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Establishing a Ministry of Quality and Art is of the utmost importance; a product has no value if it has no artistic or high quality attributes. Both art and quality should be encouraged.

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Every era had its antichrist but the ultimate antichrist will appear in the End Times. And against it, Almighty God sends His Last Guardian, the greatest guardian of all times, Hazrat Mahdi (as).

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Every time a hypocrite makes things difficult for a Muslim, he finds he has been drawn a bit closer to hell. And troubles in this world also begin plaguing him even more.

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Even the prettiest, the most beautiful person will decay under the ground [when they are dead]. Life is very short: We thank God for what He gave to us but it would be wrong to get attached to this body. Think about a very beautiful lady: Open her grave years later and you will see only a skeleton; a skull, arms and legs. Or think about all those heroes, the lions of the past: Even their bones are gone now.

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Explaining life through random coincidences is the most illogical explanation. How could coincidences bring about pomegranates, oranges, lemons, olives and tangerines? How could Einstein, Newton come into being through coincidences? How could coincidences bring about lions, tigers, bees all of which are perfect beings?


Egocentric people should try it and they will see. They will become reasonable, balanced people whereas they were half-insane before. Everyone would see, people around them would see it. The only condition being self-criticism.


Everything will be beautiful. King Messiah - Moschiah, meaning “Shiloh” foretold in the Torah some 3,500 years ago, will actually be instrumental in the salvation of the world. We understand that we come to his time from all the portents, from the heavenly and earthly portents. The blood that is being shed is one of the portents of the appearance of Moschiah.


Every time one gets away from Islam, from the Qur'an, from Muslims, every single second is written as a sin against you, every single second. You will answer for every single second. Keeping away from Islam, from the Qur'an, from Muslims is unlawful. You might assume that it is something easy, but you would have to give an account for every such single second in the Hereafter.


Eat, drink and travel; anyone can do that. There will be hardships, there will be illnesses, there will be difficulties, there will be troubles and scourges and you will love God deeply just the same against all odds. That is what Almighty God loves the most.


Every artificial movement of the Mahdi would willingly or unwillingly serve the system of the Mahdi.


Every dark night has a morning. When darkness envelops a place, light comes after it: That is the custom of God. The system of the Mahdi appears, after every pharaoh, after every system of the antichrist.


Especially while bidding farewell to our martyrs, displaying their families crying, throwing themselves on the coffins, bellowing, fainting is what the PKK wants. Or else, if we were to hold the funerals of our martyrs with salawats by saying Allahu Akbar, that would not serve the purposes of the PKK and would be the most galling thing of all for the PKK.


Every disgusting act turns against the perpetrator of that act. Every tactic, every plot, every immoral act, every lie they come up with turns against them. Before all else, the radiance on their faces is taken and they lose their heads.


Everything you do will always go on track if you love God. If you do not love God, troubles would rain down upon you every single day. You cannot deal with that.


Easing religion is the responsibility of the Mahdi. Right now, they have made it heavier and made it unbearable for people. They have ruined religion. The Mahdi will take off those loads weighing tons and make religion easy and light; religion will be made suitable to human nature. He will make people turn towards true religion.


Everything is beautiful in Heaven. God puts lovers there. People there are beautiful, plants are beautiful, flowers are beautiful. The whole purpose is love, God's whole intent is love.


Even if something goes seemingly wrong, a Muslim should know that there is good in that. Some say, "Something went wrong." If you put your trust completely in God, whatever happens would be for the good.


Eyes are miraculous organs. They claim that they come into being as ordinary organs as a result of mutations. An ordinary process cannot be the cause of their existence. An ordinary process can only make you blind. Mutations can only make you unable to walk. Mutations can only cause blindness, deafness. They can only destroy existent systems and do nothing else.


Even though we did not enter a war, we always remained poor. Darwinism is at the root of this inauspiciousness. Darwinism is -may God forbid- rebelling against God. May God forbid, Almighty God might raze our country to the ground. The land and the skies might crack open if that happens. God says "The heavens are all but rent apart and the earth split open and the mountains brought crashing down." God is explicitly being denied with Darwinism.


