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Spirituality and piety is what the US needs right now. President Trump should frequently meet with Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious figures.


Some people remain under the influence of mass psychology. Many people are led by a single person’s opinion. Free opinion is rare and precious.


Some bigots still want to live in Europe even though they hate art, music, beauty, courtesy and they cannot cope with it.


Sectarian divisions caused Muslims to fight each other in Syria, Iraq and in many other places.


Some people, knowingly or unknowingly, drive people away from religion by introducing non-existent bans and restrictions. People should be wary of methods designed to drive people away from Islam.


Saying Russia is the mastermind behind the violent events are merely an effort in vain to distract attention from the British Deep State. This structure is very influential among the Russian bureaucracy as well. Putin is well aware of the fact that he is encircled by the agents of the British Deep State and is giving a strong struggle against this threat.


Some people make sarcastic comments about Trump, hoping to gain something with their arrogant attitude. Arrogance won’t help.


Syrian refugees have fled from their countries in fear of their lives and are compliantly living under the harshest conditions. Nevertheless, some pseudo-intellectuals who look down on people are hateful towards them.


Some wanna-be writers who are fans of the British Deep State try to divert people’s attention away from the British Deep State. Despite all the efforts trying to divert attention away from the British Deep State, we will go on explaining the facts.


Some people are trying to conceal the real issue by throwing people off the scent. That is the classical tactic of the British Deep State.


Some evolutions admit -albeit secretly- that the fossils we present by making use of paleontology as a science branch, are original.

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Some Darwinists don't even want to see fossils. They don't accept that fossils are original and that living beings did not evolve.


Supporting creationism is progressiveness. We prove by using paleontology and fossils that living things have not changed over time. At Darwin's time microscopes were very primitive. Darwin called the 'cell' a bubble filled with water. The cell is like a very complex city.


Structures of molecules are woven like lace. Not even a single cell or protein could come into existence by coincidence.


Sincerity is when one has no pressure on his conscience. The most easy and beautiful way of living is a life of sincerity.


Scientifically not even a single protein can come into existence by chance. Saying living beings formed by chance is irrational.


Self-centeredness rots the human body. A self-centered person can't speak reasonably, loses his logic, power to love and reflect deeply.

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Some circles reacted when we said that we must become allies with Israel, Russia and Egypt. Now they see that we are right.


Some people enigmatically harbor negative traits such as jealousy, hatred, egoism, gossiping.


Secrecy is crucial for the British Deep State. But when they’re clearly named, their spell will be broken.

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41-60 / Total: 525
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