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Letter from Turkey to Bangladesh


“I told Wang Xiaoning, attaché at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ankara, that the climate of fear and the death penalty in the country needs to be abolished.”


''I told the Chinese Attachee Wang Xiaoning that the executions and the atmosphere of fear in their country should be brought to an end.''


Had all Muslims determinedly resisted in unity, they wouldn’t have been able to execute Abdul Qadeer Molla


“Capital Punishment should be abolished not only in Bangladesh but throughout the whole world.”


“If applauding turns of phrases are used about the persecution going on in Bangladesh, they will show the same courage again.”


“Their chaining of Abdul Qadeer Molla before his execution elevated his rank in the Hereafter”


Capital punishment should be removed from the world. You can give life time imprisonment to those who deserve. Why is there the need to execute a person? Let the man repent, read the Qur’an and perform his prayers. But you go ahead and execute that person while he is still in his ignorance. You would thus be setting fire to his life in the Hereafter and his life in this world as well. Let him repent, let him pull himself together and make up for all he has done.


It is time to reflect


Death penalty: Justified murder


Everyone But Turkey Kept Silent


Iran must be warned about its "execution" policy (15.02.2014)


It is very wicked of some people in Turkey to support the death penalty. Fanaticism is a scourge on Muslims. (07.04.2014)


Islamic scholars should issue a fatwa [religious opinion] saying the executions in Egypt are unlawful (06&08&09.04.2014)


Scholars should issue fatwas saying that "It is haram to shed the blood of Muslims".


How to execute an entire nation


Reaction to the Mass Imposition of the Death Penalty in Egypt by International Union of Muslim Scholars


Death Penalty, Salvation For Child Killers


China should be like Europe. Capital punishment should be abolished in China; anything other than that would not be modern. China would turn into a country of fear and people will not trust China.


Those who sentenced the president of Jamaat-e-Islami to death in Bangladesh and those encouraging it are committing crimes


The Inhuman Death Penalty Must End


Adnan Oktar:If Pakistan wants to fight the Taliban, it must first put an end to Darwinist education


In the system of antichrist inciting to crime and then sentencing to death is oppression


Özgecan’s murderer would not be affected by execution. Raising such people should be prevented


Death penalty in Indonesia: once again on scene


It is severe oppression to sentence Mohammed Morsi to death


Executions will only drag Bangladesh into darkness


Death penalty: A uniquely unjust form of justice


Capital Punishment: A cruelty that should be erased from the face of this world


Our brothers and sisters should take legal action against the executions in Bangladesh. No one should remain quiet.


An open letter for stopping Mir Quasem Ali's execution


No one should consider capital punishment. The punishment for this illegal attempt is described in the laws and the necessary response will be given accordingly.


The abolition of capital punishment in Turkey is a demonstration of our high quality. No gain will come from executing a person.


Capital punishment is not a solution, and it doesn't provide solutions. The only way out is with faith, intellect, love and compassion.


There is no need to talk about capital punishment. Turkey is an advanced, modern country and capital punishment is not a suitable punishment.


Bangladesh should see that executions would not bring any solution.
 All Muslim countries and the world should stand against these executions.


The British Deep State has literally taken Bangladesh under its control. This is the reason for the continuing executions of Muslims in Bangladesh. We sent letters to all officials and NGO's in the US, Russia and EU countries to stop the execution of Mir Quasem Ali. When there is no reaction to the executions, it becomes almost ordinary to execute Muslims. People live in a careless and indifferent manner. We did all in our power to stop execution of Mir Quasem Ali. Insha'Allah, he will enter Paradise, and those who execute him will go to Hell.


Capital punishment causes us to lose the means to correct that person since there is no return from capital punishment. It might cause wrongful executions.

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