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Allah is one. Christians must avoid a confused conception of religion through belief in the trinity


Answers of Mr. Adnan Oktar to the questions of Mr. Ryan Jones from Israel Today, June 23rd, 2010, Israel


Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview with Five Towns Jewish Times, June 4th, 2010, USA


Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Yori Yanover, December 18, 2009, USA


Photos of Adnan Oktar and the Israeli delegation (January 19, 2010)


Adnan Oktar's meeting with Joel Richardson (Conservative Christian writer and speaker)


The Qur’an commands us to show affection and compassion to devout Jews and Christians


Why do defenders of creation who say the earth is 4.5 billion years old disturb Darwinists so much?


Devout Christians should pose these questions to the pope


The place where the system of antichrist - atheistic freemasonry - has settled in to prevent religious obligations is the Solomon's masjid


The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not Allah, but a manifestation of Allah


The end times code in the story of the cave


The Christian view of the signs of the end times


Muslims, Christians and Jews believe in the same Allah


Policies applied to Jews and Christians in the time of our Prophet (saas) and the four caliphs


The Vatican has surrendered to Darwinists


Uniting against radicalism


Uniting against radicalism


Surat An-Nisa', 159 (Glad tidings of Jesus' (as) return to earth)


American doctor became a Muslim


MTV’s famous presenter Kristiane Backer Tells How She Became a Muslim


Hundreds of Jews Became Muslim


More than 5,000 Christians in Germany convert to Islam each year


American James' conversion to Islam


The German physician and his spouse turn to Islam


CNN: 1.5 Million converts to ISLAM after 9/11


Football player Abel Xavier embraced Islam


A former Christian describes how he became a Muslim after seeing the beauties of Islam


Politician from the Swiss People’s Party, Daniel Streich, Announced His Conversion to Be a Muslim


Angela Collins, a young Californian, describes why she became a Muslim


Christian priest who converted to Islam


The French Lady converts to Islam


According to NBC News, there are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world


The neurology professor is honored by Islam


The Number of People Converting to Islam in the USA Increases Consistently


Young man Who believes Allah is one tells how He became a Muslim


The spaniard Abdulhaqim is honored by Islam


Where is Prophet Jesus (pbuh) now and what activities is he carrying out?


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi stated that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will ally with Christians


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will ally with the Christian world and defeat irreligion


Remarks on verses from Surat al-Ma’ida (13.11.2013)


Frederick from Finland tells how he became a Muslim


Yusuf Estes describes how he decided to become a Muslim from being a Christian priest


The Religion Of The Ignorant


Prophet Jesus (pbuh): A Prophet, Not A Son Of God


A Call For Unity


A call for unity - 2


A call for unity - 1


Jerusalem: The city of prophets (subtitled)


Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the Ark of the Covenant


The Knights Templars and freemasonry


The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) according to Quran


The life of Jesus according to the Qur’an


Our Prophet's (saas) Affectionate, Protective and Loving Attitude Toward The People of The Book


The Deen with Allah Is Islam


It is a grave danger for our Christian brothers to confuse bigotry with true Islam


The Christian belief that their sins can be redeemed through the blood of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is a huge error


Our Christian brothers and sisters should also see the importance of the inward meaning


Some of our Christian brothers must not misinterpret the love of God. In genuine faith, love of God is experienced together with fear of God.


Various contradictions in the four Gospels about the claim of the Prophet Jesus' (pbuh) so-called crucifixion


The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is a manifestation of God like every living being, however He is not the Self of God (God is beyond that)


The Christian belief that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is the son of Allah (Allah is beyond this) is a grave error - 2


The Christian belief that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is the son of Allah (Allah is beyond this), is a grave error - 1


It is important for genuine Christians to understand the true purpose behind the articles about Christianity on this site


