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Ronaldo would very lovingly embrace the understanding of Islam as we communicate, the understanding of Islam as lived in the time of the Companions of our Prophet (saas) .


Religion means freedom; religion means love, beauty, peace, arts and aesthetics. It means a world like heaven.


Ramadan has a sweetness of its own; it has a pleasantness; a beauty peculiar to it. Every single day has a festive air. One feels a special brilliance, a special extraordinariness during the month of Ramadan.


Radicalism is wreaking havoc in the Islamic world. The Ikhwan should strike an intellectual blow against this and bring forth the modern understanding of Islam, the understanding of the Companions of our Prophet (saas). That would be amazing.


Radicalism can never come to power anywhere in the world. They should give up radicalism. God always protects and watches over the understanding of Islam in the sense of the system of the Mahdi, in the sense of the Qur'an, in the sense of love, compassion and mercy.


Religion belongs to good people, not to radicals. What radicals do is only to use religion.


Religious Jews are Israel’s reason for existence. 3000 years old traditions of Haredi Jews should continue as it is. Israel finds its meaning with devout Jews.


Results can be attained not by executing the leader of the terrorists but with ideas and explanations.


Riot control vehicles, tanks and cannonballs insha’Allah will be placed in museums in the time of the Mahdi.


Republic is a system that Allah wants.


Revolutions and uprisings are very cruel. Therefore it is very important to avoid turns of phrases that ask for trouble.


Religion is the heart of the Middle East. Middle East cannot survive outside religion. And for thousands of years, Middle East did not live outside religion. I mean people cannot live without religion, they would die. The meaning of life would be lost. People would be devastated.


Religion and science are one within the other. Islam increases the strength of science and science increases the strength of Islam.


Red Apple is a belief that is encrypted in the genes of every Turkish youngster. Red Apple means spreading the Name of Allah to the whole world. It is goodness and beauty that encompasses the whole world.


Revilement is a crime according to laws. Law suits are brought against those who revile and insult all over the world. There is nothing to be surprised about that.


Recently some people keep saying; the word "TR (Turkish Republic) will no longer be used." That is not the case. No one would ever be able to do that. No one could ever even imagine to do something like that. Turkish Republic will remain until the Last Day, by the leave of Allah. Turkish Republic will end with the Last Day. Before that, no such thing would ever happen.


Resistance generally loses, active movements attain success. For instance PKK is an active movement. If you only resist against that, you would lose. That is because if you do not have an idea, if you do not have belief, if you do not have an ideal, if you are only resisting, you would be defeated. But if you have an ideal, a goal, if you advocate the Unity of Islam for Allah, what does Allah say in the verse; "You will be the victorious one if you are a believer." That is the law of Allah.


Rationality is important for people. Their minds should see a fact and their heart should approve. Mind and heart should have the same strength. They should act together. If you do not use mind, only the approval of the heart would lead to weakness in faith. Strong faith, ascertained faith, ayn al-yaqin (eye of certainty) faith would be very strong.


Religion is very pure and simple. One should have good morals, one should be loving and sincere. Lawful deeds are defined anyway. There are many lawful acts, they are boundless. Unlawful deeds on the other hand are very few. They are defined in the Qur'an as well. One needs to keep away from them and that is it. You would be a good person, a loving person who submits himself to Allah, a person who loves Allah very much. You should not be wooly minded, you should just be honest.


Religion is not very complex. Religion is very pure and simple. It is not something you would perceive after months, years of education. Islam can easily be understood in two-three hours.

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41-60 / Total: 91
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