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While Muslims’ blood is shed, some so-called Islamic scholars speak about non-urgent issues for hours.


Without art and aesthetics life does not have any meaning or beauty. Without education there will not be people enjoying art and beauty. It is very important to establish a Ministry of Art and Quality so that art and quality prevails in every sector from construction to textile.


We love the British people. Our criticism is directed at the dark deeds of the British Deep State.


We don't want a cruel, communist, Stalinist structure in the Middle East. Kurds are our precious, dear, beloved brothers.


We explained that the source of the problem is the British Deep State. Hence they psychopathically increased their attacks. Our intellectuals must focus on this.


What the British Deep State means by "The Big Game" is to divide the Middle East into scores of small states.


We have to think about the next generation when preparing the new Constitution. We trust the President, but it should not include any clauses what could give way to the separation of Turkey.


We have no enmity against Britain, as we have many British friends. Our criticism is aimed at the British Deep State, which is a trouble for Britain also.


We love our Syrian guests so much. They came with blessings. We welcome them as long as they like in our country, they're all innocent ones.


We should take all necessary measures to ensure our brothers and sisters in refugee camps have no problems due to cold winter weather.


We see dajjal [antichrist] with different names and different voices and our soldiers are fighting against the dajjal movement.


We will expand the issue of hypocrites. The gravest trouble upon the Islamic world is hypocrisy.


While everything that is created is good for a Muslim, it is malice for the hypocrite.


With foolish pretexts, hypocrites claimed that –may God forbid- our Prophet (pbuh) couldn’t think properly but they thought better.The hypocrite even claim to be God, may God forbid.


We congratulate Mr.Donald Trump once again and believe that he will be instrumental in establishing a devout America once again.


We should act quickly to build a very strong alliance with Iran and Russia, cooperate with them in everything.


We’ll be friends with Iran, with Russia. The British Deep State is wrong to think that with their feeble games they can manipulate our people.


We understand from the Qur’an that the main goal of hypocrites is taking up Muslims’ time.


We should act quickly to strengthen our amity with Russia. Let us invite President Putin to Turkey and sign new trade and military deals.


We will reinforce Turkish-Russian relations even more. Russian people are very much like Anatolian people in terms of nature. Russia will always be our friend.

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1-20 / Total: 975
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