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Hypocrites are like bats, they make secret plans in darkness. They get into contact with satan. Yet every plan of theirs is actually created by God.


Hypocrites put no effort for the sake of Islam. But whenever there is an evil activity, they are very zealous and act promptly.


Hypocrites do not keep their promises, they use every means they have been given for treachery. They constantly betray Muslims.


Hypocrites are like beasts that approach this a-way and that a-way between two communities.


Hypocrites don't like peace. They want trouble, tension and fight because satan stirs up constant anarchy in their souls.


Hadiths are genuine only if they are in compliance with the words of God. If what is foretold in the hadiths come true, that hadith is genuine.


Hypocrisy is one of the worst troubles in the Islamic world. The July 15th Coup Attempt was a hypocritical uprising. We will keep striving against hypocrisy.


Hypocrites have countless excuses not to help Islam. All the pretexts they use are actually treacherous vile lies.


Hypocrites have anarchy in their souls, that’s why they want constant trouble. They oppose everything regardless of the subject.


Hypocrites are like moles in fields. You cover a hole and they will pop up somewhere else.


Hypocrites are arrogant around Muslims, but submissive around unbelievers. Aware of the evil nature of hypocrites, the unbelievers debase and mock hypocrites all the time.


Hypocrites perform their biggest acts of betrayal when they seem most friendly. They don't attack when Muslims are cautious.


Hypocrites are a serious problem for the entire community. They lie at the first opportunity, and reveal their opposition to God and religion. At time of Prophet Moses (pbuh) hypocrites left Moses alone and returned to Pharaoh only for some beans, onions and garlic. This is how low the hypocrites are. Every time the hypocrites try to do something bad, the Prophets turned that action into something good.


Hypocrites actually know what is right and what is wrong, but still choose to do wrong. Qualified hypocrites are those who have the ability to lead masses. Samiri, who is referred in the Qur’an, was such a hypocrite. Qualified hypocrites try to replace the leaders of the unbelievers and rule the world. Each one of them sees himself as God (God is above their claims). Samiri wanted to lead masses, too and claimed to return them to glory and came forward by saying, ‘Moses forgot his religion’ (Prophet Moses (pbuh) is above such claims). Samiri exhausted Muslims and drained their energy. He took their gold possessions, then made them carry the gold across the desert and had them build a furnace. Samiri later made them do casting. He kept so many Muslims busy over building a golden calf. Samiri only thought of his low selfish gains and wrongly claimed that Muslims had monotonous lives with Prophet Moses (pbuh) and offered them colorful lives in which they would have all kinds of meals.


Hypocrites are gluttonous. Hypocrites living at the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh) wanted to return to slavery with Pharaoh just because of their gluttonous nature.


Hypocrites are so foolishly self-assured that despite all their ignominy and their unbelief about the Hereafter, they claim that they will go to Heaven. “But if We let him taste mercy from Us after he has suffered hardship, then he says, ‘This is my due. I do not think that the Hour is going to come. And if I am returned to my Lord, I will definitely find the best reward with Him.’ But We will inform those who are unbelievers of what they did and make them suffer a ruthless punishment.” Qur’an, 41:50


Hypocrites consider themselves as superior people who know better than anyone else. They consider themselves superior to God, may God forbid.


Hypocrites are brazen; they claim that they are the source of everything that is good yet when they get into trouble they disgracefully blame Muslims.


Hypocrites are very piggish. They always seek ways to give harm to the wealth of Muslims.


Hypocrisy is a topic that we will dwell on until Islamic morality prevails in the world. Hypocrisy is the Islamic world’s greatest scourge.

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41-60 / Total: 674
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