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God loves beauty and grants more beauty when we appreciate and protect it. Therefore, disregarding art would be a disaster.


God informed us of the signs of the doomsday and many those signs of have appeared. Gog and Magog will appear later.


God placed inside every fruit necessary amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals etc for humans. This alone is enough to believe in God.


God’s order in the Qur’an about ladies attire is not the headscarf. God advises ladies to wear hijab if they feel unsafe; and ladies are to decide that when it is necessary.


Göbeklitepe was a Masonic temple. Amazingly, Freemasonry existed even then.


God explains in the Quran that whatever believers want, it will be in Heaven. God did not put a limitation. Whatever one wants, it’s going to be in Heaven, insha’ Allah.


God purposefully created the world with so many shortcomings and negativities so that man can be tested. As a part of this test, man has constant needs and has to fight countless ailments. Yet, God also created cures and medications.


God created the eyes only as an instrument. In fact, the electric signals sent by the eyes to the brain are too weak to create such high quality image. The world we see is directly seen by the soul itself.


God creates the feeling of love and the people to direct that feeling to. If God took the feeling away, humans would be able to do nothing about it. For this reason, God should be loved the most.


God wants His servants to be focused on Him. God creates everything we have, we love; our houses, our friends, our belongings. Therefore, one should love God with all she/he has.


God makes us love the feeling of love. If God didn't give that feeling, even the prettiest sight could have disturbed us.


God displays His spectacular artistry in the perfect details He creates all around the universe. Ignoring this art is very wrong..


God has stated clearly in the Qur'an that Jesus was not killed and that he did not die. By the grace of God, we will see Prophet Jesus in the Endtimes.


God especially manages the lives of the believers and fills their lives with numerous beauties.


God gives special blessings and grace to believers; He will make them healthier, more prosperous, improve their looks, and will make sure that everything goes right for them.


God will bestow the blessing of discovering the Ark of the Covenant on Hz. Mahdi (pbuh).


God creates countless variety in fruits, all exquisitely beautiful, yet Darwinists claim that they are all the products of chance.


God creates a myriad of creation miracles to prompt people to think. Nevertheless, many people don’t think, which is very wrong of them.


God protects our nation. It doesn't become divided or separated no matter what. Communism cannot take hold. Our nation has a beautiful duty.


Göbekli Tepe is a typical Masonic temple. The T-shaped stones, figures on the reliefs are all Masonic.

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21-40 / Total: 512
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