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The universe is coded in sevens, threes, forties and nineteen’s. 3,7,9,19 are codes, that never fails. In fact Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is the one who defined the dates like March 12th, September 12th. May 27th for instance 27 is a fold of 9. Nothing happens without a plan. The numbers are always in motion. Numbers are always on duty in the universe.


The Gulen Community is a blessing for Turkey. This government we have is a blessing for us. We should not let any pressure on our PM Erdoğan or on the Gulen community. We should support both our government and the Gulen community with all our might.


There is bound to be violence in places where the system of the Mahdi does not prevail. God is showing that to people and He will continue to do so. We will all come to see that the coming days will be even fiercer. That will continue until love is formed in the hearts towards Jesus Messiah, Mahdi (pbuh) and the Islamic Union.


This is not a place for plays and amusement; it is not a place to merely earn livelihood. We’ve come here to be tested.


This is a world that would not let you stay in your houses in comfort and deal with your checks, title deeds and your trade. It is not a world that you can be graduated from your school in peace and get married and deal with your own business. God would not give way to this. God did not create this world for this. God wants the appearance of the Mahdi; He wants the appearance of the Jesus Messiah and the global rule of Islam.


There has never been another period in the history of Islam ever since the time of our Prophet (saas) in which people kept saying “Mahdi will not come” this much. And there has never been another period in which the system of the Mahdi has been explained as extensively as today.


Turkey is a sound and sturdy country. Our youth are sturdy, their education is perfect. Our people are very vigilant; Radicalism and bigotry is a laughing stock in Turkey. No one would ever give way to that.


The real spirit of religion is only with the system of the Mahdi


The fact that there is always good in everything should never be forgotten. Almighty God would never keep the world stagnant; He always keeps it in motion and He revives it. So there is always a constant movement, a constant excitement in the world.


Turkey is like steel, our faith is like steel, and our belief is like steel. We would not let Turkey be divided. Furthermore we would not give way to any other paths like autonomy that would lead to separation. They should forget about it.


The goal of fear of God is love. Almighty God says; "Fear me." Almighty God's goal in that is to make Himself loved. The ultimate goal is not pure fear. What God wants is the love that would stem from that fear.


The most important sustenance in the world is love that stems from faith. Without it everything is over. Build as much bridges as you like, build as much roads, buildings as you like, it has no importance. For instance New York is an amazingly wealthy city but there are people committing suicide every single day. There are people committing suicide every other place in the world, people are using drugs.


The reason behind this stunted structure, this scourge on the region is bigotry. Bigotry ruined the Islamic world. An excruciating suffering is going for the last 300 years. With the system of the Mahdi, this will go away.


The Fethullah Gulen community is not a community that has been formed easily. They have at least 40 years of history. It is an organization formed with great efforts, by suffering through ordeals. They have such a nice enthusiasm. They might have their mistakes, they might have their flaws. One can criticize them within the limits of reason, consideration and good conscience. But trying to destroy them, desiring to pull them down would be cruelty.


The system of the Mahdi is evidently the only way out. It is a system that would be accepted by all; one that everyone would regard reasonable and that everyone would lovingly embrace. It is a system that would be in favor of Christian, Jews and Muslims. Consequently no system would ever be acceptable other than the only one that is in favor of everyone.


There is a demand for the Islamic Union all around the world but God blocks the way of all formations that slip towards radicalism in order to prevent that union to be in the form of radicalism. God advances all structures that are closed to radicalism.


These sufferings will continue unless Muslims unite and elect a leader, unless they feel that yearning for the Mahdi (pbuh) and the Jesus Messiah.


The US has no way other than complying by the system of the Mahdi. They have no way out other than abiding by Jesus Messiah (pbuh). The US should be looking for the Jesus Messiah, for the Mahdi and abide by the spirit of the system of the Mahdi. There is no other way out.


The country in which Mahdi (pbuh) will be born will be the leader country. God has sent Mahdi (pbuh) to Turkey, Turkey will be the leader.


To criticize one's self and not claiming to be free of blame would make a Muslim adopt the character of a guide. A person's criticizing himself would make him wise and healthy. Exalting one's self would make one sick. It makes one crazy. When one criticizes himself, when one criticizes his lower self, he would be exalted; he would become wise and smart.

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21-40 / Total: 1078
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