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Committing suicide is the same as murder, so the perpetrator becomes a murderer.


Compassion is rewarded with compassion. May God instill love and mercy in the hearts of those who say 'I do not want Syrians in my country.' It is really painful to see that some do not have any compassion.


Compassion shown to the Syrians will be a means for blessings from our Lord to be granted to Turkey.


Communism brought a loveless, cold and disturbing appearance to the world.


Children are great blessings. Many people do not even pay attention to children when they see them. The admiration for their beauty should be voiced.


Certain circles sought to create sectarian clashes between Iran-Turkey. Through our intellectual efforts, we did not let that happen.

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Christians used to make magnificent statues and paintings when their love for Jesus Messiah was very powerful. Right now their artistic power has declined.


Christians are very loving people. They need to ally with Muslims and Jews. We should eradicate the lovelessness that pollutes the world.


Christians and Jews are more than welcome to Muslims’ iftar dinners. God says Muslims can dine with Christians and Jews.


Come circles introduce bigotry specifically to prevent the strengthening of Islam. We are giving the scientific response to every provocation created by bigotry.

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Christianity is under threat across the world; they are being persecuted everywhere. The closure of churches must be prevented.


Creating masses that could easily be provoked and setting people against one another is a tactic used against the Middle Eastern countries. We should not be fooled by these cheap tricks.


Creation through evolution in no way exists in the Qur'an.

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Christianity has regressed continually in the USA during the Obama administration due to his Marxist-Darwinist mindset and its economy has also collapsed.

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Criticism should always be constructive and include a solution. It’s important to point to solutions that will help people.


Chatham House and the British shadow state are closely linked, and certain foundations affiliated to them have their own secret agendas.

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Claiming that a page of the Qur'an was eaten by a goat, and was therefore lost is a vile word spoken with no due respect for God -may God forbid- or the Companions.

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Chatham House is like the brain of the shadow state of Britain. They wish to shape Turkey according to their own views.

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Clerics should talk about the Mahdi by referring to relevant hadiths of the Prophet (saas) and the signs he foretold. They cannot possibly reject the fact that those signs in fact came true.

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Certain TV channels propagandize sexual perversion while there are viewers who cheer that. Yet, some people cannot see this misapprehension.

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41-60 / Total: 158
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