The Muslims of Nigeria are waiting for help from the whole Islamic world


Mr. Adnan Oktar's replies to the questions of Dr. Bernardus Bouwman, 23 May 2010


Love and justice towards the people of the book during the Ottoman Empire


The time of the Mahdi is one in which Muslims, Jews and Christians will live together in peace


The Christian error of the trinity


The messiah dajjal has secretly started work


A Call For Unity - leaflet


Why Harun Yahya conferences must continue to be held in the U.S. military


Surat al-Ikhlas


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 27 February 2011




Hazrat Mahdi (as) will rule the Christians with the Injil, the Jews with the torah and the Muslims with the Qur'an, and there will be great plenty and abundance in his time


The Qur’an is full of affection for Jews and Christian, while the nonsense of bigots is full of hatred.


A priest and an imam come together to illuminate the history


Sumela messages by reciting the Surah Al 'Imran


Sumela messages by reciting the Surah Al 'Imran


Three religions met at the Hatay compassion table


Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with the Christian Catholic author Ms. Stephanie Saldana (January 20th, 2012; 22:00)


Sean Stone, the son of famed Hollywood director Oliver Stone, embraced Islam


Mr. Adnan Oktar replies the Israeli journalist Ms. Hana Levi's question


Response to Israeli journalist Hana Levi Julian’s question of whether the Muslim Brotherhood would join ISIL


John Hirling - Christ Presbyterian Church Minister / USA


Dr. Richard Hellman - Founder of CIPAC / USA


David Schenker - Fellow and Director at The Washington Institute / USA


Ambassador David L. Aaron - Senior Fellow at The RAND Corporation / USA


John Kyl - United States Senator from Arizona / USA


Daniel Levy, Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation / USA


Paul Marshall, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute's Center for Religious Freedom / USA


Catholic priest Thomas Reese, fellow at Woodstock Theological Center in Georgetown University / USA


Reverend Amy Bezecny - St. Luke's United Methodist Church / USA


Reverend Herschel Moore - Christian Church Disciples of Christ / USA


Muslims should protect Christians, Jews even the pagans-unbelievers according to Quran


Following a policy of hatred towards Christianity is the first step for attacking Islam


Our Christian brothers should say 'Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is a Manifestation of Allah'.


Throughout the Bible, the phrase 'son of God' is used in the figurative sense


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (29 July 2012)


Our brothers must tell that there exists no enmity against Jews in the Qur’an


His Highness Sheikh Ahmet Yasin’s conversation with Adnan Oktar


With interfaith dialogues unity will be attained in many aspects


Bediuzzaman says that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will ally with devout Christians.




When the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) comes, he will abide by the Qur'an and being the exemplary person, he will call the Christian world to Islam.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 19 December 2012)


Everyone will learn their own religion


A Muslim who denies the prophethood of Prophet Moses (as) has divorced himself from his faith and religion. Christians and Jews must also admit the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (as).


In the Qur'an Allah commands us to "only argue with the People of the Book in the kindest way".




New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (7 January 2013)


A Muslim, a Christian or a Jew cannot be devout if he does not accept any of the Prophets. Even if he doesn't accept only one prophet, that would be a profanity.


In our religion, here is no compulsion against Christianity and Judaism. They will be able to live by their religion everywhere.


A devout person, a Muslim, Christian or Jewish cannot deny any of the Prophets. For a Christian to be a real Christian, he should acknowledge our Prophet (saas) as well.


A Christian, a Jew is also obliged to perform prayers.


Forging alliance with Christians is a crucial matter.


The real global reign will be during these seven years in which Christianity and Islam will unite. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the imam of the world during these seven years' period.


The low number of church-going Christians shows the antichrist’s presence in the churches. In the Torah and the Gospel, namaz (regular prayer) is indicated as an act of worship.


The Islamic community must be a family firmly embracing one another. Not a single person suffers within the Unity of Islam.


With the Unity of Islam, you will also be protecting Christians, Jews and the irreligious. You will show the world justice, peace, brotherhood and love. You will attain the best result when you show people by being a living example that there will be a world in which there will be no blood, no weapon, no violence and no terror.


