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There is a beginning and an end for everything. God has neither. Beginnings and endings are only for those who are created: Yet Alhamdulillah, because we are carrying the soul of God we will have a beginning but not an ending in Heaven.


The artistry of God is being very gloriously manifested in the human cell. If we could put a person inside a cell and let him live there for a week, his forehead would never stop prostrating. People have weak faith because they cannot see that properly, because they cannot see those worlds.


The burden that bigotry and radicalism brings about is very weighty. It ruins the society, it ruins people; it makes countries totally ruined.


The spirit of showing compassion to women would increase love for women as well. Some people only see women as sexual objects. They would then approach them in the spirit of hatred. Compassion and the spirit of mercy and protection would increase love in folds. Actually compassion is mentioned all the time in the Qur’an. I mean there is love mixed with mercy, a protective kind of love.


There is no meaning to life without religion, may God forbid. I live for religions, for God, we all do insha'Allah.


There will be a whole different Turkey in three-five years. The world will be completely different. The vigorous and strong structure of the system of the Mahdi is progressing step by step Alhamdulillah.


Tanks, cannon shells, water cannons; none of those will exist in the End Times. They will all be used for industrial purposes. There will be no weapons at the time of the Mahdi (pbuh).


There will be no need for the police, for the anti-riot water cannon vehicles; there will be no need for tear-gas in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). Why is that? That is because love will prevail in the time of the Mahdi(pbuh). Love does not prevail right now; violence and terror is running rampant.


Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel will all unite as brothers in our time. A great Islamic Union, a great Islamic Unity will be formed. The characteristic of this union will be that it will be based on an intense love, friendship and good intentions.


The best thing the CHP (Republican People’s Party) can do is to develop a spirit that addresses the spirit of the people, of the people of Anatolia, the spirit of our people.


The mentality that urges one to cry after everything is abnormal. This is a remnant system from the idolaters of Mecca, from the idolaters of Sumeria, from way back. That is outright insincerity. This is an act which shows that one does not have trust in God- may God forbid. One would only cry if he thinks –may God forbid- that God is not the One Who creates that event.


There is no spirit of mourning in Islam. That is idolatry. It is rebellion against God, it is unlawful, it is a sin. Consequently, talking about something that actually means idolatry as if it is a religious act would be wrong.


The system of the Mahdi is a very beautiful activity of the brain which destroys the spirit of desolation and desperation by instilling a vibrant hope, lively excitement and vivacious fervor to the world. We will see this result, insha'Allah, more clearly in 10 or 20 years.


The system of the Mahdi gives determination, fervor and excitement to the world. It gives a spirit to the Muslim world. Or else the vast majority of Muslims would very easily be consumed in the swamp of lethargy, regret and hopelessness.


The human brain is small, but it controls the whole body. The community of the Mahdi will be small as well and they will be the brain of the Islamic world; the brain of the Islamic world will be a small community. That is the wisdom behind the system of the Mahdi: I mean they will be a small group, but they will constitute the brain that operates the whole Islamic world.


The system of the Mahdi means the profession of teaching love; it is friendship, brotherhood, beauty and sincerity.


Those who do not accept the plan, the model of our Prophet (saas) invent their own plan and model and continue being strangled inside that model. No plan other than our Prophet (saas)’s would ever work and that is the plan of the system of the Mahdi.


The system of the Mahdi is an environment of brotherhood and friendship, it is an environment of love. People would not be swaggering, they would not suffer. At the moment, cocaine, heroin, weed, alcohol are all consumed like water. Why is this? It is because of the lack of love. People start using drugs to be saved from the pain of that scarcity of love.


They should forget about a radical system in the system of the Mahdi. They should forget about a bigoted system. They should not expect any good from such troubles and such scourges. Of course there is goodness in everything, but that is a whole other issue; those who expect to attain beauty should melt inside the spirit of the system of the Mahdi. Anything other than that would not work.


The system of the Mahdi will start showing itself gradually, with joy, with compassion, within the natural lifestyle of human nature.

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41-60 / Total: 1144
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