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The jealousy and bitterness of those people that try to hurt believers will only elevate the position of the believers in Heaven. Therefore, their presence is actually a blessing for believers.


The British deep state's is the world's number one problem right now. It is wrong to downplay it. Instead, it should be intellectually countered.


The people of Iran are decent, humble, brave people. Iran is a great Muslim country. No one should fall for the games of those who want a discord between Turkey and Iran. Both in Iran and in Turkey, there are groups trying to stoke hostility between Iran and Turkey. These people are guided by British deep state. The best way to answer the anti-Iran sentiment provoked by the British deep state is disavowing radical ideas and strengthening our friendship with Iran.


Turkey, Russia and Iran should form a powerful, solid bloc. We should also help Armenia and not be spectators to their isolation in a faraway land. Azerbaijan is very dear to us. Let's help them solve the conflict with Armenia and build an alliance of friendship in the region.


The main principle of Freemasonry is freedom of thought, respect for ideas, peace, friendship and brotherhood. Yet not every Mason can match that level of refinement. Surely there can be ignorant people among Masons that don't respect ladies and all humans in general, or who have no respect for art or refinement.


There are small, illegal groups in every country that claim to be Masons. They are not really linked to true Freemasons. Atheists that infiltrated Freemasonry for personal gains or small groups that pretend to be Masons shouldn't be taken seriously.


True Freemasonry is an ancient institute going back thousands of years. It believes in God and has an open-minded mentality that respects ideas, faiths and values women. True Freemasonry doesn't recognize or take seriously those small, atheistic groups that formed by themselves and claim to be atheist Masons.


There was a mistaken idea that religious people should not enjoy luxuries, or live beautiful lives. That was a plan to suffocate Muslims. We put an end to that.


The British deep state attacked at Gallipoli, drew up the Treaty of Sevres and drew the borders in the Middle East with rulers. Some people still act as like none of this has happened.


The Anatolian people have a historical wisdom and insight. With this insight, our people are able to quickly decide who and what should be supported.


Traffic should be taken underground as much as possible. There should be nice, large underground roads.


The water cup symbol is found in inscriptions that are tens of thousands of years old, in the Bible, in Freemasonry and in Surah Yusuf in the Qur’an.


The Moshiach depicted in the Torah is the same person as the Mahdi awaited by Muslims. All religions give the glad tidings of the Mahdi’s coming.


The British deep state recruits treacherous, arrogant people to use as its minions. We exposed them all.


There should be authorities checking and making sure that animal owners care for and treat their pets well.


There is a very warm philosophy in Anatolia. Those that are unaware of that philosophy, that spirit, would not be able to enjoy Anatolian music and beauties.


The majority of our conservative, orthodox brothers are taken aback when they hear that the Qur’an is enough as the source of religion. They should cling to the Qur’an, without having any doubts that it is the sole guide. The Qur’an is sufficient as a guide. Everything is explained in the Qur’an. Saying anything to the contrary would be a sin.


The British deep state was convinced that they would have won by 2023. However, Turkey’s bold moves and the spread of Islamic morality has made them extremely uncomfortable.


The British deep state has sleeper cells and qualified hypocrites that it keeps ready to use when necessary. But their efforts will be to no avail.


The British deep state aims to replace Islam with Rumism. In their conception of Rumism, there is no room for Islam or the Qur'an.

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41-60 / Total: 3434
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