Showing compassion towards Christians and Jews should be an indispensable characteristic of our brothers and sisters, insha'Allah.


Prostration also appears in Christianity and Judaism, but they prostrate themselves by ‘falling on their faces’


The kindness of our Prophet (saas) towards ladies.


The whole load about the World dominion and the annihilation of Darwinism-materialism lays on Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh). But setting the Christian World in motion is something the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will do. Encouraging them, inviting them to Islam, giving them such an enthusiasm, being their leader are the things that the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will be doing.


Christians are open to love, and they will love our Prophet (pbuh) if told about him through the Qur’an.


Allah says in the Qur’an that you can eat food prepared by and even marry with the People of the Book.


Due to their love for Prophet Jesus (as), the Americans are very polite and gentle people


Let us look for the Jesus Messiah, Sayyidina Jesus Messiah, Jesus Ibn Maryam, let us ask Christian communities. Let us ask other communities. Let us look for his news everywhere.


The Pope not making the sign of the cross and reunification with the Orthodox after 959 years is a sign of the presence on Earth of Jesus the Messiah


There is no one else who is as compassionate as we are towards the Jews. There is no one else who is as compassionate as we are towards the Christians. We have never seen anyone or any community who approaches them in such an inclusive manner as we do.


One of the main characteristics of the system of the Mahdi is alliance with Christians.


We should protect and watch over the People of the Book, we should protect and watch over Christians. We should approach them with compassion. We will altogether annihilate the system of the antichrist (dajjal) spiritually. Hand in hand with the Christians and hand in hand with the Jews, insha'Allah. They also say that "Allah is One".


Christians should definitely accept and love our radiant Prophet (saas) or else consciences will be hurt.


Christians who accept our Prophet (saas) will be Christians who follow Muhammad


Compassion towards Christians is very important; fanatics' hatred for Christians is incompatible with the Qur'an.


We should show compassion to Christians. They are very inoffensive, they are very dear. Very rarely, they have small churches here and there. There are people who make fun of them and some who attempt to batter them. They are striving to protect their beliefs in Allah and to express their love for Allah under very difficult conditions. You should be very compassionate towards them. Treat them with compassion and love. Our brothers and sisters should protect and watch over them everywhere.


None of the Christians believe in trinity. All the ones we talk to, say “Allah is One.” They all have a secret love in their hearts for the Prophet Mohammed (saas).


Christian and Jewish people all love Allah. Almighty Allah entrusted them to us. And He entrusted us to them. That is because we are all friends of Allah. We will approach them all with love and compassion.


Evil forces attempt to prevent love in between Jews and Muslims. We have exterminated this evil approach. We love Jews very much. And Jews love us as well. They have attempted to prevent our love for Christians as well and we have defeated their such attempts. We have put an end to it.


Mr. Adnan Oktar and His Representatives Host Author and Political Analyst Mr. Larry Greenfield, President of the Media and Public Affairs Strategy Mr. David Spady, and Conservative political commentator Mr. Guy Benson


The new book by Harun Yahya: "Christians must listen to Prophet Jesus"


Our brothers should be very compassionate towards Christians. They should treat them with love no matter what. Protecting and watching over them everywhere is very important. They are very dear to us; they will be the students of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) insha’Allah.


Our Christian brothers must learn the Gospel from Prophet Jesus (as)


There are some who consider killing Muslims as an act of worship


Rather than distributing roses, people should communicate the true message of Islam, that is, those who are most affectionate to Muslims are those who say we are Christians


The system of Mahdi consists of wise Muslims together with wise Christians and sincere Christians (and Jews) presenting love, peace and brotherhood to the whole world. It is not politics, there is no politics here. The system of the Mahdi is not politics.


Mahdi (pbuh) is not a person who acts on his own. He is a person who acts in alliance with hundreds of Christian spirituals, hundreds of valuable Muslim scholars. His life is transparent, his speech is transparent, his good intentions are clear and evident.