Even idolaters believe that God is the One Who creates those idols. Darwinists believe that coincidences created everything. Such unruliness, such defiance against God – may God forbid- has never been seen or heard before.


Egocentricity is the main characteristic of the unbelievers. God makes them despised and humiliated as a punishment. And that is what is hardest on them, being degraded and humiliated.


Every father, every mother in society has a different, specific understanding of religion. Youngsters have such a specific understanding of religion as well. They contradict one another. They do not like each other's way. However, had everyone abided by the Qur'an, they would all become an ummah.


Elections under these conditions in the Southeast are not acceptable. The PKK holds sway in the lands there and have buried weapons everywhere, they have threatened and intimidated people. People there are not given the right to chose; they are at gunpoint. Their votes would not be valid. The security of the people living there should be provided before all else and elections can only be held after that.


Education is needed for Islamic Unity. Islamic Unity cannot be attained through politics. They tried to do that in Egypt, and Egypt is gone. This is what happens when they attempt to do that with politics. They tried to establish Islamic Unity through politics in Libya and Libya is gone, they tried the same in Syria and Syria is gone. Islamic Unity cannot be attained through politics: Islamic Unity can only be attained through the facts of Qur'an, through the facts leading to faith. Islamic Unity can only be possible with science and knowledge.


Even if you add up all the antichrist movements up until now, it wont make one percent of this great antihrist. Darwinism and materialism is such a great movement of the antichrist.


Even if a million of us were martyred, we will never ever give up a handful of our land. Even if two million people were martyred, we will never give up a handful of our land, Even if three million of us were martyred we will never ever give up a handful of our land. They should forget about it!


Egoism brings about separation. One would hold onto his possessions. This is the main characteristic of egoism. But if there is no egoism, there is generosity. Generosity does not accept borders. There should be no borders, so that one could put his generosity into practice and show his friendship and love easily.


Elections cannot be held in places under the threat of the PKK. Such an election would not be valid. If our police and soldiers fill that region and ensure the security of our people living there, and if still the PKK wins the elections there, that might be acceptable but otherwise the people there are voting for the PKK or the HDP because of intimidation.


Even under threats a Muslim would wholeheartedly want to do the right thing. He should say, “If only I were threatened so that I could attain much bigger deeds.” Our Prophet (saas) always lived under threats; he lived under the threats of Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab, the threats of the Pharaohs of that time. The Prophet Moses always lived under the threat of the Pharaoh.


Everything they write about my Kurdish brothers that would make them take offense would return and stick to them. Gold is not affected by anything. My Kurdish brothers are like gold. The things those filthy men say against them wouldn’t have the slightest effect on my Kurdish brothers. Their bravery, their superiority is certified.


Emotionality is like a different religion, a different faith: That is because such a person struggles with his demons, keeps away from God, loses his trust in God. He would cry and become sad, he cannot set himself free from these scourges. Otherwise he would set his heart on God. For instance, something seemingly bad happens and he says “There is surely goodness in this.” Would someone like that deceiving himself? No, he would be speaking the truth. There really is goodness in everything.


Europe and the US used to trust the PKK a great deal. They were sure that the PKK would divide Turkey. But now they have no hope to divide Turkey; that is because God ruined the PKK.


Even the smallest effort is very valuable in the Sight of God. Reciting the Name of God even once would bring about abundance, contentment and stave off scourges.


Everything should be solved with love. God makes all those who side with love successful.


Everyone benefits from what is apparent in the Qur'an, but the parts concerning hidden knowledge, the deciphering of the Broken Letters are not known known to anyone. However right now, there are those who know about them, the experts of that Hidden Knowledge.


Everywhere would be radiantly enlightened for Muslims because they would look at everywhere with radiance, with faith. God enlightens everywhere for them, He turns everywhere into Heaven for them.


Even though the people of the South East [of Turkey] are devoutly religious they are voting for the left wing. This shows the severity of the pressure applied on them in that region. Whereas the danger of the PKK [terror organization] in that region should have been made zero. When that happens, the people living there will enjoy utmost freedom and their votes would be clean and lawful like mother’s milk. But an election held while there is intimidation and an atmosphere of violence, with pressure exerted and with PKK making appearances would not be healthy.


