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Being disturbed of the love between Muslims is not a normal way of thinking.


By the grace of God, poverty and tyranny will come to an end at time of Mahdi.


By the leave of God, we will act in unity and solidarity and we will together defeat the dajjal with science and knowledge.


Back in his time, they did not take good care of the late Ataturk. They didn’t take care of his health. We wouldn’t have let that happen, if we were around at the time.


Binali Yıldırım is a very kind and very decent person. His affectionate attitude towards Alawite brothers and sisters is very commendable.


Beneath Europe’s stand against Islam lays the loveless, artless, intolerant and tactless mindset of bigotry.


Bediuzzaman says that the greatest service to religion is to turn imitated faith into sincere and verified faith. The real issue is raising a faithful youth.


Bediuzzaman says that the Mahdi will have three great tasks. The first of those is to intellectually annihilate Darwinism and materialism. Bediuzzaman says that the second task of the Mahdi will be turning the Islamic world towards the Qur’an and ensuring the Unity of Islam.


Bediuzzaman suffered a lot throughout his life but he has never complained or repined.


Bediuzzaman says that the hadiths about the End Times would not be understood with superficial thinking and that deep thinking and sincerity is required to grasp them.


Both those who vote ‘yes’ and those who vote ‘no’ in the referendum should be respected. It is not right to call any of the sides a traitor.


Bigotry does great harm to Islam. It is almost in conflict with Islam.


Barzani is a very decent, religious and honest person. His inner circle is so as well. No one should say displeasing things against him.


Barzani is welcome. He is a devout, well-mannered person. I condemn the ugly language used against him.


By implication, one can’t derive decrees from the Qur'an. God reveals the lawful and unlawful deeds by means of precise verses.


Being lenient and modest, humaneness and sympathy are the tones of the prophets. It’s becoming to be lenient to all Muslims.


Books are the most reasonable and permanent way of preaching religion.


Buddhism is a corrupt version of true religion. Acts of worship like prayer, fasting and giving alms exist in Buddhism, though in a changed form.


Being intelligent and knowledgeable does not equal being wise. Wisdom is a blessing that comes with faith.


Being offended fast is another habit of unbelievers. God wants believers to leave this vileness behind after embracing Islam.

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1-20 / Total: 370
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