'Allah.


Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is waiting for centuries to perform prayers in Hagia Sophia with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh).


All sufis – all of the ten great religious orders- have pledged allegiance to the Mahdi (pbuh). Consequently it is not possible for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to be subject to any sheikh. All sheikhs have become subjects to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) whether they like it or not. At that moment all inspiration is distributed to the whole through Mahdi (pbuh).


According to what our Prophet (saas) foretold in his hadiths; Hazrat Mahdi will never say; "Obey me!"; instead, the leading Muslim figures will want to make him their leader.


As foretold in the hadiths, numerous numbers of angels will become subjects to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


According to what our Prophet (saas) foretold in his hadiths, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be told; "If you do not accept our allegiance, you will be responsible for the bloodshed."


According to what our Prophet (saas) has foretold, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not accept being the Mahdi or the allegiance of people unless he is threatened with death.


When people become subjects to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), God will put an end to all the bloodshed in an instant, because they will thus be keeping to the Word of God.


According to what our Prophet (saas) has foretold in his hadiths, people will pledge allegiance to him even though Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not want it.


New Explanations by Mr. Adnan Oktar (28 January 2014)


In the hadith it is stated that it will be Gabriel who will first obey Hazrat Mahdi (as) (17.02.2014)


Islamic Union will be established, Islam will prevail in the world you will see, you will see in 5-10 years. And this will be under the leadership of Turkey. World freemasonry will enter into Hazrat Mahdi’s service.


Imam Mahdi will be a leader supported by the whole world. Mahdi (pbuh) will not have an opponent. Who will make him accepted? God will make him accepted. God will reveal it to the hearts of people and people will be convinced about their allegiance to the Mahdi (pbuh) in a way that they wouldn't understand themselves. They will strangely understand that they love him. They will strangely start trusting him and believe that he will be the one saving them; they will believe that he will be the one instrumental in their salvation.


Our rationale shows us that Muslims need an imam, a leader heading them; Without the head, the body fails. And that head is Imam Muhammad Mahdi (pbuh). This ummah would not accept anyone other than the Mahdi (pbuh).


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (21 July 2014)


All the youngsters from ISIS will soon pledge allegiance to the Mahdi (pbuh). Their coming has been foretold in the hadiths. Their activities are described in great detail. Their appearance, their attire, everything about them has been foretold. They cannot stop ISIS. As per their leaders, one of them will go and the other will follow.


People will pledge their allegiance to the Mahdi (pbuh) three times. The first time will be in Istanbul, the second time will be in Mecca, and the third time will be in Jerusalem. During the allegiance pledged in Jerusalem, Mahdi (pbuh) will call Jesus Messiah. He will say “Your security will be provided for. Show yourself.” After that Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will come along with a smile, together with a group of his students.


ISIS will stop shedding blood by Mahdi being instrumental for it and turn to the morality of the Qur'an


People will pledge allegiance to Mahdi (pbuh), they will pledge allegiance to Jesus Messiah. The world becomes crazy without a leader. There is nothing to misunderstand about this.


Imam Mahdi (pbuh) is the only force that will put an end to ISIS. According to the hadiths, those with "black banners" will abide by Imam Mahdi (pbuh) and thus ISIS will come to an end. Other than that, they cannot stop ISIS, let me tell you this much. It is not in their destiny.


ISIS will pledge allegiance to the Mahdi and then peace will come. With the appearance of Imam Mahdi (pbuh), the bloodshed will come to an end, the suffering and violence will come to an end and terror will cease, there will be no more bullets, weapons and bombs.


Jesus Christ (pbuh) will swear allegiance to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) on his second coming


Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come as the vizier of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), that is what our Prophet (saas) foretold. In order to honor the Mahdi, in order to emphasize his greatness, Almighty God sends Jesus Messiah as his vizier. The greatness of the Mahdi could be appreciated from that alone. He is the last guide. He is the greatest guide, the greatest Saint of all times. That is to say, imam Mahdi is superior to the Companions.


Hazrat Mahdi (as) Will Not Say “I Am Mahdi”, But “I Am Merely His Helper”




Our Prophet (saas) foretold that Bassar Assad would pay homage to Hazrat Mahdi (as)


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 September 2015)




New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (27 September 2015)


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a man of love, mercy, compassion, wisdom, friendship, beauty and aesthetics. Europe will accept him, the US will accept him, whole world freemasonry will lovingly accept him, all the Templars, the Rosicrucian Fellowship and all the deep state organizations will accept him. That is why Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the imam of the world.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (3 October 2015)


Persian, Arabian, Roman, all the armies will obey Hazrat Mahdi without putting up a fight


According to the hadiths, Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and the Mahdi (as) will meet each other at a prayer time. Jesus Messiah will say to the Mahdi, "You be the imam [leader], you make us perform the prayer", and from that moment on ,the Mahdi will be the leader of the whole world.


According to the hadith, the Mahdi (pbuh) is the sum of all the prophets. He is the last guardian, the greatest saint of all-time and pure in judgment. Almighty God appoints an Ulu'l Azm [The Resolute Prophets] prophet like Jesus Messiah (pbuh) as a vizier of the Mahdi. This shows how esteemed the Mahdi is.


We are informed in the hadiths that the majority of Jews will embrace Islam and become Muslims at time of the Mahdi (pbuh).


Religious orders are devotees of good morality, love and compassion. They'll be existing and bonded to the Mahdi in his time as schools of love.


The Torah states that the Mahdi will teach peace and love to all nations and everyone will pledge allegiance to him.


Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will become the leader of Muslims after the passing away of Mahdi. While the Mahdi is alive, Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will be his vizier.


Mahdi is the only spiritual leader both Shia and Sunni will embrace. Islamic world will only unite around the Mahdi.


The students of the Mahdi are people who have given their promise to God that they would submit to Mahdi in the spiritual realm before time and space were created. The loyalty and friendship of Muslims come from the spiritual realm where they know and love one another.


Our Prophet (saas) said that those who come to Mahdi will be chosen. Only the loyal and truehearted ones with good morals will remain.


When Mahdi first begins his intellectual struggle, he will face many in opposition. Then the number of his supporters will increase slowly.

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