Even if only 10 people wholeheartedly desired the global reign of Islamic morality- but they need to ask for it wholeheartedly, with a deep desire and love- even if there are only 10 such people, God would insha'Allah make Islam prevail with those 10 people.


Ever since the Prophet Noah (pbuh), all prophets warned their nations against the Dajjal (antichrist).


Even though it is absolutely easy to stop the production of weapons world wide, they are trying to show it as if it is too hard. The money spent on weapons and bombs should actually be distributed to those in need and to orphans. Instead of droping down bombs with jets they should throw chocolates to children.


Envying something means being pleased with what a brother/sister has and longing to have the same blessing. On the other hand being jealous means, wanting the other one to be devoid of that blessing so that one could have it instead. In that regard envying something is a nice feeling, a nice attitude.


Education in mother tongue is not a sincere demand; that is a demand for separation.


Education in mother tongue is the other name of separatism. The goal there is to make everything from Kurdish to Kurdish. That is not acceptable; there is no warmth in that. There is the intention of severing the ties of language and faith in between the citizens of Turkey.


Embarrassing our sisters with headscarves is disturbing to everyone. Let us leave our sisters alone so that they can live in comfort. But of course our sisters with headscarves should also approach those sisters of ours who do not cover their heads with love.


Everyone should be in a search of love. The greatest requirement, the greatest blessing, the greatest beauty of this world is love. Love is the reason why God created the universe.


Evil people are also benefiting from the blessings God gives to Muslims. I mean originally those blessings are not for them, they are created for sincere Muslims and these people are benefiting from them on the side. In the Hereafter, those blessings will be taken out of their reach.


Everyone is constantly talking about the pains and sufferings and no one is pronouncing the solution. Unless they demand the Islamic Union, they should not cry in vain.


Europe is terrified in the face of the radical mindset. And they very newly realize that the only solution for that is the system of the Mahdi. You will see, US and the European civilization will defend the system of the Mahdi with all their might.


Egypt should approach Jews with love and be friends with Israel. However the Orthodox Muslims in the country should be able to live comfortably as well. I mean showing compassion and respect to people from all faiths should be basis.


Everyone expects compassion from Tayyip Erdogan. Ultimately Tayyip Erdogan is human; he also is in need of compassion.


Even if they are in China, even if they are in the farthest parts of the world, Muslims are one big family. You have to take care of every single one of them, you are responsible from every single one of them. In the Qur'an God says; "And those who, when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them, (are not cowed but) help and defend themselves." That is a command of God.


Establishing unity and togetherness is one of my goals. Is there anyone else who loves other religious denominations and other religions as much as I do? Is there anyone else who shows this much love to Jews, who shows this much love to the Christians, is there anyone else who hold Alevis high esteem and who holds Shias and Wahhabis in high esteem?


Europe does not invest on people either, they do not educate their people. And then you see people falling into depression because of the spiritual dilemma they feel, because of the spiritual emptiness they have and killing themselves. That is a terrible thing. The world can only be saved from this disaster with the system of the Mahdi, with the compassion of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh), with complete submission to the Qur'an, Insha'Allah.


Egypt is dead right now. Egypt can only be revived with love, with faith, with the miracles of the Qur'an and with facts leading to faith. Egypt can be revived with a policy that would embrace everyone, all their people. It is not possible to have any blessings without the system of the Mahdi, without the love for Jesus Messiah (pbuh).


Everyone knows what radicalism means by heart. Radical ideas would never be accepted anywhere in the world.


Egypt should embrace secularity. The governments should come to power through elections. It is not acceptable to change governments by making a huge fuss. One might ask for early elections but the change should be through polls.


Endearing, affectionate outpost should be built for the Gendarme. We need to change the soul of the outposts. They should turn into touristic facilities. Let there be a restaurant, a shopping center, a library inside the outpost. Their only reason for existence is to protect honest, good people; that should be ensured.


Everything is dull in communism. Clothes are dull, shoes are dull. Everything is only functional. That is not the case in Islam. In Islam the most perfect, the most beautiful and the most pleasant of everything constitute a basis.


