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Everything told in the Qur’an was proven right; it is matchless in terms of its literary power. It also offers scientific details that were not known 1,400 years ago.


Eye-rolling and other similar facial gestures, instead of [forthrightly] stating [one’s] discontent, is not something a refined person would resort to.


Especially in regions where terrorist attacks occur, lots of night vision cameras should be used along with constant aerial surveillance.


Europe is not against Islam. Europe is against radicalism that promotes violence, misogyny and backwardness. Europe is right to be against radicals who hate the beauty of women, cleanliness, quality, art and music. Those radicals are also against Islam.


Education based on memorization is not beneficial. Education should be based on general knowledge.


Economic stagnation and poverty result from stocking up wealth. When people love God, fear God, everyone will be wealthy.


Economic problems will continue until the Mahdi era. But there will be unprecedented wealth at the time of Mahdi.


Economic crises and poverty are tests created by God, to bring people closer to God.


Everyone is complaining about the pressure on ladies in society. The solution is the Mahdi’s system.


Each of the four Islamic sects claims that others are invalid and superstitious. But according to the Qur’an there is only one religion and it is described in the Qur’an.


Every person, by means of God’s inspiration to her/his heart, knows what is right and what is wrong.


Every beautiful thing is a manifestation of God, and therefore causes great excitement and joy in my soul.


Every healthy person has the duty of serving disabled people. You should be eyes for the blind, arms for someone who doesn’t have them.


Everything that happens in life takes place because God wills it. God created Nimrod and Pharaoh, too. There is a secret wisdom behind all those incidents.


Eternal Heaven cannot be earned with an easy trial. A comprehensive, difficult test is necessary for eternity.


Egoism is embarrassing and humiliating. People should be selfless and altruistic, instead.


Everything we see around us reflects the wisdom of God. Even a single grass leaf on the side of the road displays intelligence that is far more superior to that of the human beings.


Everyone that is capable of love and is sincere, is my brother or sister.


Every intellectual blow to Darwinism is a source of joy for all believers.


Everyone must read the Qur’an in their own language. Reading the Qur’an in Arabic is not an obligation but living according to the Qur’an is an obligation. Therefore, everyone should understand its meaning.

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1-20 / Total: 294
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