Mahdi’s life is out in the open. He has hundreds and thousands of devout Christian advisors. He has hundred and thousands of devout Muslim advisors. Mahdi is the expert of beauty who acts fondly, in friendship by researching the best option, by researching the most beautiful one, in a common sense altogether with them. What is the most beautiful, what is the act that is most favorable in the Sight of Allah; those are the issues that they look into, they practice and recommend these. This is the foundation of the system of the Mahdi, the spirit, the origin of the system of the system of the Mahdi.


Prophet Jesus (as) will assist Hazrat Mahdi (as) as a hafiz, who has never committed a sin.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 May 2013)


Let us embrace our Christian brothers and sisters fervently with love. Our brothers should protect and watch over them everywhere. In the streets, in the malls, they should love and respect them everywhere. They should thus keep their bonds of neighborhood strong. Allah wants us to treat Christians compassionately. Allah wants us to treat the People of the Book compassionately; so we should treat Jews compassionately as well.


Our Christian brothers and sisters will be just like those athirst people in the desert who are craving for Adam’s ale, they will crave for the Jesus Messiah just like that. Their desire for the coming of the Jesus Messiah will be that intense.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (28 May 2013)


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 June 2013)


Allah does not tell us not to take the People of the Book as friends.


Justice means to protect not only the Muslim, but also the Christians, Jews, atheists and communists.


Mr. Adnan Oktar's Conversation with Mr. Joel Richardson (June 14th, 2013; A9TV)


The Muslim Brotherhood Should Take The Lead in Promoting Freedoms Instead of an Oppressive Radical System


Feeling rage and hatred against Jews and Christians would be a sin.


Ikhwan should make up with Israel. They should support religious Jews and Christians in Israel. Our Prophet (saas) used to show compassion to Jews. Showing compassion to Israel is a necessity of the morality of the Qur'an.


There will be an alliance with devout Jews and Christians in the End Times (25.07.2013)


It is wicked to persecute priests who have dedicated themselves to God (28.07.2013)


America is in no position to be a bully anymore. America's salvation is in Mohammedan Christianity, it is in asking for the system of the Mahdi. The same is valid for Russia as well. If Mohammedan Christianity spreads, if Islam spreads around, the country will turn into Heaven on Earth.


Christians, Jews are being oppressed all around the world. Looking after them, showing love and compassion to them would be a good deed and bring abundance insha'Allah.


The American people can only be happy by living by the Christianity of Muhammad (10.08.2013)


Jews and Christians believe in Allah. Of course we love them. And we feel compassion towards atheists as well. Furthermore we, as Muslims, find ourselves to blame and think; "this means that we haven't been able to reach as many people as we should; so we should communicate religion even more, we should preach religion."


Our Copt brothers are the sweetest of all.


They keep saying; "let the Christian world unite and save Muslims." Note that they never say; "let the Islamic world unite." When we mention the Islamic Union they say; "it is not possible, they cannot unite." Well, if it is possible for the Christian world to unite, why is it not possible for Muslims to unite?"


Those injecting hatred towards Christians and Jews are making a grave mistake.


Attitude of Egyptian Muslims towards Copts, Jews and Christians is very harsh. It is very crucial to change this.


Being Christian means feeling love for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Those who love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) love God as well insha'Allah may all of them become Mohammedans as well.


Muslim, Christian, Jewish or atheist.. we protect everyone who is wronged.


The most beautiful solution against terror and anarchy is Islam as the Companions of our Prophet lived. This is the system that Christianity would be able live in comfort, this is the system that Judaism would be able to live in comfort.


The Unity of Islam will include not only Muslims but also Christians and Jews (24.09.2013)


There is a constant search of hatred in some people. They have hatred against Christians, against Jews, against communists, against Armenians. There is no end to their hatred. Nothing can ever be attained with a policy of hatred. Let us live in love and let us see what one could ever lose that way?