Everywhere is luxurious in the Heaven. God wants us to be instrumental in establishing a society like Heaven. The glory and the beauty of the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) palace is praised at length in the Qur’an.


Everyone would accept a reasonable idea. Our Master Tayyip listens to the advice of our people.


Everyone might make mistakes. That doesn’t necessitate their being wiped out of history.


Even if some circles blow up a hundred thousand bombs, we would never close our doors to our Syrian brothers and sisters, we would accept them to our country nevertheless. We, as a nation, are people of compassion, people of mercy.


Even 100 thousand 200 thousand Syrian brothers and sisters of ours can come to Hatay if they like, let them come. The borders should be opened if you ask me. Let them come and be settled here. Let them stay here and be settled. Let us give houses to them, let us give means and jobs. They would be coming with their benediction. Guests come by with their benediction. They can become the inhabitants of our lands. 200 thousand people can come. I mean this should be implemented as the state policy.


Even if a thousand scholars come together, they will not be like Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


Europe announced the PKK terrorists as “good kids”. They say that “they are activists.” It is as if they are talking about cheerleaders. That is really wrong.


Evil forces attempt to prevent love in between Jews and Muslims. We have exterminated this evil approach. We love Jews very much. And Jews love us as well. They have attempted to prevent our love for Christians as well and we have defeated their such attempts. We have put an end to it.


Even if we become martyrs with all our 75 million population, we will never let our homeland be divided.


Even if the visa requirements were to be removed at this moment in between countries, no one would be going back and forth. That is because there is no electricity of love among the peoples. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the one who will be giving that electricity of love to the world.


Explaining the invalidity of Darwinism; that is most crucial for the struggle against the PKK. If you take the idol from their hands, once they are saved from that, they will turn towards the belief in Allah.


Establishing a communist state in the South East! That would be a great blow on Turkish nation's passion for the Unity of Islam. It would be the start of a fire that will ruin the whole region. It would thus be the completion of the substructure of the Armageddon. It would both be ruining our nation and the region. Actually it would be a kick off for a scourge that would bring ruin to Israel. No one should serve the ideals of a handful of evangelicals. And no one will.


Economic crisis has covered the World all over. A devastating unrest and a devastating lovelessness covered the World. The earth insistently asks for the Mahdi and the Jesus Messiah, insha'Allah. People will have to accept it whether they like it or not, insha'Allah.


Everyone should support the struggle the government gives against the deep state organizations.


Everything is one-sided in the Heaven. For instance there is no darkness, it is always radiant. There is no evil, there is always goodness. For instance there is no negative electricity, there is always positive electricity. Everything is one sided in the heaven insha'Allah.


Everyone can feel distressed at times. This is how it is in this World as a part of the trial. Drinking lukewarm water, not leaving the body dehydrated, not leaving one's self sleepless, moving a little. But the most important and above all else being in love with Allah, completely submitting to Allah and leaving one's self to Allah and knowing that reasons can never be a basis [ can be the cure for to overcome that distress.]


Easing religion and life is the characteristic of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will relieve people of their heavy loads and the chains around them.


Everything that is cohesive, everything that is uniting, everything that would make Turkey great, everything that would be for the benefit of the Unity of Islam is accepted by us. But separation is another name for looking for trouble.


Everyone living in Turkey, accepting to be called a Turk and everyone living within the borders of our homeland are Turkish. There is no claim of national superiority, there is no claim of racial superiority or racism in this. There is the spirit of brotherhood. A nation should have a name. And the name of this land is Turkey.


Even if the greatest powers of the world came together, they cannot demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque, being demolished is not in its destiny. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will perform prayers with al-Aqsa Mosque with the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh). He will be the imam of the Jesus Messiah. The word of Allah is the truth, neither Israel nor anyone else can ever demolish that mosque.


Explaining things with scientific evidence is important. That is because science is knowledge that addresses reason and satisfies the heart.


Europe has the most classy, most high quality understanding of art in the world. It is important for us to be close to Europe.


Entering the Shanghai union can only be good if it is a door in the transition to the Unity of Islam. Or else we would not want to be a part of a cruel, stern and cold Asian team.


