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Persecution against Muslims

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Turkish-Islamic Union is the salvation for the Muslims in Burma, not NATO


Muslims persecuted (


Communist China’s Policy of Oppression in East Turkestan


East Turkestan (


Those who carry out the persecution in Arakan are irreligious people and the deep state organization


Some of the leaders in Iran do not want the Unity of Islam


The global anti-Christ supports the regime of violence in Syria.


As blood is shed in Syria, the system of the anti-Christ crows.


Necessary precautions should be taken for the Muslims in Rakhine. Professional assassins are putting all these incidents down to Buddhists.


Allah tells us that if there is an attack against a Muslim, all the Muslims should form a union and stand out against that altogether as a whole. As a characteristic of a Muslim, Allah has deemed that an obligation upon Muslims. (Surat Ash-Shura, 39)


We are trying to prevent Muslims being oppressed. We would not give way even a slightest bit against those who believe in Allah.


The Muslims of Arakan will be saved by the Turkish-Islamic Union


When an animal is killed in Europe, they move heaven and earth, hundreds of people die in Afghanistan every day but nobody is aware of it.


The Turkish government must send ultimatum against the violence committed against the Muslims in Bangladesh.


“I told Wang Xiaoning, attaché at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ankara, that the climate of fear and the death penalty in the country needs to be abolished.”


''I told the Chinese Attachee Wang Xiaoning that the executions and the atmosphere of fear in their country should be brought to an end.''


Instead of hoping for help from Thailand for Arakan, if a couple of Islamic countries were to unite, the problem would be solved once and for all.


Some of the portents of the day of judgment that are coming about – Part II


They Have Beheaded the Islamic World. But the Body Will Come Back to Life When a Head Comes


Neither Europe, nor America does not care about the killings of 2400 Muslims in Bangladesh. People are only after having fun in nightclubs in Europe.


In the incidents in Syria and Bangladesh there is an encouragement for Muslims to be awakened. Allah shakes up all Muslims with such incidents and says “WAKE UP”.


There are some who consider killing Muslims as an act of worship


''It is not acceptable to sit back and watch the cruelty our Syrian refugee brothers are experiencing.''


''Let's call back the 250 Syrian citizens who had to go back to their country''


''Our Prime Minister truly hurts because of the oppression in Syria''


Stop trying to sugarcoat military coups


The incidents in Egypt will not cease until the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) (17.07.2013)


The Islamic world is going through the birth pangs of the system of the Mahdi (28.06.2013)


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s views regarding the slaughter in Egypt (14 August 2013)


God will open the prudence of Muslims; they will realize that they need to establish the Islamic Unity (15.08.2013)


The slaughter in Egypt is increasing. With His title of The Compeller [al-Jabbar], God is obliging people to seek Hazrat Mahdi (14.08.2013)


Great majority of Muslims have their foresight and perception closed. Or else how is it possible to seclude one's self and do invocations while children are being killed elsewhere? Do your invocations as you spend your time protecting them, do invocations that would save those children.


By creating incidents that would awake the sense of honor for Islam, God curses those Muslims who act indifferent and look the other way while Muslims are being persecuted.


All the soldiers in the Syrian army should desert (07.09.2013)


If Islamic countries go into Syria from 70 different points, the war will end in 70 minutes. (16.09.2013)


The 30.000 people killed in Syria during the last 6 months were killed by conventional weapons, not chemical weapons (07.10.2013)


"Under the name of Islamophobia they have convinced the world that it is permissible and necessary to kill Muslims"


Islamophobia became a philosophy serving to rationalize the killings of Muslims


Islamophobia has become a philosophy of killing Muslims (29.10.2013)


The persecution going on in Burma should frequently be brought into question


Muslims must be valued as they deserve


Had all Muslims determinedly resisted in unity, they wouldn’t have been able to execute Abdul Qadeer Molla


It is wrong for Muslims to fall out as the evil in Syria goes on (15.01.2014)


Our Prime Minister assists Muslims countries by looking on them with affection (18.01.2014)


We've started a Hashtag on Twitter related with the recently increased attacks on Rohingya people


“Let us announce the persecution going on in Myanmar to the whole world."


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s analysis of the photographs of torture in Syria (21.01.2014)


The war in Syria is the problem of the Islamic world (21.01.2014)


The Hashtag we started to attract attention to the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar is on Trending Topics list


There is a struggle between America and Russia in Syria (23.01.2014)


Urgent Appeal to the UN Regarding Recent Violence Against Rohingya


Muslims do not think about their comfort when children and women are struggling with hunger and oppression.


Protecting those under persecution is the responsibility of every Muslim


What if you were living in a refugee camp?


