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Darwinist corruption in Arab countries


We criticize the godless, bookless, irreligious, faithless aspect of socialism, of communism. Or else we do not criticize the social justice aspect. That is because social justice is what the system of the Mahdi would be establishing anyway.


The Arab Spring came about with the downfall of socialism in the Islamic countries


Socialists and Marxists have taken the concept of social justice from the Torah, from the system of the Messiah, from the Messianic belief, under the influence of the glorious explanations of social justice in the time of the Messiah and under the influence of the beauty of economical justice that will be implemented in the time of the Mahdi.


In Islamic countries the socialist-communist administrations have come to an end; it is the time of the Unity of Islam


Where are you going to have a socialist revolution? There will be the revolution of the Unity of Islam, of the Turkish-Islamic Union. What Ataturk said will come true. One of the principles of Ataturk is revolutionism. What Ataturk meant by revolution is the revolution of the Turkish Islamic Union, the revolution of the Unity of Islam. And that is still going on at this moment with democracy, with love, with knowledge, with reason, with kindness and aesthetics.


Today in history August 3rd, 1936 The black American athlete Jesse Owens ran the 100 meters in 10.3 seconds.


Atilla Yayla: Fascism and Socialism uses the elements of violence


Property sharing that is done willingly in Islam is done forcibly and cruelly in communism


Socialism is a system of horror. In Islam, your neighbor’s house and food also belongs to you. Everyone is like a family


Hayko Bagdat is a well-mannered, honest young man, we are proud of his being an Armenian


The Fabian Society that is an organization of the British Deep State, is behind the Baathist and socialist movements in the Middle East.


Young people are offered two options; either a conservative, orthodox world or a cold, distant socialist world. Therefore, they don't realize that there is another option, which is the loving, free, happy, pleasant life offered by Islam as described in the Qur’an.

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