Entering the Shanghai union can only be good if it is a door in the transition to the Unity of Islam. Or else we would not want to be a part of a cruel, stern and cold Asian team.


Everything happens as predetermined in the destiny. Allah is the One Who designs, leads, assigns, brings and takes away.


Ever since the beginning, ever since the Special Organization, the Unity of Islam, Turkish Islamic Union has always been the secret official philosophy of the state. As a matter of fact ever since Abdulhamit, the secret, official philosophy of the state is the Turkish Islamic Union, that has never changed, masha'Allah.


Education in Turkish is advantageous in all aspects. That is because all newspapers are published in Turkish, all books are Turkish, everywhere we have Turkish. Kurdish is not used anywhere. The urgent language is Turkish. The language used in education is Turkish. There is a forced structuring to create a separate nation, a separate state in that respect.


Everyone in their sound mind would love Ataturk. He was a very classy, high quality Ottoman young man. He acted to the point and literally locked down bigotry and radical thought.


Europeans, by saying "it is a coincidence" about everything, are giving way to these troubles they are suffering from. They want the blessings bestowed upon them by Allah, but they attempt to deny the existence of Allah.


Even if the Last Day is to come tomorrow, we are charged with serving Islam.


Everyone should support artists everyone should approach them with compassion. Artists belong to the whole world.


Europe wants the Unity of Islam, America wants it as well, but they want the governance to be in the hands of the Mahdi (pbuh). If compassion, love, peace, brotherhood, decency, science, aesthetics, democracy prevails; if such a guarantee is given to Europe and to the United Nations, they would have the Unity of Islam established right away.


Even if those against Islam do not approve, the Unity of Islam will be established. There will be no terror, no anarchy. Weapons will be silenced, insha'Allah.


Everyone will not be burning in Hell. They will only be subjected to what is just in relation to the extent of their offense. Hell is made up of different strata. For instance hypocrites are in the lowest layer of the Hell. They will be subjected to severe torment. Among the highest levels there are some layers in Hell that will be calm in comparison but Allah torments their dwellers with inflictions.


Even being aware of the existence of the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will be enough to defeat the antichrist.


Existence of Allah is a great glad tiding.


Even though we are living in the End Times, they persistently desire to conceal this fact.


Everything is created with a good reason and there is nothing that is not created with a good reason.


Everything we do for the welfare of our big brothers is a religious obligation upon us. We will of course hang on to all sorts of means to ensure their welfare insha'Allah.


Everywhere is full of fossils proving Creation. Which one of them will Darwinists, communists and their friends conceal?


Everywhere will be beautiful like flowers. We will beautify the provinces, villages and towns. We will embrace the Europeans, the Jews, the Christians and the Freemasons. They will all be the followers of our Prophet (saas).




EVERYTHING BECOMES VERY BEAUTIFUL, VERY PRECIOUS WITH FAITH. Then you respect a person and attach value to him, for love and compassion disappears when a person grasps that he is not respected.


Everybody will see that the Turkish army will assume great duties in making Islam reign over the world.


Earthquakes have never been so frequent up until 100, 200, 1000, 1400, 2000 years. This is happening for the first time. They began following the 1980s and accelerated tremendously. Every part of the Earth is shaking. The Earth demands Hazrat Mahdi (as) in any case. Notice that they will cease when Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears. In any case the world will see Hazrat Mahdi (as).


Everyone is reconciled with love. Everyone is in favor of goodness, everyone is self-sacrificing. Everyone abandons his interests when love is in question. Egoism and strife calls for being in favor of one’s interests. He does not accept the goodness and beauty of the other party.


Every newborn child, without exception, is born Islamic in nature.


Extremists fall back on tears. But tears are a ruse and a tactic for them. They use them to deceive.


Extremists will oppose Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) because he uses knowledge to break extremism.


Extremists secretly hate our Prophet (saas).


Even Dawkins has admitted that the existence of protein requires a sublime intelligence.


Everyone receives revelation from Allah, but they are unaware of it. Ants also act in line with inspiration from Allah, as do human beings.


