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The miracle of talking birds - 2


The Turkish-Islamic union is a union that will be founded on sincerity, honesty and love, not on cold, intellectual words


Almighty God says ‘In Paradise I will create everything your hearts desire.’


The Muslim Way of Speaking


The Glad Tidings of the Messiah


The Miracle of Talking Birds


The Prophet Muhammad (saas)


The Importance of Following the Good Word


The miracle in plant leaves - subtitled -


The miracle of the brain


Surah Yunus, 55-56-57 (None of our conversations, no image, no sound would ever be lost in the Sight of Allah.)


Our Prophet (saas) was a very high quality person. His teeth were squeaky-clean. That for instance is a quality. He was smelling clean and sweet. He used the highest quality perfume. He wore the highest quality clothes for the time, for that age. His addressing was high quality, the sentences he selected were high quality. His gait was high quality, the way he sat, the way he stood up were high quality. The way he ate was high quality. Quality prevailed all around him.


The addresses should be beautiful. Our brothers and sisters should avoid using slang. They should not speak unseemly words. Let them say beautiful words. Especially while addressing ladies slang language should never be used. That would be very atrocious and would not befit good morals and etiquette. Ladies are addressed in the kindest manner.


Our Prophet (saas) relayed the hadith “Your talk about Hazrat Mahdi (as) discomforts them, tell them about him persistently”


The effects of the Muslim way of speaking


God creates every speech and every word that we utter.


One’s intellect and articulation are created every instant. God grants and creates wisdom, intellect and the capacity to speak.

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