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Beauty is the embodiment love seeks. Love and beauty go hand in hand. God creates beauty and then makes us love it. Had God not given us love, beauty would have no meaning.


Believers should be like time engineers and manage their time efficiently: Otherwise, time will fly.


Belief in God means not giving into doubts.


Belief in God cleanses people; makes them younger, healthier, radiant.


Bigots made women feel guilty for being beautiful and when bigots see a beautiful lady, they try to insult her.


Believers should be loving towards and not seek faults in each other. They should focus their entire energy on their intellectual efforts against the system of disbelief.


Believers should always be forgiving. God forgives. Believers should be happy that their brothers and sisters repent and correct themselves after making mistakes.


Believers should always be elegant and refined. Their sense of humor is also refined. But crude people find revolting things funny. A cultured person refrains from such coarse behavior. Believers are better than responding to vulgarity with a similar attitude. Believers should act with nobility and honor in every situation.


Believers fear losing God’s love and offending God. This is how they strengthen their love for God and how they get closer to God.


Bigotry is designed by satan to destroy Islam from within. It hinders the ability of people to contemplate, to innovate and it numbs people. Let's not allow bigotry to suffocate people. With joy and love, let’s turn the world into Heaven, by means of the beautiful spirit of the Qur’an.


Being beautiful or attractive was made almost a crime and that put many people off making the effort. This attitude removes beauty.


Based on the abjad values of Qur’an verses and hadiths, Said Nursi says doomsday might happen in 2120. God knows best.


Both Russians and Iranians are great people, with humble characters. The British deep state is discriminating against Russia. Let’s be good friends with them.


Bigots are driving people away from religion with rules that are not in the Qur'an. For example, there is no headscarf in the Qur'an. But ladies are supposed to wear hijab only if they feel unsafe, and only until the danger is gone.


Because God supports the Mahdi movement, even though most people will be against it at first, it will eventually be successful.


Being able to show that Islam can be lived in a modern way is clear proof that Islamic morality is beginning to take hold around the world. This is why some are alarmed.


Being religious correlates with modernism. Some people have wrongly suggested that faith could not co-exist with modernism. We proved them wrong.

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Bigotry and the Darwinist/materialist system are two arms of the system of the dajjal. Our intellectual efforts helped block these two scourges. After our explanations, Darwinists’ belief in coincidences has lost strength.


Both in Gobekli Tepe and the remains on Mount Nemrut, there are plenty of Masonic symbols. Gobekli Tepe was a Masonic temple.


Barzani is not the same as the Stalinist, atheist PKK terrorists. Barzani is a religious man.

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21-40 / Total: 411
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