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Cancer treatment is free of charge


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 28 May 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 23 July 2012


People get cancer out of lovelessness, distress and sorrows, they get ulcers. They get a thousand and one different diseases and mental illnesses. A great majority of people, 70-80% of them use antidepressants. However if love were to prevail, there would be no need for such remedies. There would be no need for those antidepressants. Lovelessness is not something a human body can handle.


Free Cancer Drugs


In the hadiths it is related that in this century Allah will manifest on Muslims with His Name Ash-Shafi (The Healer). Because it is the time of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) the cure will be spread all around. Allah will manifest with His Name Ash-Shafi, insha’Allah. People will soon see this. The cure to cancer will be discovered insha’Allah. Remedies will be found for many diseases. Lifespans will be longer, insha’Allah.


The Government should be distributing cancer drugs free of charge. Once a patient brings a prescription stating that he/she is a cancer patient, the state should give that drug free of charge. That is what we ask from our Prime Minister. The cancer patients should not be made to pay for their medicine.


Luxury hotels must be transformed into hospitals for cancer patients (15.12.2013)


A new drug in the treatment of cancer - Amazing Science


Diseases progress when the resistance of the body drops. People should be jolly, they should be full of love. Hatred fuels illnesses, it causes cancer to progress. They should not keep hatred or rage in their hearts. Love nourishes the body. They should look at everything as a manifestation of God and approach all things with love.


Amazing Science - 1


Official Support Should Be Provided for Cancer Patients


The state should provide significant amounts of monetary assistance to cancer patients. The drugs used and the treatment given to such patients should be free of charge. No one should ever say, 'What is it to me, I am not the sick one, it is none of my business."


Hypocrisy is a persistent case similar to cancer. If left untreated, hypocrites do not cut off their secret connection to disbelievers


Is The Cure For Cancer Hidden In A Sea Creature?


Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?


Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?


Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?


Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?


Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?


Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?


Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?


Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?

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