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It is a miracle that some fail to see the artistry of God after having a look at flowers, orchids, etc.


It would be great to make our Syrian guests Turkish citizens. It is heartless to be cold to three million people that had to run for their lives.


If Turkey attains modernity, if women’s freedom, paintings, statutes, music, culture, high quality and classiness become the main stand of Turkey, no one could ever bring harm to us.


It is an amazing artistry that plants' roots, that have no eyes, no feet or hands, know what to take from the soil and form the harmony of colors seen on flowers with symmetry. Trees can produce many vitamins that cannot be attained synthetically and in a way that won’t be harmful to humans. The artistry of God is amazingly beautiful.


It is important to contemplate the proofs of the existence of God one by one in detail. One needs to think about one topic at a time instead of being overwhelmed by hundreds of different topics.


I never compromised my principles. When I see a mistake, I openly criticize it. When I see that something is right, I support it.


It is impossible for people who don't trust or respect each other to truly love each other. When people don't love or fear God, they can’t trust or love each other. As a result, they constantly spy on each other. Without faith, they have no trust or love for each other. They think that they love each other, when the only thing they do is fight and accuse each other. Love and passion are only for believers.


I always give priority to women. Women are very precious for me.


In their perverse minds, some Muslims scholars look down on women and teach others how women should be beaten. There is no such license to beat women in the Qur’an. Women are held in high esteem in Islam.


If people resist the nature God has created for them, they will get erratic. Without love and fear for God, their bodies lose balance quickly.


It is only natural that there are similarities between the People of the Book and Muslims; they are all divine religions. The Mahdi movement can be found in all divine religions.


In his last speech, Mr.Bahceli made an in-depth analysis of the British deep state. He's a person who reflects the Ottoman spirit very well.


I said many times before. I don’t claim to be the Mahdi. I don't speak Arabic and I will never claim to be Mahdi.


It’s not about Holland only; the British deep state hides itself and uses various countries as a front. Turkey should be calm and act wisely.


In the Qur'an, God relates that we'll be accountable by acting according to the Qur'an. Yet if we abide by sources other than Qur'an, superstitions arise.


It is the British deep state that manipulates the US as well. The US should call it as it is and take the necessary precautions accordingly.


It is neither Germany nor Holland that attacks Turkey; the real power behind them is the British deep state. We need to see the scale of the power we are up against and take rational precautions accordingly. First of all we need to be calm and appease the current problem. Later on we can take all the necessary, diplomatic, commercial, political measures.


It is a crime to show people like Che Guevara as role models, who was set on destroying his state with terror. It’s the same as defending Ocalan.


It’s great that Mr. Erdogan is taking steps to make our alliance with Russia stronger. We should do the same with Iran.


I respect atheists and agnostics. They honestly declare that they cannot believe and do not act dishonestly.

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21-40 / Total: 1588
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