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It is unacceptable for Muslims to try to trouble each other while hypocrites and unbelievers cause tyranny all over the world and blood is being shed all over the Islamic world.


It is important to win people over. Anyone can make a mistake. It is important to allow them to correct their mistakes.


Imam Rabbani said that some so-called Islamic scholars would be hostile towards the Mahdi when he appeared and claim that the Mahdi changed their religion.


It is important that people improve themselves all the time. Muslims should always improve themselves with the Qur’an as their guide and get rid of the negativity and greediness.


Incorrectly applied urbanization in Istanbul erases aesthetics of the city entirely. On the contrary, the city should be expanded outwards and the Bosphorus should be made completely green.


It is up to ladies to decide how to dress according to the circumstances. God commands ladies to wear hijab only when they need to protect themselves.


I focus on the topic of Mahdi (as) because we are in the time of the Mahdi. Our Prophet (pbuh) also talked about the Mahdi all the time.


If Turkey becomes extra modern, champions arts, women’s right and quality, the the anti-Turkish sentiment in Europe and the support for the PKK will end.


In the 75th verse of Surah an-Nur, Muslims pray to God for a savior, for a Mahdi, when they face difficulties.


I never claimed to be the Mahdi and will never claim to be the Mahdi until the day I die. I’m also not an Islamic scholar, nor a teacher.


If Turkey becomes extra modern, champions women’s rights, arts and science, etc., countries will stop supporting the PKK.


In Syria, a technocratic government should be built from people that weren’t involved in crimes. The Syrian problem should be solved without Syria being divided.


In the Hereafter, people will be asked if they had been grateful for every gift, every blessing they were given like flowers, birds. They will be asked if those blessings were just coincidences.


It is an obligation for the Muslim world to be united. It is a command of God, like prayer and fasting. And we are obliged to make an intellectual effort for it.


If you look at the world carefully enough, you’ll understand that you are living in a dream.


In the Qur'an, ladies are not commanded to wear a headscarf. They are advised to wear hijab only temporarily to protect themselves, if the situation requires it.


It’s important to remember and praise God everywhere. For example, you can go to a restaurant and look at the menu and say ‘God is creating so many blessings’.


If a person has God's support, he will definitely be successful. When God supports a person, He will inspire everyone to support that person.


In the new world order, Islam’s beautiful moral values will reign and bring peace to the world.


It is not the eyes that see. The eyes are in fact blind. The eyes only convey electric signals to the brain and someone inside the brain, without eyes, sees the electric signals as a colorful world.

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1-20 / Total: 1648
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