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Darwinism is a false belief destined to be destroyed in the end times


True Muslims believe in destiny


Living one’s destiny is a source of peace and comfort for believers


Looking at events from the future


Sudden changes, surprise developments, unexpected ups and downs in a person's life are actually great blessings specially created for him.


Even in situations one would think in his own mind that there is no way out, there is always a way out for real believers


There is no such thing as a partial will or an absolute will. Allah has the entire will.


Never Forget


Hopefulness in the Qur’an


Seeing Good In All


The Truth of the Life of This World


Lawh-i Mahfuz and the reality of timelessness: Our lives are composed of a single moment


Following the destiny is a great ease for all Muslims


The truth of destiny


AL-MU'AKHKHIR / AL-MUQADDEEM - The Deferrer, The Keeper Behind / The Advancer


Considering from an inner outlook, a person can not think anything other than what is predestined for him. For instance, veils are being opened. He says, “I have contemplated deeply and attained this profundity” but the fact is however, the hour when he will think deeply is evident. The time is evident. Other than that he can not think deeply.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( July 17th, 2012; 23:30)


The communists will be defeated; this is how the destiny is.


There is Turkish Islamic Union in world's destiny


The destiny of the Middle East and Asia is such that they will be saved through the system of the Mahdi.




Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 01 November 2012


Our brothers should pray for our brother Sungur day and night. Prayers will not change destiny. Prayers are in the destiny as well, and sometimes in destiny prayers are created with the cure.


Unbelievers are not free, hypocrites are not free either. Some might presume that they are free but they are not. Hypocrites imagine that they have a boundless freedom. Actually all that they will be doing are defined millimeter by millimeter. They can only do what they have in their destiny and nothing more.


There are some people who try to prevent the coming of the Mahdi and to whitewash it. Actually they should be the ones to ask for the Mahdi (pbuh). If the Mahdi (pbuh) does not come, the antichrist (dajjal) will. But Mahdi (pbuh) has come in the destiny and it is not possible to prevent his coming.


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus Messiah (pbuh) are invincible. There is no defeat in their destiny.


Everything happens as predetermined in the destiny. Allah is the One Who designs, leads, assigns, brings and takes away.


Almighty Allah is preparing Turkey for the Unity of Islam. But the Allah's creation is very sophisticated. Almighty Allah implements a very intricate, very detailed plan. Allah is the One Who creates all plans. Almighty Allah draws everything to that path step by step.


Mistakes are part of destiny


Muslim is created with the Qur'an. Jew is created with the Torah. There is no one in the world that religion did not reach. And that cannot happen through coincidences, it is created in the destiny as a whole. The whole of the universe is metaphysical.


Being killed is not in the destiny of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), there is no defeat for him.


There is richness where the system of the Mahdi is. There is no separation in Turkey's destiny.


Allah unraveled the way for the Unity of Islam in destiny, He opened the way for the Unity of Islam, He eliminated the barriers in front of it. I mean it was very important to eliminate that barrier. Almighty Allah had removed it. It was Allah Himself Who put that barrier previously.


When the Mahdi will declare himself?


Allah is beyond time and place. Allah is the One Who creates time. Allah has created and finished infinite time within an infinitely short period of time. Allah is the Beginning and the End. Allah rules time and destiny.


Nothing other than what our Lord says could ever happen. May Allah forbid, no one can get in a war with Allah. No one can ever stop destiny. People should submit to destiny and surrender themselves to Allah. They should put their trusts in Allah and abide by Allah.


Adnan Oktar responds to the doubts and questions of atheists.


In destiny, history has been designed in a way that only the system of the Mahdi will be victorious.


Turkey's destiny is not on the rocks. The system of the Mahdi is the destiny of this beautiful country.


All the incidents that took place in Egypt have been defined in destiny in the slightest detail. All power is in the Hands of God. God is the One Who will reconcile hearts in Egypt as well.


God creates everything as a blessing for a Muslim. It is great that God does not leave us to our own devices, Alhamdulillah.


The system of the Mahdi existed even before the beginning of the World and it will be valid until the Last Day.


If you set aside sincerity, troubles would never leave you alone. If you act honestly and sincerely, you start seeing that even those things that appear to be troubles would turn out to be good for you, you would see that there is good in everything.


