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The theory of evolution is the greatest and the most irrational superstition imposed on people throughout the world.


The theory of evolution is unscientific. Those who support an irrational, pagan theory like evolution will feel very ashamed in the future. The cell is more complex than a city. Saying that such a complex structure came into existence by coincidence is humiliating.


The British Deep State is a 200 year-old organization, manifesting as the dajjal [antichrist] of the End Times. One must be very careful and be on alert.


The British Deep State is trying to destroy President Trump using street protests, instability and economic sabotage. Mr.Putin, Mr.Erdogan and Mr.Trump must ally against the dajjal's [antichrist] system. The dajjal's system is very fierce. It must be resisted by an alliance.


The Muslim world must support Trump. It is evident that Trump's ideal is to bring back the American Dream. This is very nice.


The mastermind exists and this mastermind is the British Deep State. Trying to cover this up would be a futile attempt.


The superstition of evolution is based on millions of flaws, defects and ugliness. There is no flaw in fossils. They are complete and perfect beings.


There is no country where the theory of evolution is not in the school curriculum. Students are taught this superstition by imposition.


There are 700 million fossils and not a single one of them carries any trace of evolution. Science proves that there is no evolution.


The PKK's faith is communism which takes Darwinism as its basis. If we take that basis away, communist ideology would collapse.


The theory of evolution has nothing to do with being scientific. It explains existence of everything with 'coincidence.' Sixty separate proteins must simultaneously exist to form a single protein. Only this fact ends the theory of evolution that insists on coincidence. We say, 'Let fossils be displayed.' They say, 'No.' Can there be a scientific theory that fears fossils. Darwinists are trying to ban science.


The theory of evolution is a superstition dating from the time of the Sumerians. A theory that supports existence by coincidences cannot be science.


The love between children and their pets is like a preview of Heaven.


They should think on why fossils are kept away from people. It is because fossils prove creation.


There are attempts to give theory of evolution a credible look. Evolution is a myth of the Sumerians that has coincidence as the sole explanation.


There is no evolution in the creation of angels, jinns, devils or when people will be resurrected in the Hereafter. Humans aren’t created by evolution. 700 million fossils unearthed so far prove creation and show that evolution never took place. The formation of proteins proves creation and refutes evolution. The theory of evolution is unscientific.


There is a great deal of people that don't want ladies to look beautiful. They want women to look masculine and unattractive.


Torturing a human being can never be deemed regular. Turkey should maintain its decisive stance against torture.


The British Deep State has begun serial murders. They are murdering those who expose them using different methods. Murder is a method of the dajjal [antichrist].


The British Deep State concocts sly plots, involving provocative remarks. People should be wary of such statements.

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41-60 / Total: 3060
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