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Fasting brings people humility. People become more open to love and compassion.


Freedom will boost both creativity and artistic talent. Social pressure is the reason behind the artistic stagnation in Turkey.


For a lover of God, love for God is eternal. A believer’s love will never be a source of pain. For them, there is no such thing as heartache. Some people idolize their beloved ones. When that happens, God punishes that person by turning that idol into a source of trouble.


Forest fires can be prevented by clearing up 200 m wide paths in the forests.


Friends should be chosen based on their love of God, fear of God and sincerity. And a believer can be friends with an atheist too, as long as the atheist is respectful and loving.


Feminism shouldn't have a Darwinist-materialist mentality. Women rights can be protected only if women are seen as holy beings that are manifestations of God.


Firing shots in the air is not a form of celebration; it is completely unacceptable. And since it risks lives, it should be punishable by laws.


Flesh cannot stand the test of time but the soul remains young and full of life: Souls don't get old.


Focusing solely on practicality in clothing, house or furniture, without any regard to beauty and aesthetic, is a serious flaw, a lack of quality.


Football is good for young people as a fun, socializing and energizing activity. But there should be no swearing, no insults or aggression.


Following the Qur’an completely, being devoted to God with a very deep love; that will improve the physical and mental health of a person.


Following our lead, many others have joined in the cultural and intellectual campaign against the British deep state.


Freemasonry has surprisingly ancient origins. Even on 12-thousand-year-old reliefs, Masonic symbols can be found. This is really surprising.


For a believer, whatever happens, it is always good and for the best. God will never let anything happen that is not favorable for believers.


For years, we have emphasized the importance of raising a good generation with a particular focus on their spirituality. Now everyone sees its importance and understands that constructing bridges and roads alone, will not be enough.


For every difficulty, God has created something that would make the difficulty easier for our Prophet (saas).


Faithless youth will be sick. God created people to be healthy only with belief in God. Faith will bring both physical and mental health.


For true faith to emerge, one needs to always side with God and think deeply by giving all attention to God alone. It won’t emerge if attention is diverted to the worldly life.


For Muslims, it is our Prophet (pbuh) who sets an example for Muslims; not Che Guevara, Deniz Gezmiş or others.


Female beauty has the strongest effect on the human soul. Despite this, ladies have always been undervalued. Ladies are an amazing gift.

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1-20 / Total: 182
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