There is no time on the outside, there is one single moment. And that infinitely short time is called a moment. Within infinitely short period of time, God has created an infinitely long period of time. That is destiny. It is the faith in your mind. You have done and finished with everything in an infinitely short period of time.


What is the reason for the creation of hell? (29.09.2013)


The answer to the question; "How can we be free when God knows everything?"


Every plant has its appointed destiny (03.11.2013)


No One But Only God May Direct This Country


As Almighty God is the One Who takes the life of that person, He brings one to this world with goodness and He takes that person to His Sight with goodness when he dies. So there is no meaning in crying. It is a characteristic of a Muslim to be content with what our Lord has ordained in our destiny and see the good in that destiny.


The mentality of mourning is fundamentally wrong. A Muslim would never do that. God is the One Who brings us to this world, and God is the One Who takes us back to His Sight. The right thing to do is to submit to our destiny and to put our trust in the goodness, beauty and abundance of what God gives. Anything other than that would not befit a Muslim.


Understanding the Soma tragedy and destiny (19.05.2014)


Happiness follows faith


Follow destiny for great ease


People should abide by the plan Almighty God has made. When they don't, Almighty God does not take bloodshed, pain and sufferings away from people and He increases them even further.


Secret servants shape the course of history


God directs history. He has servants in this world that are charged with leading history; there are secret servants. Those secret servants are led by God through revelation for the orientation of history.


Secrets and Wisdom from the Quran; Secrets of Destiny (10.02.2015)


One grovels when he doesn't know about destiny; he suffers. But if you are aware of destiny, God gives plentitude and bestows blessings upon you. Troubles you endure become your religious services. That is because submitting one's self to God in every moment of life is like performing prayers in every moment of life.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 9 February 2015)


Destiny does not change. Actually idolatry is the name for resisting destiny; it is believing that power belongs to some beings other than God.


Let us say one cannot pass the university exam and freaks out. Maybe if you passed the exam, you would go there and die. Maybe it would drive you insane, maybe you will lose your mind, maybe you will lose your health. God does you a favor; you should resign yourself to this.


The thing you want might be bad for you but you would not know. You persistently want it to happen but actually that might be bad for you. There is goodness in it if God does not grant you your wish. Some people freak out when they are not given what they ask for. It may be that it will bring you troubles if you are given what you have asked for, and God is protecting you by not giving it to you.


Difficulties are linked to destinies


The irreligious mock believers who communicate the message of Islam because that is what God commands them to do


One should not knowingly push something, insist on something. What has happened would always be good for a Muslim no matter what. It is something defined in destiny. But one needs to hold on to reason.


One says ,"When I make a mistake, my good conscience disturbs me, it makes me unable to breath." That stems from letting Satan suffocate you. Why is there the need for that, my brother? You simply put your trust in God and that is it, you repent to God. What does repentance mean? You hope God will accept your repentance. Then, what does being suffocated mean? That would mean that you do not trust God. If you've made a mistake, you've made the mistake in your destiny. Did you decide to never to do it again? You did. If you are determined about this, that takes care of it.


Belief in angels, belief in destiny; these should be thought about one by one, pondered upon and settled in one's mind as perfect belief. I mean, a great majority of the public has such beliefs, but they remain as superficial information in their minds; however, settled knowledge could only be formed in devout Muslims. One needs to turn that into settled knowledge.


The Mahdi (pbuh) will prevail with science, learning and love. That is his destiny. You cannot stop him.


God creates everything beautifully and on a plan. But one should constantly look for the wisdom behind it. If you do not see the wisdom, you would feel bored in this world. Your heart will be squeezed. But your heart will open up when you look to see that wisdom.


No deep state can make a plan beyond the control of God


The moment trouble comes onto someone is very valuable. That is a beautiful moment of trial. Muslims should not let that opportunity pass by and they should say, "O my Lord, I come from You and I will return to You. I am Yours, You are the One Who creates everything. The trouble that came on to me is ready in Your Sight before it ever happened to me. I am ready for every type of trial You will give me. I am truly in need of any good You have in store for me. Bestow upon me the honor of living through this trial in beauty." Those around him should also be congratulating him for that trial. It is not right to dither.


