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Everyone knows what radicalism means by heart. Radical ideas would never be accepted anywhere in the world.


Egypt should embrace secularity. The governments should come to power through elections. It is not acceptable to change governments by making a huge fuss. One might ask for early elections but the change should be through polls.


Endearing, affectionate outpost should be built for the Gendarme. We need to change the soul of the outposts. They should turn into touristic facilities. Let there be a restaurant, a shopping center, a library inside the outpost. Their only reason for existence is to protect honest, good people; that should be ensured.


Everything is dull in communism. Clothes are dull, shoes are dull. Everything is only functional. That is not the case in Islam. In Islam the most perfect, the most beautiful and the most pleasant of everything constitute a basis.


Everywhere is luxurious in the Heaven. God wants us to be instrumental in establishing a society like Heaven. The glory and the beauty of the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) palace is praised at length in the Qur’an.


Everyone would accept a reasonable idea. Our Master Tayyip listens to the advice of our people.


Everyone might make mistakes. That doesn’t necessitate their being wiped out of history.


Even if some circles blow up a hundred thousand bombs, we would never close our doors to our Syrian brothers and sisters, we would accept them to our country nevertheless. We, as a nation, are people of compassion, people of mercy.


Even 100 thousand 200 thousand Syrian brothers and sisters of ours can come to Hatay if they like, let them come. The borders should be opened if you ask me. Let them come and be settled here. Let them stay here and be settled. Let us give houses to them, let us give means and jobs. They would be coming with their benediction. Guests come by with their benediction. They can become the inhabitants of our lands. 200 thousand people can come. I mean this should be implemented as the state policy.


Even if a thousand scholars come together, they will not be like Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


Europe announced the PKK terrorists as “good kids”. They say that “they are activists.” It is as if they are talking about cheerleaders. That is really wrong.


Evil forces attempt to prevent love in between Jews and Muslims. We have exterminated this evil approach. We love Jews very much. And Jews love us as well. They have attempted to prevent our love for Christians as well and we have defeated their such attempts. We have put an end to it.


Even if we become martyrs with all our 75 million population, we will never let our homeland be divided.


Even if the visa requirements were to be removed at this moment in between countries, no one would be going back and forth. That is because there is no electricity of love among the peoples. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the one who will be giving that electricity of love to the world.


Explaining the invalidity of Darwinism; that is most crucial for the struggle against the PKK. If you take the idol from their hands, once they are saved from that, they will turn towards the belief in Allah.


Establishing a communist state in the South East! That would be a great blow on Turkish nation's passion for the Unity of Islam. It would be the start of a fire that will ruin the whole region. It would thus be the completion of the substructure of the Armageddon. It would both be ruining our nation and the region. Actually it would be a kick off for a scourge that would bring ruin to Israel. No one should serve the ideals of a handful of evangelicals. And no one will.


Economic crisis has covered the World all over. A devastating unrest and a devastating lovelessness covered the World. The earth insistently asks for the Mahdi and the Jesus Messiah, insha'Allah. People will have to accept it whether they like it or not, insha'Allah.


Everyone should support the struggle the government gives against the deep state organizations.


Everything is one-sided in the Heaven. For instance there is no darkness, it is always radiant. There is no evil, there is always goodness. For instance there is no negative electricity, there is always positive electricity. Everything is one sided in the heaven insha'Allah.


Everyone can feel distressed at times. This is how it is in this World as a part of the trial. Drinking lukewarm water, not leaving the body dehydrated, not leaving one's self sleepless, moving a little. But the most important and above all else being in love with Allah, completely submitting to Allah and leaving one's self to Allah and knowing that reasons can never be a basis [ can be the cure for to overcome that distress.]

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41-60 / Total: 116
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