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Even a single leg of an ant has incredible art and detail. It is impossible for such a complex structure to come into being by chance.


Ending violence using violence is the method of the dajjal. According to Islam evil should be ended by goodness, lovelessness by love, irrationality by wisdom.


Every action of believers is only to gain the approval of God. God is the only Love of believers. Every effort we make is for the sake of God; it is a testament of our love for God.


Egotistical, selfish people cannot live love.


Europe is not wrong in rejecting a mentality that hates quality, art, women, music.


Everything the hypocrites do is ignominious and dishonorable. They are like satan in human form. They are full of filth in every moment of their lives.


Everything happens for a very good reason. If you have a headache, or if you trip over a stone, you should know that there is always a good reason.


Education in essence should have the purpose of raising refined people. Students shouldn't be stressed with exams, they should be able to have fun while learning.


Electrons spin around the nucleus at thousands of kilometers per hour, yet they never crash or collide. God’s glorious artistry is magnificently displayed in the atoms.


Every time we meet a new person, we should have a compassionate, friendly approach. The beautiful message of God can be spread only with love and compassion.


Everyone would want quality and elegance. Subconsciously, every human being yearns for quality.


Evolutionists feel insulted after we destroyed Darwinism with scientific evidence. Now, they are making futile attempts to reconcile the Qur’an with evolution. There is no evolution in the Qur’an.


Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is a command of God to all believers.


Everything is fleeting in this world. We will have our eternal and true bodies, true appearance in the Hereafter.


Even if unbelievers seem to be unaffected by a truth they are told, in fact they are influenced on a subconscious level and realize that it is the truth.


Even the most beautiful composition in this world, will sound dull and boring compared to the music in Heaven.


Everything in Heaven will dance whenever they like. But it will be very different to the dance in this world. The dance in Heaven will be mesmerizing, fascinating.


Everything in Heaven is intended to create love, to make us thank God. And we will love the people in Heaven because we love God.


Everything in Heaven will be created in their most beautiful form and will be conscious.


Everything will be conscious in Heaven. Animals, flowers and everything else will be created in a way to make people love them the most.

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21-40 / Total: 294
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