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Syrian Army

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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 July 2012


Those who see the little children dying in Syria but do not want Islamic Unity must question their consciences (21.08.2013)


Adnan Oktar: The US Could Direct The Funds Reserved For Bombing Syria To Refugees


Adnan Oktar: “We Don't Want Bloodshed In Syria. It Should Be A Rescue Operation Not A War.”


All the soldiers in the Syrian army should desert (07.09.2013)


The 30.000 people killed in Syria during the last 6 months were killed by conventional weapons, not chemical weapons (07.10.2013)


It is related in the hadith that more than 100 thousand people would pass away in Syria (22.11.2013)


It is related in the hadith that more than 100 thousand people would pass away in Syria


Our Prophet (saas) foretold the current incidents in Syria 1400 years ago


The blood of eleven thousand children killed in Syria would be on the hands of those who denies Islamic Union (24.11.2013)


Islamic unity key to solving Syria's war


Islamic peace force can stop Syria killings


The problem can be resolved if 70 brigades enter Syria for love from 70 different points (21.01.2013)


How Russia Can Help Bring Relief to Syrians


Muslims do not think about their comfort when children and women are struggling with hunger and oppression.


What if you were living in a refugee camp?


Syrians destroy their cities with their own hands (14.02.2014)


About Syria, Obama must be resolute (17.02.2014)


One should not rejoice at the downing of a Syrian plane or at the oppression of Muslims (24.03.2014)


Almighty God tells Muslims He will stop the bloodshed through the Mahdi (08&09.05.2014)


Our Prophet (saas) foretold very important details about ISIS


Bashar Al-Assad may establish a state in Latakia. The other part of Syria may be annexed to Turkey as a Federation.

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1-20 / Total: 22
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