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Some people follow what they learned from their ancestors, and not God’s commands. However, the Qur’an is sufficient as our guide and Islam is easy to practice.


Sometimes people are influenced by the choices of the majority. Instead, everyone should act independently, and with common sense.


Some people don't have much love for their mothers. They settle for buying a gift once a year on Mother’s Day and forget about her until next year.


Some people live in almost complete obliviousness in a kind of deep hypnosis. Only love and fear of God can overcome this problem.


Satan ridicules people through Darwinism. Trying to explain everything with coincidences is not science; it is a failure of logic.


Similar to Prophet Moses (as)’ s staff turning into a living snake when he cast it down, man is created instantaneously, not gradually.


Surat al-Araf verse 172 reveals that entire humanity was created in spiritual realm as human beings who hear and speak. There was no evolutionary process. Therefore, there is no creation by evolution in the Qur’an.


Sincerity is the food of soul and mind. God says that His sincere servants will be saved.


Some people confuse the dark world of radicalism with true religion and try to defend it. It is not what God wants. True Islam is the opposite of radicalism.


Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi and other sects, they are all Muslims. They all believe in the same God, abide by the same Book, love the same Prophet. Yet satan wants animosity and hatred to exist between Muslims.


Suicide will be punished with endless hell. It is like murder: God would never test a person with more than he can handle, therefore suicide is not justified.


Some radicals have such sick views, they consider the legs of a three- year-old girl provoking. That is horrible.


Some circles struggled immensely to drive a wedge between Turkey and Russia. Yet all such attempts proved futile thanks to our efforts. We've thwarted such plots with my articles published in Pravda and other publications and helped rebuild the friendship between Russia and Turkey. Putin saw through the plots behind the Russian jet incident and saw President Erdogan’s honesty. Now, these two leaders will, insha’Allah, build an alliance.


Said Nursi also explained that the Mahdi would stay away from politics. The Mahdi will provide ideological support to politics, but will not actively take part in it.


Said Nursi stated, based on the Qur’anic verses, that Prophet Jesus will return once again.


Some so-called Islamic scholars, due to their ignorance, concede defeat against Darwinism. They are unaware that science refutes evolution


Students would understand that Darwinism was wrong if they were shown fossils at schools through fossil exhibitions. Darwinists do not want paleontological findings to be exhibited. They hide fossils in warehouses because they know that fossils prove creation.


Satan is mocking humanity with Darwinism. Darwinism is like the religion of satan and has virtually enslaved people.


Some people fail to realize that Darwinism is a philosophy that denies the existence of God. (God is above such thoughts) We are ending Darwinism with science and knowledge yet some people are unaware of this fact. They live secluded lives, they don't really see the truth. Those who fail to see the danger of Darwinism have a common language. They have a primitive and erroneous approach to the matter.


Sectarian divides have devastated the Islamic world. The Islam as lived by the Companions of our Prophet (saas) will make the world an incredibly beautiful place.

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1-20 / Total: 561
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