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Following the Qur’an completely, being devoted to God with a very deep love; that will improve the physical and mental health of a person.


Following our lead, many others have joined in the cultural and intellectual campaign against the British deep state.


Freemasonry has surprisingly ancient origins. Even on 12-thousand-year-old reliefs, Masonic symbols can be found. This is really surprising.


For a believer, whatever happens, it is always good and for the best. God will never let anything happen that is not favorable for believers.


For years, we have emphasized the importance of raising a good generation with a particular focus on their spirituality. Now everyone sees its importance and understands that constructing bridges and roads alone, will not be enough.


For every difficulty, God has created something that would make the difficulty easier for our Prophet (saas).


Faithless youth will be sick. God created people to be healthy only with belief in God. Faith will bring both physical and mental health.


For true faith to emerge, one needs to always side with God and think deeply by giving all attention to God alone. It won’t emerge if attention is diverted to the worldly life.


For Muslims, it is our Prophet (pbuh) who sets an example for Muslims; not Che Guevara, Deniz Gezmiş or others.


Female beauty has the strongest effect on the human soul. Despite this, ladies have always been undervalued. Ladies are an amazing gift.


For the first time in 150 years, an intellectual campaign has started against the British deep state. God allowed us to lead the effort.


For years we have been saying that our Kurdish brothers would never embrace the Marxist, Leninist, irreligious ideology of the PKK.


Fanatics resort to violence for everything. The salvation of the world lies in the Qur'anic Islam that we are preaching which is based on love and reason.


For men of understanding, the increase seen in the number of earthquakes that took place after the 1980’s just as the Prophet (saas) foretold is a wondrous phenomenon.


Flowers have very thin roots underneath soil. With these roots they take potassium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals but leave the rest. Plants carry the metals they take via their roots using water. They know which matter to use for which color in which amount. Plants don't have any eyes but they paint their flowers like an oil painting. The borders of every color is pre-defined by the plant.


For the first time in American history a US President has faced so much aberrant reaction. Trump's precautions are only temporary, and it would be good for him to continue his support for the Islamic world.


Friendship always brings blessings. We need to approach all issues with compassion and love.


Federalism was a 200 year-old plan of the British Deep State for Turkey. They want to separate Istanbul and Izmir and leave Turks confined to Central Anatolia. Maps in British archives show Istanbul as a separate state in the 1920’s. Their goal was to break our lands into small pieces.


Fossils are scientific evidence. A theory scared of scientific evidence is superstition, not science. The theory of evolution is a superstition dating from the time of the Sumerians.


Fossils must be exhibited at the halls of all schools. Protein structures must be displayed on schemas. Young people can decide whether evolution is true or not for themselves.

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1-20 / Total: 172
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