The persecution in the world will only come to an end with the Mahdi (07.02.2014)


Muslim Peace Force Needed


About Syria, Obama must be resolute (17.02.2014)


God creates turmoil in the world before the appearance of Mehdi (a.s) (19.02.2014)


The reason why we emphasize the system of the Mahdi is that it is the sole path to the salvation of the world (08.04.2014)


Narendra Modi, who wants to tyrannize Muslims in India, is a grave danger


The hunt for Muslims in the Central African Republic


Muslims’ suffering is due to some Muslims who does not regard the Qur’an as sufficient (21.05.2014)


We Must Put An End To The Violence In Urumqi


The world is full of weaknesses, and one must not let oneself become caught up in it (22.06.2014)


In defending Palestine, the Middle East must abandon its weak and wretched mentality (21.07.2014)


Islamic scholars must discuss how the solution lies in the system of the Mahdi at their assembly


God creates violence and hatred so that people will understand the value of love before the system of the Mahdi (03.08.2014)


If the Hindu nationalist party that has just come to power in India tries to eliminate other faith groups it will inflict a terrible disaster on the country


Why are you killing women, children and grannies who are all blessings to us?


As followers of the Mahdi we have come to crush satan underfoot


1,400 years ago, our Prophet (saas) foretold the name of Assad


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear after a great terror among people throughout the world


Rich leaders that are hostile towards Muslims taking the lead is a portent of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)


Adnan Oktar: The Muslims should be allies with the religious Christians and Jews


It is tyranny that Thailand says they will send 250 Rohingya back to sea


Middle East countries are defeated and hurt only because they distanced themselves from the Qur’an


World leaders have grasped what the solution to terror is, but they are waiting for God to force their hands even further


Those who protested the killing of 3 Muslims in America regard the deaths of 300 people every day in the Islamic world as quite normal


The wickedness and war that people experience in this world are actually a taste of hell


Security of lives of Muslims in the USA and all over the world can be established when the Islamic Unity is established


What needs to be done in Iraq in line with Gospel and Torah


God has related what kind of trials believers will go through.


How will the Pain of the Muslims Rohingya Will Come to an End?


Not the Rohingya crisis, but a crisis of humanity


Nobody to wipe Rohingyas’ tears


Those wishing to send back the Syrian refugees back to Syria would be persecuting them more than Assad


In a world where Mahdi has appeared, the Rohingya Muslims would never be persecuted


Thailand’s repatriation of the Uyghurs to China with black sacks on their heads should be protested


There is no enmity towards the Christians and the Jews in the Quran


Muslims: The most persecuted but also the most vilified people of the World - Part I


Hulagu, who massacred Muslims in Kayseri, provided moral and material support to Mawlana


Most of the Muslims are losing their lives due to sectarian violence


Islamic Union is the most important issue; terror will immediately stop with the Islamic Union. The violence Muslims are subjected to will instantly stop.


In order to set our conscience in motion, God shows us inoffensive people being oppressed and killed, being burned. If we do not act on our good conscience we would be committing a crime and that is unacceptable. We will serve Islam with all our might.


The majority of people are indifferent to the massacres all around the world


Muslims do not get bored, or are never at a loss on what to do when they have free time. This is the case for hypocrites and disbelievers, but believers hardly have time to breath. They can barely keep up. Believers lead exciting, active lives. Idle people who are not committed to a cause feel bored. So they go and play card games, poker, or games on the internet as they do not have a cause to fight for. They are not concerned with the prevalence of Islam, nor are they concerned with the blood being shed around the world, the sufferings Muslims go through.


Many people remain a spectator to all the scourges and pain in the Islamic world. Muslims must unite as soon as possible and take action. The Islamic world is going through one of its most difficult times. They set Sunnis against Shias. Muslims with conscience must watch over one another without getting angry with one another and deal with every issue concerning Muslims. Alawites, Sunnis, Shias, Wahhabis, all Muslims are brothers. They must protect one another as brothers.


Muslims drown on the seas, their hospitals and their schools are bombed but some Muslims just don’t care about it.


Muslims are being martyred en masse, yet certain scholars still instigate conflict between Shia and Sunni. They don't strive for Islamic unity. Some scholars are oblivious to the disastrous bloodshed of Muslims. If they were mindful altogether, the Islamic world would unite right away. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also emphasized that the only solution is to establish the Islamic Union on the foundations of the truth of the Qur'an.


Another Ramadan for Muslims amid sufferings


Shadow state structures pit Muslims against each other, drop bombs on them, and then accuse Muslims for those bombs.


Almost all weapons sold to Islamic countries are used against Muslims. Muslims should see the big plot played here.


Muslims are massacred in thousands, drown in high seas and certain people still try to paralyze Muslims by saying that ‘the antichrist has not appeared yet.’


Counter bigotry through knowledge and wisdom


Islamic world doesn't see Muslims killing Muslims as a disaster (simultaneous interpretation)


Rohingya Muslims are a handful of inoffensive, wronged people and they are subjected to every kind of persecution. Let us raise awareness about this persecution.


From Myanmar to Syria, Muslims are mercilessly being persecuted everywhere; children and women are being martyred every day. Yet some still say “the antichrist has not appeared yet”.


Rohingyas: victims of ethnic cleansing

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