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Democratic autonomy is a plan made to let PKK act comfortably.


Democratic autonomy, federation; these all mean division, separation.


Darwinist-materialist education brings about lovelessness. Without love, no affection, no friendship, no brotherhood can be established; ideas are not tolerated, without love there is no tolerance for ideas. A formidable anger, a formidable rage, a formidable hatred and lovelessness scorches the hearths of people. As the Darwinist-Materialist education continues, this exiguousness, this dire spirit would not be removed from us, may Allah forbid.


Darwinism - materialism is a system that directly denies the existence of Allah. It is a system that denies creation. So it is a system that denies all prophets and Allah.


Darwinism is taught unilaterally in the textbooks. That is very wrong. Scientific counter proofs and the fact of Creation should definitely be given place in those textbooks as well.


Darwinism-Materialism prevents the establishment of the Unity of Islam. When Darwinism comes to an end, Unity of Islam will be established instantly.


Darwinism and materialism will fall into a deeper incapability in 2014's.


Deep world state has come to love Allah.


Darwinists should not be on thorns unnecessarily; they will not be called bigots when they say Allah has created proteins.


Darwinists are panicking unnecessarily. In fact they should be happy; how nice it is, Allah exists. How beautiful it is, there is Hereafter.


Darwinism reigns at the root of terror.


Disasters basically envelop hypocrites. They think that disasters will always befall Muslims. This is a very astonishing law of Allah.


DARWINISM IS THE MOST PRIMITIVE PHILOSOPHY WHICH IS ENTIRELY FAKE. It is the worst, the most unwise and horrible philosophy and it is entirely based on coincidences. It explains everything by coincidence. WHAT IS THE MOST IRRATIONAL THING IN THE WORLD? COINCIDENCE. You base everything on chance.


Don’t you say that the universe has come into being by chance? You also say the Earth is magma and there is the water. What happens when magma and water come together? It boils. Almighty Allah offers this water for drinking. Since you say that everything has come into being by chance, this is exactly what you are getting in return.


Does Hazrat Mahdi (as) belong to an Islamic school? No. Is Hazrat Mahdi (as) Sunni? No. Alawite? No. It is like the period of our Prophet (saas), the period of the Companions of our Prophet (saas). HAZRAT MAHDİ (AS) HAS THE CREED OF OUR PROPHET (SAAS). THEREFORE THERE CAN BE NO PROBLEM OF DİVİSİON, DİSİNTEGRATİON, OR A PROBLEM OF AUTHORİTY AMONG MUSLİMS.


Darwinists, Allah created the whole universe. This is an excellent thing for you. You are under the control of a Sublime Mind.


Darwinism, the dajjal of the End Times, has enfolded the world and placed many people under its influence. Our brothers must realize the danger.


Dhu’lqarnayn is another name of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


DO YOU NEED A MEASURE TO IDENTIFY HYPOCRITES WITH? JUST ASK THEM “IS THE QUR’AN SUFFICIENT?”, and there is no need for anything else. Read them the verses about Islamic Union and they will burn up. Tell them Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come and they will burn up. Tell them Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will come, and they will burn up. That is what horrifies them most of all.


Do you know what the hypocrite’s most sensitive spot is? Islamic Union. The hypocrites never wish to see Islamic Union.

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41-60 / Total: 76
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