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Being self-sacrificing is most rewarding both in this world and the Hereafter


A very important sign of love 'not offending the one you love'


Evolutionists cannot explain the altruism in spermaceti whales


The Origin Of Birds And Flight


Self-Sacrifice In The Quran's Moral Teachings


The Miracle Of Termites


The Moral Values Of The Qur’an


Devotion Among Animals Revealing The Work Of God


The excellent moral values of believers - 1


Love and cooperation in living things


Altruism in nature


Mother's love and solidarity - for children 6


Ashab al-Suffa who spent their wealth and themselves in the way of Allah are exemplary for all Muslims


Open Letter to the Burmese (Myanmar) Administration


The invalidity of the claim that ''moral understanding exists from birth, you cannot ignore an actively existing concept''


Allah wants plentiful beauty. Where is sacrifice? Where is loyalty? In the absence of these, the value of love diminishes. That is why Almighty Allah postpones the reign of Islam until the last stage.


The lover would do all kinds of sacrifices for their beloved one. If need be, he would sacrifice his own life for God, and protect and watch over the beloved one. He would take great care to prevent her honor, her pride, her chastity, and to prevent any harm to her mind or her body. He would pay attention to her food, her drink, her sleep and everything about her. This is the sign of a lover. He would protect her at all costs.


God loves self-devotion, self sacrifice. That is why God loves martyrdom. This is one of the beauties God loves the most. God calls it "one of the two best things." God calls martyrdom and becoming disabled while striving on the Path of God as the two best things. That is one's losing his arm, his leg on the Path of God. God likes this very much.

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