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Islamic terror

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The aim in actions like lived in Boston is to depict Muslims as the army of the antichrist, as Gog and Magog


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 May 2013)


As people show resistance to the system of the Mahdi, fanaticism, violence and terror enwraps the world more and more each day. And because hatred is prevalent, it is not difficult for organizations like Al-Qaeda to find proponents, weapons and funds.


ISIS cannot be destroyed with guns and bombs


Al-Shabaab’s murdering of non-Muslims stems from teaching of hatred


Adnan Oktar: America has suffered a huge failure in Guantanamo and has realized that it can never catch genuine terrorists in that way


Suicide Attacks Are Incompatible with Islam


Adnan Oktar looks at events in France from an Islamic perspective and explains how they will continue until the coming of the Mahdi


God assigns His angels for death; whose soul will be taken and when is all ordained.


Demba Ba gave the perfect answer to the Charlie Hebdo question


The condemnation of Bashar Assad, who killed hundreds of thousands of his citizens, of the incident in France shouldn’t be considered as normal


France should act in a rational way and refrain from moves that may cause incidents like Paris attacks


The Solution To Terror In Pakistan


Mr. Adnan Oktar, commenting on the terrorist attack in France, stated “the solution to terrorism is love”


Muslims are killing Muslims: All this would end if Muslims have a leader. With the Islamic Union, all Muslims will be saved. They will be saved on that day and hour. A spiritual leader, a leader elected with a loving bond would stop all the terror and all the groups of anarchy. That will spread a spirit that takes love and brotherhood as its basis to the whole Islamic world and everyone will see that they are protective friends of one another.


Anna Diamantopoulou, Former EU Commissioner, Former Minister of Education Greece


Racism threatening European values


Should We Accept Terrorism as a Part of Our Lives?


Declare war on terror, but how?


The West's strategic mistake


It was very nice that our President Mr. Erdoğan reacted to the use of the word ‘Islamic terror’ during the meeting with Angela Merkel. Our President's sense of religious patronage is a good example for everyone.


Declare war on terror, but how?


Declare war on terror, but how?


Should We Accept Terrorism as a Part of Our Lives?


The West's strategic mistake


The West's strategic mistake


The West's strategic mistake


The West's strategic mistake

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