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First they cruelly martyr civilian Muslims, then they say ‘sorry’ and hence unwisely try to cover up their persecution.


For the first time in our history the intellectuals are writing articles uncovering the British Deep State and we have pioneered in this. Now the door to grace has opened, everyone is aware of it.


For a believer, it is not age, but the soul that matters. The soul might mature faster than the body.


For Turkey to be saved from its troubles, and showered with blessings, one-sided Darwinist education should be ended. Because Darwinism clearly denies God (God is above such claims).


From Myanmar to Syria, Muslims are mercilessly being persecuted everywhere; children and women are being martyred every day. Yet some still say “the antichrist has not appeared yet”.


Faith is easy, beautiful and wise and complies with human nature. Hypocrisy, though, is very difficult and brings constant darkness and humiliation. Some people nevertheless choose to be hypocrites.


For a hypocrite, betrayal is like breathing. They cannot continue without doing something immoral for even ten minutes.


For hypocrites, their clique of hypocrites is crucial. They believe that, their clique will help them.


Fear of the future is a great trial for many people. Muslims would never be defeated to fear of the future. Prophets have never been defeated to fear of the future. They have always taken on the whole of society in their struggle to preach religion. Yet they are always very calm, easy and peaceful.


Fear and uneasiness constantly spreads about the world. People can never get rid of that uneasiness. This will come to and with the system of Mahdi.


First time in history, people are saying collectively that the Mahdi will not come. This is one of signs of his coming.

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False Mahdi movements seek to derail the real Mahdi movement, but unknowingly serve Islam. So there is no harm in them.


For the system of the dajjal to be influential, it should be concealed very well. Against this Muslims should constantly reveal the system of the dajjal.

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Freemasons operated freely during Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s reign. They opened up lodges in Galata. Most of his people were Freemasons.


From 1876, the date Abdul Hamid came to the throne, until 1908, the number of Jews living in Palestine tripled and became 80,000. During this time Zionists bought 40,000 decares of land and founded 36 settlements. During the reign of Abdul Hamid, a major Jewish migration took place to Ottoman lands. The Jewish population which was 150,000 in 1884, increased to 253,000 in 1907. There is nothing wrong in Abdul Hamid’s giving place to Jews to live in Palestine, in Ottoman lands. What is wrong is that they act as if this never took place.


Four different schools of Islam make contradictory statements re lawful and unlawful. One religious scholar opposes the other. Islam is one and exists in the Qur'an.


Freedom and Allah's names being praised everywhere is the realization of movement of the Mahdi. People are now living by the movement of the Mahdi, but most of them don't realize it.


Following a policy that will eventually hand Jarabulus to the PKK is unacceptable.


Freedom is the happiness and peace of mind of those people whose hearts are full of love for God, and who are content as a result. Those who don't have this peace of mind can never be free or happy no matter how much they travel.


For a believer martyrdom is a wedding, it is not a funeral. Martyrs are alive.

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21-40 / Total: 172
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