Jordan’s King Abdullah: It is a Muslim’s “duty” to protect Christians


The Pope must put an end to evolution propaganda (24.09.2013)


The salvation of the US and the salvation of Turkey are in the Union of Islam. However this would be a Union that will be one with Christians.


The Union of Islam will be one with the Christians, it will be one with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi it will have the spirit of the Moschiah, it will have the spirit of the Messiah. That is the Union of Islam Bediuzzaman has mentioned, that is what our Prophet (saas) told us about. This union will be the source of happiness, peace and joy.


Modern Christians should unite with Muslims advocating the modern understanding of Islam and the prominent leaders of all countries in the world should support them. The world would then be governed with a very compassionate, very loving leadership. And everyone will be peaceful.


They will never accept Turkey in the European Union. That is because there is anti-Christianity, there is anti-Judaism, there is an anti-semite mindset in some of the people. Many people are against music, many are against dancing, against bare-headed women, against make-up, many are against well-groomed ladies. That will only be changed with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi.


A genuine Muslim is also a genuine Jew and a genuine Christian.


The Pope prays for peace but Vatican makes Darwinism and materialism propaganda (12.10.2013)


The Malaysian justice must let Christians say 'Allah' (14.10.2013)


“Let us send messages of love and support from everywhere to all our Christian brothers, the members of the Church of Agape in Samsun”


Mr. Erdoğan: We will stand for the rights of Jews, Christians and atheists


Showing compassion and mercy should be the basis of a Muslim's attitude towards Christians


Prime Minister Erdogan’s statement, “We will protect Jews, Christians and atheists” is very fine (27.10.2013)


There is no struggle in between Christians and Muslims in the world; there is a struggle in between faith and faithlessness. In the face of this, Christians and Muslims who believe in God should make an alliance.


Forging alliance with Christians is one of the marks of the system of the Mahdi.


Praying means establishing constant connection with God


Dialogue is the only way forward


The system of the Mahdi is evidently the only way out. It is a system that would be accepted by all; one that everyone would regard reasonable and that everyone would lovingly embrace. It is a system that would be in favor of Christian, Jews and Muslims. Consequently no system would ever be acceptable other than the only one that is in favor of everyone.


It is crucial to be compassionate towards our Christian brothers and sisters (13.02.2014)


Animosity towards Jews, being against Jews, animosity against Christians, being against Christians, hatred towards Buddhists or having a fatal hatred towards atheists; these are all cruelty, these are all unreasonable and ruthless. God could have created you as atheists, as Jews or Christians. We are obliged to be compassionate and affectionate.


Islam is the true Christianity; Islam is the true Judaism. Those who want to be true Christians should actually be Muslims. Those who want to be true Jews should also be Muslims. Once they become Muslims, they would become true Mohammedans and true Jews, they would become true Christians; perfect and flawless.


Lee Man Hee, Chairman and President of HWPL Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light


Prosperity and abundance would come to America if Obama and his team would stand up for Christians and employ a religious language


“I have never heard any statement of the Pope’s against the PKK. We should ask the Pope to issue a statement against the PKK”


Anti-semtism should end in the world


Adnan Oktar: Christians believe that God is One. Churches must be preserved


Adnan Oktar: The Muslims should be allies with the religious Christians and Jews


Muslims should ally with religious Christians or else the antichrist will crush both Muslims and Christians and Jews. Muslims, Jews, Christians and all, they plan not to leave any devout people.


The alliance of Muslims and Christians, the alliance of Muslims and Jews against the antichrist is urgent. Muslims should be one within the other with the Christians.


If you teach hatred for Israel to your people, the whole Islamic world would also learn hatred for each other. If you do not love the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), how will you love Muslims? You should love the children of the Prophet Moses (pbuh); you should love the Armenians, Greeks, Catholics, Protestants, so that you could also love Muslims. They all are the servants of Almighty God.


