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There are more than 700 million fossils and not even one display an evolutionary process. Living beings are not evolving gradually in the fossil records.


There is nothing wrong with Trump mentioning radical Islam. He means an understanding of Islam away from the Qur'an.


TV shows that push aside quality and place importance on self-interest and encourage a culture of conflict for free food are very ruinous.


The dajjal [antichrist] has many supporters, yes-men and informants. They offer a false heaven to their supporters and turn the life of their opposers to hell.


The TV series that show the British Deep State as strong are material for propaganda. It is very important to be on alert for this propaganda.


The presence of Churchill's bust in the White House is the mark of the British Deep State's message saying, "We are everywhere."


The Mahdi's emergence is very close, insha'Allah. Presidents Putin, Trump and Erdogan will have very good duties in this period.


Trump is acting honestly. If he does something wrong, the people would warn him. It's not fair to be mercilessly against him.


The antibiotic resistance of bacteria is not evolution. Bacteria were created as bacteria. They did not turn into another being.


They are not investing with a Muslim who doesn't support evolution. So some defeatists are trying to gain benefit by supporting evolution.


They're trying to explain antibiotic resistance of bacteria with evolution but in truth it is a system God created inside bacteria from the very first moment.


The Mahdi won’t have any worldly goals. No one will be treated badly during his time.


There were no sects at time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). There was only one religion. Mahdi’s time will be like the time of our Prophet.


Trump’s Syrian policy should be based on protecting Syria’s territorial integrity. It wouldn't befit Trump to support a communist terror group. If the new US administration supports the terrorist PKK, as the Obama administration did, they’ll bring an American nightmare, not the American Dream.


Those who are sincere about the Mahdi's system must tell the portents about his coming told in the hadiths. They should not hide these hadiths from people.


Trump keenly wants to serve America. It is not right to hold him off before he even takes a step forward. It is important to give him an opportunity.


The reason why many circles promote the evolution theory is merely ideological. They do not even know what the theory really is about.


Those protesting the election of Trump should learn to respect the choices of the American people. It is unacceptable to pour into the streets when one’s demands are not met. Saying ‘it is not important what the people wants, I am the one that is necessary, my way is the only way’ is not compliant with democracy.


The British Deep State is ruling over American institutions. The pressure of the British Deep State is crushing the American people.


There is no evolutionary creation in the Qur'an. God revealed that He created human beings with the command 'Be'. There is no creation through evolution.

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21-40 / Total: 3060
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