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Shanghai Cooperation Organization

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What Putin means by Shanghai Union is actually the Turkish-Islamic Union


Iran is a communist country that has adopted dialectic - Darwinist- materialistic education system


Entering the Shanghai union can only be good if it is a door in the transition to the Unity of Islam. Or else we would not want to be a part of a cruel, stern and cold Asian team.


Entering the Shanghai union can only be good if it is a door in the transition to the Unity of Islam. Or else we would not want to be a part of a cruel, stern and cold Asian team.


“Joining the Shanghai Group without having Islamic Union would mean joining Asia’s ruthless and bloodthirsty mafia”


Without targeting the establishment of the Union of Islam, entering the Shanghai Union would do no good.


“There are a great many associations formed with the Islamic world, the Turkic states and Europe. But without the spirit of the way of the Mahdi, no matter what associations are established, they will just be shells devoid of any spirit, dead and hollow unions”


Mehmet Ali Bulut: Allah Will Grant His Help to This People Again


“The Shanghai Group is like a gate to hell. Seeking to enter the Shanghai Group is like asking, ‘Will you take me to hell’?”


Some people claim that establishing the Unity of Islam is not possible. They claim that European Union can be established, Eagean Union can be established, so can Shanghai Union.. all kinds of unions can be established. “How about the Unity of Islam?” They say; “that cannot be done.” What can be more natural than Muslims loving each other? All the region is full of Muslims. All of them will love one another and the Unity of Islam will be established They will see this, insha’Allah.


There are some Muslims who have stopped praying for the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), Prophet Jesus (as) and even for the establishment of the Unity of Islam. These people believe that the Shanghai Unity is a possibility the Unity of Islam is not


Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a mafia structuring


Iran must be warned about its "execution" policy (15.02.2014)


Turkey should avoid being in Shanghai Five


All the countries in the Shanghai group are generally governed with a presidential system and there is a mafia-like governance and dictatorship in every one of them. A presidential system brings about dictatorship and that is highly dangerous.


It is very disturbing that the EU displays a seriously unfair attitude towards Turkey upon incitement from the British Deep State. Turkey can stay as a member of NATO while being a part of Shanghai Five.


Turkey is a key country that maintains balance. It would be great for her to be both in NATO and the Shanghai Pact.

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