Adnan Oktar: Our Jewish and Christian citizens are always protected in Turkey


The whole Muslim world and all Jews will accept the appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh). The Christian world will accept it as well and there will be an amazing atmosphere of peace and brotherhood. But connection with God is of crucial importance; if people cut their connection with God, this world would cease to be a habitable place.


People should learn about Christianity, Judaism and Islam as a part of general culture. They should learn about Alevism, Bektashism, Shiism. If they do not know about those, it would be ignorance, it would be a deficiency.


Our colleagues’ visit to Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomeos


The system of the Mahdi is a system that will make Christians, Jews and Muslims friends and brothers to each other. The system of the Mahdi is the name of the system that will unite Muslims without discriminating between religious sects. There is no solution other than the system of the Mahdi.


Adnan Oktar: Those who protest the celebration of New Year are not fully aware of God’s commandments about Christians in the Quran.


Some Muslims imagine that being against Christians' celebrations during Christmas that take place once a year is a great way of striving on the path of God. Instead of being false heroes on that day, they should preach religion all through the year and talk about Islam and preach the miracles of the Qur’an.


Anti-Muslim movement in Germany stems from the radicals’ hatred towards Christians


There are many little, sweet children with their ringlets in Israel, there are many inoffensive devout Christians and Jews. Why should we assume an attitude against those people? An 80% anti-Israel attitude is a very high rate. That is very scary. That would bring about inauspiciousness.


What needs to be done in Iraq in line with Gospel and Torah


It is not right to hamper any religion. Let them spread their religions. Let Christians spread Christianity, let Jews spread Judaism, let Muslims spread Islam. So long as societies are religious; before all else, it is very important for societies to embrace religion.


In the near future, Muslims will forge an alliance with Christians. Christians will embrace the belief in the Oneness of God. So Christianity will turn into Muslim Christianity.


Youth should be taught about Islam, Christianity and Judaism comprehensively as a part of general culture. Religion is the main philosophy ruling the world we are living in.


If one does not know Christianity, Judaism and Islam, that means he does not have a sufficient level of general culture. One should know communism, fascism, Darwinism, materialism: All these philosophies should be taught to our youth in religion courses.


If Christians say, "God has a son," the Qur'an corrects their mistake. If Christians adopt what the Qur'an corrects, they would then be on the right path. Almighty God says "It is all okay if they perform their prayers, give their alms and avoid ascribing partners to God." Christians would then become Muslims as well.


Fasting in Divine Religions


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (27 September 2015)


There are about 1.8 billion Muslims in the world right now. Since 1924, Muslims do not have any actual leader. Christians have a leader, Jews have a leader, the Freemasons have a leader, every group has a leader. Only Islamic world has no leader and that is not acceptable.


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live conversation with Rabbi Ben Abrahamson


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live talk with Rabbi Ben Abrahamson and Mrs. Rebecca Abrahamson


How will we recognize Jesus?


Animosity against Israel is presented as if it is a merit, a sign of piety or superiority. Actually animosity against the People of the Book is atrocious. We love Jews, we love Christians. We are compassionate towards atheists as well.


Love is in the forefront in Christianity. Muslims should read the Gospels. Not the parts that are corrupted but they should read those passages that are compatible with the Qur'an. Love is depicted in Gospels. There are also very beautiful passages in the Torah depicting love very nicely.


Genuine, sincere, honest, modern devout people should remain in the forefront everywhere. A modern, sincere religious person would be a great guarantee for an atheist as well as a Jew and a Christian; that is because he fears God and acts on his good conscience. That is a guarantee for everyone.


There is no place for hatred towards Jews and Christians in Islam. They are protected in the Qur'an as the People of Book. You cannot be hostile towards their synagogues, towards their churches. God tells us in the Qur'an that Muslims can marry Jewish and Christian women. Our Prophet (saas) also had Jewish and Christian wives.

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