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When Islamic morality prevails, the world will be radiant like light, we won’t see any dark evil persons.


When hypocrites make an immoral act, this is not bad for Muslims; on the contrary it is good, they gain a lot of merit due to that.


While Muslims eagerly and heartily strive for the sake of God, hypocrites carry on their perfidious and evil deeds.


When there is an attack of antichrist system to a Muslim, all Muslims are obligated to unite and protect him. It is our nation’s duty to watch over President Erdoğan.


While introducing the people of the British Deep State, the hypocrites present them to Muslims as if they are religious people. Actually those are all ignominious types who are against Islam.


When you study the writings of hypocritical people, you will see that they plagiarized almost every writing as their own. Hypocrites are serial liars; they are very cunning.


When hypocrite's methods are exhausted for sedition, he is left in solitude. In fact, he desires to live alone in his own mischief and denial.


When hypocrites are called to stop their trouble-making, they will claim they are trying to put things right.


When something that is against the teachings of the Qur’an is in question, the hypocrites feel an enormous energy, fervent and excitement. “You see many of them rushing to wrongdoing and enmity and acquiring ill-gotten gains. What an evil thing they do!” Qur’an, 5:62


Wastage is unlawful in religion. Muslims should fiercely avoid wasting the blessings they are given.


We will soon see Jesus the Messiah by the will of God. He will have an incredible memory; once he reads something, he will never forget it.


We want that old warm, happy, loving and religious American character to come back to the US again. The US will be stronger when it is religious as it was before.


Whenever someone who is not endorsed by British Deep State is elected in a country, they throw a tantrum. They have to respect democratic elections.


When the hypocritical movement is disclosed with intellectual means, the scourges over the Islamic world will also be removed.


Without love there is no meaning to the universe. Even heaven is meaningful with love.


Women should be well-groomed and elegant. We should respect her and her chastity. The beauty of a woman is so that we respect her.


With their racist approach favoring Anglo-Saxons, the British Deep State encouraged acceptance for their so-called racial supremacy and many countries subserviently accepted this. As a result of their systematic, patient and racist efforts, the world is made to accept the English language as the language of intellectuals. Especially in countries such as Pakistan and India, there is a dominance of Anglophilia and a subservient ambition to present themselves as English people.


When it comes to the term ‘intellectual’, there is an image of that created by the British Deep State. They have an understanding of looking down on people thinking themselves as superior with their empty knowledge bereft of any significance. Some people assume that affected manners of so-called intellectuals are favorable. Actually such people have very superficial knowledge and low general level of culture and have no supremacy over anyone.


When the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) passed away, Islamic society felt like it had lost its soul. Its decline will be rapid following the demise of the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).


We will see big events in 2017. We will go through important times in history by the will of God.

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1-20 / Total: 929
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