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Devout Christians should pose these questions to the pope


Is the Darwinist global mafia threatening the pope?


The Vatican is being rocked by earthquakes! 2


The Vatican is being rocked by earthquakes! 1


The Vatican has surrendered to Darwinists


The Vatican conference is anti-democratic


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will spiritually conquer Rome, there will be a great earthquake in Vatican


People all over the world, including Catholics and the Pope, advocate Darwinism compulsorily.


Although the portents of the coming of Prophet Jesus (as) have all occurred according to Gospel, we can’t hear our Christian brothers praying duly.


Pope: Muslims are Our Brothers


The Pope should before all else put an end to the Darwinist propaganda done in Vatican.


The Pope must put an end to evolution propaganda (24.09.2013)


The Pope prays for peace but Vatican makes Darwinism and materialism propaganda (12.10.2013)


For the first time in the Vatican the Qur'an is recited!

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