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The secret service of the UK is directing the PKK

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The British deep state carries out their plan of taking the Qur’an away from Muslims by using bigots

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The philosophy of the English deep state is Darwinism. It is freemasonry that made Darwinism dominant in the world.

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The British Shadow Government raised many Muslim leaders in the Royal Military Academy-Sandhurst

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The reason we are focusing on Mawlana Rumi is British deep state's support for him

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Those who are disturbed by our exposure of the schemes of the English deep state are in a state of panic

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The British deep state used the press as a means to spread Ottoman enmity and incite war

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The British are blameless and innocent; it is the British deep state that is treacherous and sneaky

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The British people are kind and elegant people but the British Deep State is the biggest antichrist ever, it oppresses it own people as well.


The British High Commissioner Lord Cromer was a fervent Darwinist and believed in the superiority of the Western world in his own twisted mind and looked down on Muslims.


They put forward a model under the name of British Islam. This is a Rumi and Darwinist philosophy denying God and the Qur'an.


The British Deep State has literally got all the Middle Eastern states under its thumb. In fact the administrators in many states are citizens of the UK.


The British people are innocent of the crimes of the British Deep State, which is a dark structure using evil people and hypocrites.


The British Shiism consists of pawns who want Sunnis to be in a war with the Shias. Khamenei also criticizes this movement. No one should be fooled by the plots of the British Shiism.


The British Deep State is cruel also to its own people and soldiers. They conducted cruel tests on British soldiers.

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