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President Erdogan said that we are from the 'family of Abraham.' This is a statement in the Qur'an and Turkish people are also in this family.


People are created anew along with their memories every moment. In a sense, it is as if they are reborn every moment.


President Trump should not be concerned of the campaigns carried out against him. No one would ever give credit to defamation; we don’t either. He should keep his heart at ease.


President Trump could consider organizing meetings with religious communities on a regular basis. In these religious gatherings organized by the President Trump, 7 muezzins could sing the Islamic call to prayer, 7 shofars could be played and 7 church bells could be rang. It would be wise to decrease military expenses as well.


President Trump's invitation of representatives of all divine faiths on the National Day of Prayer is an auspicious and benevolent practice.


People in hell think that they are under a spell that disrupts the perception of time; therefore, they don’t comprehend the eternal torment.


Putin is an honest man. Turkey and Russia should have a stronger relationship.

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President Trump must turn his meetings with religious communities into a custom. He should get together with Jews, Christians and Muslims every month. Church bells, shofar (Jewish prayer horn) and adhan (Islamic call to prayer) could be played at these meetings.


People who have gone through afflictions turn out to be perfect artists. That’s why gypsies are amazing artists. It’s an honor to be a gypsy.


President Trump must make an effort to make America pious again and increase the welfare of his nation rather than investing in arms.

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Prophet Job (pbuh) persevered in the face of the trials God made him go through. His trial was very precious; he was always on the side of God.


President Trump’s policy is a “Pious America” against a “Communist America.” With this aspect, Mr. Trump’s policy is precious and important.

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People often side with people they consider to be strong. This must not be the criterion to adopt an opinion.

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Piety can be seen on the face. Believers have holy light on their faces due to their strong faith in God.


People have a wrong understanding of religion. They assume pious people become introverted and lose their joy. That is not being religious. One becomes lively and joyful with religion and faith in God. Believers are extraverted and full of life.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that, even if it is the last day before the end of the world, God would extend that day for the appearance of Mahdi.


Physics, chemistry, biology are all branches of science. But the evolution theory is reminiscent from an ancient Sumerian religion; it is a pagan belief that explains the universe completely with coincidences.


President Trump's criticism of the "establishment" is a direct criticism towards the British Deep State. It is a first in history.


Paleontology, physics, chemistry, biology are all science, but evolution is superstition.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was extremely well-groomed and handsome. He always smelled of fresh roses, and applied kohl. It’s great to be well groomed.

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41-60 / Total: 374
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