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Everyone would become believers had God willed so. We strive with all our might as an act of worship. God wants our efforts as an act of worship to Him.

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Every attack makes our people stronger, and further solidifies their solidarity and zeal.


Everything will be much better in time; we believe that Jesus the Messiah is on earth and we will see him very soon.


Every flower knows the amount of iron and zinc it needs to take from the muddy soil and the amount it will use. It knows what is needed for every color. This is a miracle of God.


Every radical has his own set of rules with regards to Islam religion. We don't trust those people. We trust the words of God, that is, the Qur'an. These radicals make up their own rules that are against the Qur'an and drive millions of people away from Islam. They’re responsible for this.


Every aspect of the understanding of religion outside the Qur’an is horrible; laughing, dancing, painting, statues, music, women’s going out, children wearing shorts are all forbidden in their twisted minds. In some Islamic scholars perverse understanding, the penalty for shaving one’s beard or not performing daily prayers is death. None of those have any place in the Qur’an. The religion that they promote that has no place in the Qur’an and it turns this world into a living hell.

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Education should be given the first priority. Raising a faithful generation should be given priority. Fossil exhibitions should be held and facts leading to faith should be explained everywhere.


Eternity is one of the greatest evidences of God’s Power and Might.


Ensuring the restful serenity of animals is important; it would be instrumental for people’s peaceful serenity.


Encouraging violence against women is a crime and one of the worst aspects of bigotry. Bigots can’t stand the very existence of women. In bigotry, there’s great hatred and enmity of women. Claiming that women are of half-religion or half-mind is one of the worst aspects of bigotry.


Each person was first created in the spiritual realm, then came from there to this world. Parents are just a means for people to come into existence. Spiritual realm is proof that all human beings were created before the Universe was created and that there is no gradual evolution in creation.


Every school of Islam has different lawful and unlawful practices. This will be set straight by the Mahdi movement.


Evolution is a pagan religion, which has no connection with science and explains everything through coincidences.


Evolution may be on the school curricula as part of a course teaching pagan beliefs from time of the ancient Sumerians. It is an example of pagan worship.


Even if there were only a few sincere Muslims, this would be enough to make Islam prevail throughout the world.


Evolution is a pagan belief passed down from the Sumerians. It is not a subject matter that could be taught in biology or science courses, but may be explained as part of superstitious religions in ancient cultures.

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Everyone wants and looks for beauty. Islam is everything that is beautiful. Arts, quality way of living, decency, joy, happiness, all are embedded in Islam. Misrepresenting Islam as if it stands off from beauties is outright insincerity.


Everything Trump does to make America religious again would bring blessings to the USA.


Evolution can be taught as ‘a pagan religion that attributes everything to coincidences’. But evolution cannot be instructed as science. Science refutes evolution.


Even greater incidents will take place in the coming days, but eventually humanity and the world will ride out the storm. Peace and beauty will prevail in the world.

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1-20 / Total: 248
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