God is the Creator of even the maddest or the most abnormal acts. Individuals are not the perpetrators; no one can ever act outside destiny. That is why one needs to be moderate, poised and rational when evaluating incidents taking place.


Sentimentality and anger are beneath Muslims. That is because a Muslim always acts with God in mind. He always thinks rationally and equitably. He never forgets that God is the One Who creates everything, even those things that appear to be the most horrible incidents.


God has absolute power and we are His humble servants in need. All power belongs to Almighty God and whatever Almighty God ordains in destiny, it happens. We are His servants in complete submission to Him and everything we do is done with the power God has given us.


The excellent moral values of believers: Not to sorrow and grieve


Sorrow is another name for rebellion against God: It is unlawful. Sorrow means being dissatisfied with what is given by God. Being upset about what God has done and protesting against it is called sorrow. A man cries only if he is not satisfied with the fate God deemed him worthy of; he grieves, he resents it and he becomes upset.


In this world the trial we are living is a seemingly one; actually, in the esoteric sense, we are being educated, this world is a course. Because God already knows what we will do. He is the One Who created us. In other words, God knows what we will do since eternally before. We have already been here and done that. The point of this trial is to train us, to show us our true selves. God makes us face our true selves. In other words, He makes us love ourselves. He is preparing us for the afterlife.


Nothing can happen outside the destiny.


Everything is a part of the destiny; every bomb that goes off, every bullet that is fired is in destiny and will hit its target if so destined


A person might think he is avoiding bombs, but might get accidentally electrocuted at home. If death is in destiny, it cannot be avoided.


A believer will never defy God, and will be content with Him no matter what happens. He will always trust God.


Nothing happens out of coincidence. All events take place according to a preordained destiny.


Are we masters of our destiny?


God controls everything. Not a single leaf falls unless God wills it.


We always pray for the best. There are no flaws in destiny; destiny is always perfect.


God thwarts all plots hatched against Turkey and He will thwart them, because this country, this nation is predestined to assume auspicious works.


Everything is created for a reason. God creates all things with wisdom. In a single day, this incident has become history.


Events will unfold as they are predestined. By God’s grace, nothing will ever happen to Turkey.


By God's will, the movement of the Mahdi cannot be prevented. Willingly or not ,everyone serves to the movement of the Mahdi. No one can hinder anything predestined by God.


Can Destiny be Explained by Science?


Navigating Through Life Storms


Every goal that the football players score, every step they take is determined in destiny before they were born. Everything is predetermined in the Presence of God.


Every man dies at the time preordained in destiny by God. This is the truth that never changes.


Some people don't understand that God creates love and beauty as a whole in destiny. Love happens because God creates it.


It is out of question to halt the Mahdi movement. Both the Mahdi and Jesus have already come and fulfilled their duties in destiny. No one can hinder destiny.


Everything happens in the way God wills. Oppressors will be defeated. Justice will be served.


We will see that greater events will occur. There is no need for any concern. Everyone should have his trust in God, what is preordained in destiny takes place.


Destiny is the infinitely long amount of time being created within an infinitely short amount of time.


There is no such thing as chance. God creates everything. Things happen only because they are in destiny.


Turkey has a beautiful destiny. The destiny of every believer is beautiful. Destiny is one of the greatest arts of God.


Adversaries of the Mahdi movement are working in vain. They cannot change God’s destiny. The Mahdi is preordained in destiny and will come for sure.


Some Muslims do not ponder over matters of faith sufficiently. Faith in destiny, the angels, and the Hereafter all should be reflected on deeply.


There is no such thing as the evolution of history. We are all watching destiny unfold. Everything happens as a part of that destiny.


We constantly watch our destiny unfold on an elliptical screen that is the view from our eyes. We first watch our destiny in this world and then the eternal one.


Destiny unfolds like a movie. We are only supposed to be sincere towards God.


Everything that happens in life takes place because God wills it. God created Nimrod and Pharaoh, too. There is a secret wisdom behind all those incidents.


A person who realizes that destiny moves like a filmstrip and watches it with respect will live a life of peace and tranquility.


God created everything with a purpose and a destiny. A person’s reason for existence is being a servant to God.


The Trial is Beautiful


What is Destiny? (


Daily Comments (

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