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Muhammed Mursi

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Two key suggestions for a solution in Egypt

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“The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] should deal a blow against fanaticism and advocate a modern Islam by setting an example for the entire Muslim world”

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Adnan Oktar: “The Ikhwan must emphasize that it is a party that does not only represent women who wear the headscarf”

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Stop trying to sugarcoat military coups

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Adnan Oktar: “It Is Total Villainy to Open Fire on People Performing Prayers”

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Art and beauty and all things that make people happy must be the main priority in Egypt

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If the supporters of Morsi were to adopt an modern understanding of Islam, an understanding of Islam like that of the Companions of our Prophet (saas), it would bring a great contentment.


Radicalism is wreaking havoc in the Islamic world. The Ikhwan should strike an intellectual blow against this and bring forth the modern understanding of Islam, the understanding of the Companions of our Prophet (saas). That would be amazing.


God shows us that the only solution for Egypt is the system of the Mahdi.


The basic policy of Ikhwan should be attaching great importance to women and arts. Ikhwan should immediately put forth a spirit that attaches great importance to quality and aesthetics.


Ikhwan should assume a sound attitude against fanaticism.


Ikhwan should make up with Israel. They should support religious Jews and Christians in Israel. Our Prophet (saas) used to show compassion to Jews. Showing compassion to Israel is a necessity of the morality of the Qur'an.


Our brothers and sisters should write petitions asking for the release of the arrested people in Egypt.


Ikhwan should never accept statements of hatred. Their being precise about acting on love and compassion would be very nice.


The first thing to be done in Egypt is to release Morsi immediately. By establishing an advisory commission under the leadership of Morsi, they can govern Egypt with a shared spirit until the elections.


Muslims are in pain in Egypt. We are of course in search of ways to deliver them.


The world is being designed according to the system of the Mahdi (pbuh). Our Prophet (saas) says; "Many governments will be tried in Egypt and it will be seen that all will fail. It would be understood that the only solution is the system of the Mahdi." Now Morsi is being tested. They will not be able to do with Morsi, they will never be happy with him. The only solution is the system of the Mahdi.


A consultation council under the leadership of Morsi would be nice

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The understanding of the quality of Paradise must prevail in Egypt

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It is the obligation of Muslims to protect Muslims in Egypt

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1-20 / Total: 48
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