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Türkiyeden Yankılar-İslam

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Survey: 9/10 Americans Believe in God and Reject the Theory of Evolution


September 11, The Number of Muslim Converts in Europe Has Risen


Sarkozy: "Arabic is the language of the Future"


Schröder: There is no conflict between Islam and a modern, enlightened society


Snoop Dogg Announces he is a Muslim


Six Chinese nurses converted to Islam


Sheikh Ali Krisa Introduced Islam to 32 Thousand Pagans


Shadow Chancellor George Osborne’s brother has converted to Islam


She became a muslim being impressed by meaning of Quran


Sami Yusuf: "I esteem only Turkey among Muslim Countries"


Science World Accepts The Fact that Worship and Prayer are Blessings


Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (saas) at the hearth of Europe


Second largest mosque in Kosovo built


Statement by the President on the Occasion of Ramadan


Sounds of Friday Azan in University of Harward


Surat Al-Ikhlas was recited in Vatican


Swiss citizen embraced Islam after reading the Risale-i Nur collection


Statement by the President Obama on the occasion of Ramadan


Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada to mark Ramadan


South African Cricketer Wayne Parnell converts to Islam

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1-20 / Total: 25
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