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Claiming that life came from the space would be denying the Qur'an.


Contrary to what is supposed, Jews are people who advocate peace and love.


Christians, Jews are being oppressed all around the world. Looking after them, showing love and compassion to them would be a good deed and bring abundance insha'Allah.


Compassion, mercy and exalting people are crucial topics according to the Qur'an.


Criticisms are nice; criticisms increase one's quality and beauty. They help people in finding the truth.


Conservative, traditional system is a cancerous structure that suffocates itself in mass psychology. It kills itself as a mass and it makes itself sick.


Coups are atrocious movements that should be left in the history.


Communism, fascism, wild capitalism, satanism, all sorts of perverted thoughts are the sons of the anti-christ (dajjal). Anti-christ is their father.


Constantly demanding that only 40 bites should be eaten, that you should only have one cardigan and that you should sit on the floor and eat on the floor, that you should only have one bare bulb hanging down from the ceiling. This is what they communicate as religion. An attitude that interprets religion in the most negative manner would not be seen even among communists. I mean they have such an unfavorable way of expressing.


CHP should not follow the advices and instillations of a handful of communists but they should follow the general tendency of people. With its modern aspect, with its endearing aspect, with its Kemalist aspect, they can then soundly come to power, insha’Allah.


Communism does not accept people, it just considers them as a community that should be led.


Communism is the greatest danger in the world right now. What is going on in Syria is communist savagery.


Communists are suffering the pain of having failed to provoke our people. That is because some of them want blood to be shed in abundance.


Communists are in the peevishness of knowing that they can never come to power.


CHP cannot come into power with a classical revolutionist mindset. Those times have passed.


Claim of supremacy over racial differences, loving another according to his/her race, giving value to people according to their races are horrible. We are all the ummah of Mohammad, we are all children of prophets. Supremacy comes only with piety.


Communism can only be defeated with scientific struggle. Attempts to stop communism through force have failed all over the world.


Compassion is calming, compassion opens minds.


Communist thought has deliberately poisoned the South East region..


Committee of wisemen should talk about the invalidity of Darwinism and Materialism everywhere they go. That would be great and very beneficial.

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21-40 / Total: 79
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