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Ataturkism is the name of this nation’s enlightened spirit. Ataturk revealed the values inherent in this nation.


Any place where women aren’t free will be visited with troubles. God doesn’t grant blessings on countries that don’t let His servants be free.


As I said it thousands of times before, I never had and will never make any claims of being the Mahdi, or a hodja.


A tattoo is not unlawful in Islam. It doesn’t prevent ghusl or ablution since it’s under the skin.


After we emphasized that “no-sayers” are also our brothers, there was a sudden softening of the tone used for the referendum. Thanks to God.


Anyone who is lenient and talks graciously earns merits. Believers earn merits for state administration for they also do it as an act of worship.


A person who is in connection with God day and night would have very strong morality, personality and comprehension.


A Hypocrite's character is very dangerous. We see a severe hypocritical attack against the government. We must be united as a nation against this.


An increase in the number of earthquakes is a warning to people reminding them that they are in an important era.


According to the Torah, the Mahdi/Moshiach will be swift in doing what is right.


Actually it is easy to fix things between people and countries but a determined person does not come up and try. God willing, we will make Iran friends with Turkey.


An enlightened, educated, rational, reasonable attitude while addressing people and thinking broadly is what befits Muslims.


Attaining high quality is crucial for Muslims. Arguing for a matter in a childish manner away from rationality would be beneath Muslims.


All people love President Erdoğan. We will protect him as our own son. He should feel at ease.


Affection is a very beautiful blessing. A very heartfelt love for God, a very sincere fear of God and a deep faith is necessary to attain affection.

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A country in which women are oppressed cannot be affluent. Women should be free everywhere and should be able to go out in a chador or in revealing clothes, as they like. Women should be held in high esteem wherever they go.

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Also in Russia, there is a secret deep state structure working against Putin and they are acting under the control of the British deep state.

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A referendum is a system for asking people’s choice. It would be wrong to use a language that would intimidate them if they vote in a certain way.


All of our Syrian guests are welcome in Turkey. Everything that we have is lawful to them. This is their country also. We love them. Our Syrian brothers will live in Turkey in prosperity. No one should pay attention to the cruel attitude of some people.


According to the Torah, seven things were created before the world was created. One of these is the 'Moshiach', that is the Mahdi.

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41-60 / Total: 1253
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