EVERYTHING EARNS MEANING AND BEAUTY WITH ALLAH’S EXISTENCE AND HIS PUTTING US TO TRIAL. We are being educated in a perfect way. Then living for all eternity in that way is very pleasant. It never ends. Quadrillions of years pass, but it is as if it is yesterday.


Even the first letter of history is not written. They do not let history be written. They do not let it. The history of the world is written by five to ten historians. The pseudo-scientists must be eliminated. There are archeological findings; they hide them or break them apart. All this will end with the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Let me see if they can break them or hide them if they can. Who knows what secrets are hidden in this world; all of them will be revealed.


EVEN CAUSING ONE TO FEEL EMBARRASSED IS TERRIBLE; EVEN AN IMPERFECTION IN ONE’S COMPLEMENT IS VERY BAD. Even remaining calm is bad. IN MY OPINION EVEN REMAINING CALM IS A SORT OF FIGHT. Further than that, he goes and injures one’s head, kills him, breaks and ruins it. This is simply infamy.


Even if they say day and night that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not come, they still cannot cope with it. BECAUSE HAZRAT MAHDI (PBUH) WILL COME.


Every Muslim has a duty to act on verse 55 of Surat an-Nur. That verse describes the task of the Great Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). SURAT AN-NUR 55; EVERYONE HAS A DUTY TO BE A MAHDI IN THAT RESPECT.


EVERYONE HAS TO BE A MAHDI. All Muslims, men or women, have a duty to be a Mahdi and strive to bring Islam to rule the world.


Everything is on Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) tongue. He just has to say two words to resolve any matter … People will obey him with great love and respect, insha’Allah.


Every society has a leader. The Turkish nation is the leader in the End Times. OUR PROPHET (SAAS) SAYS THAT THIS DUTY LIES WITH THE TURKS. THE LEADERSHIP OF THE TURKISH NATION IS NOT BASED ON ANY RACIAL SUPERIORITY. We are all the children of the Prophet Adem (as), from the same family. Racial superiority is out of the question.


ETERNITY IS A GREAT BLESSING. If we do not undergo training in this world we cannot appreciate the delights of Paradise.


EASE COMES AFTER ONE FEARS ALLAH. One has to surrender to Allah in the fullest sense. One must say, “It is Allah Who allows me to eat and drink and Who causes me to speak, my body and soul belong to Allah.” He must desire nothing else. That is true peace and ease.


Evolutionists cannot talk about science at conferences, so they just go on the attack.


EVOLUTION IS SUCH A HELPLESS SYSTEM AND DARWINISM IS SUCH A WEAK THEORY THAT IT’S VERY EASY TO DEFEAT IT. It’s entirely founded on a void logic that depends on sheer ignorance and drawings. It’s an incredibly nonsense system that relates everything to chance.


EVOLUTION WOULD NOT ADORN CREATURES; it cannot put an aesthetic touch and form symmetry in them.


EVERYONE MUST PROTECT AND SAVE OUR KURDISH BROTHERS. The biggest blow to the PKK is our love for our Kurdish brothers.


EVERYTHING IN ISLAM IS LOGICAL AND CONSISTENT. There is no room for utter nonsense and superstitions in the religion of Islam. If one finds such nonsense, then this is the work of satan's.


Emphasis needs to be put on signs leading to faith. THE DETAILS BELONGING TO ALLAH'S ARTISTRY WOULD BE INSTRUMENTAL IN THE REASONING OF FAITH IN PEOPLE. Likewise, destroying Darwinism is instrumental for cutting off the delusions in their faith.


Everyone will dissolve away in the way of the Mahdi. The way of the Mahdi will enfold a sea of love and peace and everything. It has currently covered the world like a luminous cloud, insha’Allah.


Even the CIA is in a panic. America invaded Iraq because of the second coming of Prophet Jesus (as). THE PROPHET JESUS (AS) AND HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) WILL ACT TOGETHER, SO WHY TRY TO STOP THEM? It is not something your nuclear weapons can stop.


Embracing with love is Mahdism; whereas attempting to massacre is the system of antichrist (dajjal).


Evolutionists say that everything happened by chance by means of mutations. In the Hereafter, Allah makes them live a life as if everything were created by chance… There, there will be those screaming around, a sheer environment of disorder, pain and corruption created for them.

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