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One’s intellect and articulation are created every instant. God grants and creates wisdom, intellect and the capacity to speak.


Our people would never support any politician backed up by the British deep state.


Our people want to see leaders of their own in power, not the henchmen of the British deep state.


Once a flower is picked in Paradise, it is immediately created again on its branch.


Our Prophet (pbuh) left his cardigan to the Mahdi (pbuh) as a beautiful gift. We will see the days when the Mahdi (pbuh) will wear it.


One needs to concentrate on faith most of all. A faithful country would not collapse. Sincere faith would keep that country standing strong.


Our Syrian guests are more than welcome here. They are the blessed muhajirun [emigrants], and they honor us by allowing us to be their ansar [helpers].


Our Syrian guests are innocent people that need our help. Statements that target them would be nothing but cruelty.


Our intellectual efforts provided an indestructible ideological basis for the right-wing government in Turkey.


Omer Halis Demir is a lion; a perfect example of a person with great love for God and fear of God.


Overwhelming evidence proves the destructive practices of the British deep state. The Parliament can have a secret session to discuss it.


Once an Islamic understanding that isn’t based on the Qur’an is adopted, superstitious radical movements backed by the British deep state appear.


Our Prophet (pbuh) foretold that the dajjal [antichrist] will appear when he is annoyed, meaning when he is revealed.


Our Syrian guests are very dear to us. It would be very cruel to indiscriminately accuse them of crimes.


One needs to be ambitious to get rid of getting accustomed to the things around him and failing to see the marvels in them. One should think profoundly, not superficially.


Our Prophet (saas) foretold that the trials in the end times would be very fierce. Every incident is created to make people think.

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Our Prophet (saas) said that those who come to Mahdi will be chosen. Only the loyal and truehearted ones with good morals will remain.


One of the biggest mistakes of Muslims is to see hypocrites as an out-of-focus issue. It’s why hypocrites destroyed the Islamic world.


One of the ugly attitudes of hypocrites is that they stay distant from Islam but keep on giving advice to Muslims. They deem themselves very superior.


Once we disclosed the British deep state, people better grasped how it influenced and tyrannized people all over world.

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1-20 / Total: 560
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