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It's not possible to say, 'evolution is not scientific' in any school. Fossils can't be displayed at schools. This is very abnormal.


It’s not a sin or a crime for a lady to look attractive. It is wrong to harm the nature of people. Women should be feminine and men masculine. Men should look handsome and women beautiful. The important thing is chastity and respect.


If women are denied their freedom, if fake bans are introduced in name of religion, the Islamic Union cannot be built. God will never give success to a misogynistic system. The key to Islamic Union is women. If you promise to build a society where women will be free, God will build the Islamic Union.


ISIS is one of many terror groups set up and controlled by the British Deep State. ISIS can’t act without its support.


It is really astounding that cruelty prevails in the world to that extent. Being compassionate, loving and refined is what is easy and nice.


If there is no art and quality in a country, people living in that country cannot be happy and they want to flee from that country. A country lacking high quality, refinement and modernity; one that oppresses women a nd not let them be free would be devastated after a while.


It is scientifically impossible for a single protein to come into existence through coincidences. Evolution theory cannot even account for the formation of a single protein. Evolutionists should go and buy barrels of protein powder and wait for millions of years for life to appear; no living being would come up from that. There is a being inside the brain that sees without an eye and hears without an ear. The evolutionists should investigate who this being is.


It is very nice that Lindsay Lohan is behaving warmly towards Islam. She should not pay any attention if bigots attempt to pressure her about the way she conducts.


It's a proof of creation that the staff of Prophet Moses (pbuh) turns into a snake in an instant. Heaven and hell are also created; there's no evolution.


In Turkey at least 80% does not believe in Darwinism and 95% believes in God. This is a reflection of our works thanks to God.


If they held a survey on whether Muslims believe in Darwinism or not, it would be seen that 80 to 90% in Turkey does not believe in Darwinism.


In verses of the Qur'an it's revealed that Muslims in need for help pray to Allah to send them a Mahdi, meaning a savior.


It's seen the British Deep State's lobby is highly influential in many places. The EU's raising the topic of money against Turkey is a sign of this.


It will be a grace that believers show their gratitude in God saying "Thanks to God" or "Alhamdulillah" by reciting the Name of our Lord and not just say ‘thanks’ without saying to Who.


It is incredible that a person does not have faith. Even a molecule is more intelligent than all of humanity, but people ignore this truth.


In the past, the British Deep State created famine in India, causing the deaths of millions of innocent people.


If Turkey, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China join forces, Islamic Union can be easily formed. There are many Muslims in China.


In the absence of love, there will be only pretending. Many young people pretend to like each other, when in truth they don't.


In many countries, coups are staged with the claim of bringing modernism, quality, and refinement to an otherwise backward country.


It is not right for our nation to chase after self-interests. Had we done that, we would not embrace our Syrian brothers. We invited them owing to our being selfless. We host our Syrian brothers in Turkey because we think about earning God’s good will and we know that we will answer to God in the hereafter. We host our Syrian brothers because we know that the opposite would be cruelty. They are also the children of this country. They are a piece of us. We are proud of our Syrian brothers. May God grant health to all of them. They can accept Turkey as their own country and be happy here.

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21-40 / Total: 1467
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