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Because of the bigoted mindset Islamophobia appeared in the whole world.


A new method used for the annihilation of Muslims (20.08.2013)


Radicals being against music, arts and modernity is the reason of Islamophobia (24.09.2013)


"Under the name of Islamophobia they have convinced the world that it is permissible and necessary to kill Muslims"


Islamophobia became a philosophy serving to rationalize the killings of Muslims


Islamophobia has become a philosophy of killing Muslims (29.10.2013)


Mullah's execution and lessons to learn


Fanaticism can be learned through training


Muslims Must Explain the World the Difference between Extremism and the True Islam


Islamophobia will only end with the love of the system of the Mahdi (26.03.2014)


The Shameful Silence of the World for the Girls of Nigeria


Islamophobia is formed because of radicalism. That is the doing of bigots. Without the system of the Mahdi, bigots would have erased Islam from the face of this world. The system of the Mahdi is the reason why Islam remained in this world. The system of the Mahdi is the reason why they fail to disintegrate Turkey. Or else, they were planning to raze Turkey to the ground.


What to do with Boko Haram?


Can radicals hurt the image of Islam with their abhorrent actions?


Adnan Oktar: In Iran not even a man's right to change his sect is recognized. Such conduct causes Islamophobia.


Adnan Oktar: So long as Muslims keep standing against the arts, music and women’s choices about clothes, Islamophobia will occur all around the world


Islam is portrayed as a religion of terror. This is the reason behind this dislike. They call it Islamophobia but actually this is terror-phobia; people are afraid of terror. You are talking about a system of terror and you are presenting it as if it is Islam. You have named terror as Islam. Actually there is compassion, mercy, love, arts, aesthetics, science, beauty and everything beautiful in Islam.


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s comments about the attack on the office of French magazine Charlie Hebdo


Anti-Muslim movement in Germany stems from the radicals’ hatred towards Christians


Islamophobia in Europe and the ways to end it


Increasing Islamophobia In Western Society


A Million Dollar Project: Islamophobia


People are preaching religion wrongly. They are talking of it as a horrible and inextricable system. Praise be to God, being the radiant face of Islam, we have spoiled that plot of the satan. Or else Islamaphobia is a system that could annihilate all Muslims.


The traditional orthodox system is a disastrous and awful system and it causes hatred for Muslims all over the world. That hatred is increasing gradually and because of those traditional Orthodox people who call themselves Muslims, the extreme right is getting stronger in Europe. They are harming themselves and Islam in the process and they're also hurting all inoffensive people.


The Western deep states, particularly the British deep state, have developed a new trick, a new method; they are trying to portray all Muslims as terrorists. They are working hard to ensure that.


The British deep state sought to push Muslims towards ISIS, Al-Qaeda and create a terrorist bloc thoroughout the world so that they could say, “Muslims are all terrorists and all terrorists are the same, so let’s just kill them all." In other words, they are trying make it look as though all Muslims are terrorists. This is a serious danger.


Some people rendered the Quran impossible to practice. They spread Islamophobia. In many parts of the world, people have become afraid of and hateful towards Islam and Muslims. The reason behind this is the traditionalist Orthodox Islamic conception. We will eliminate this conception through knowledge and the truths of the Quran.


Under the name of ‘Islamophobia’


More women for higher quality in politics


Trump should address Islamophobia


Trump should address Islamophobia


Most people do not realize that our intellectual works and modern understanding of Islam have set a barrier against Islamophobia. We abolished the tasteless Muslim model that is in enmity against people, his own community or himself even and showed them the pure and enlightened understanding of Islam according to the Qur’an.


There's no rajm [stoning] punishment in the Qur'an. They present it as if it exists in order to spread Islamophobia, especially in Europe.


If Muslims lived by the true Islam as described in the Qur’an, Islamic morality would quickly spread and dominate the world. As long as we continue to preach the real Islam as opposed to the bigoted understanding of Islam, Islamophobia will end and the world will happily welcome Islam.


Although it is completely untrue, bigots have portrayed Islam as an extremist, misogynistic system. Because of that, Islamophobia has now spread everywhere.

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