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We understand from the hadiths that the Mahdi’s time when he kept a low profile out of the public view has probably passed. However, there can still be another similar era and a great cleansing at the last moment.


We should not leave Mr. Trump alone against the British deep state.


We should let the whole world know about the injustice done to Muslims in Bangladesh. Most people are not even aware of this tyranny.


When a Muslim brother or sister hurts, no matter where they might be in the world, we will feel that pain. Muslims are brothers and sisters and are obliged to take care of each other.


We are told in the Qur’an that fully abiding by the Qur’an is a cure. Following the Qur’an makes people physically and mentally healthy.


Women are the most beautiful beings in the world. God’s name Al-Jamal is perfectly manifested on them. They are superior to men in their compassion, attentiveness and artistic potential.


When we say that God’s spirit is everywhere, including the petals of a daisy, we mean to say that everything has surrendered to and controlled by God. God’s spirit pervades all space and time, the entire universe.


When freedom and women’s rights are completely secured in Turkey, the whole world will love Islam. That’s why the British deep state is trying to stop this from happening.


When art is gone, love is gone, too. And when there is no love, there is no compassion, beauty, and life becomes meaningless and cruel.


We have been warning for years that the PKK desires to build a communist state in southern Turkey and cut off our ties with the rest of the Islamic world.


When Turkey becomes ultra-modern, Europe will gladly welcome her. Turkey will be both very modern and devout as the companions of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) were.


We travel on a giant globe in the universe moving with tremendous speed and right beneath our feet, we have bubbling magma. Yet we live safely and comfortably. This is God’s beautiful mercy.


We criticize the Rumi philosophy that is used by the British deep state to promote atheism. Our criticism is not directed at the concept of Rumism as adopted by the people of Anatolia.


When someone is betrayed, God will make that person even stronger. And the traitor will lose.


What bothers the British deep state most is Turkey’s abandonment of the Greater Middle East Project and her opposition to the division of the region.


Wherever one turns his gaze, there is a blessing from God. God provides countless blessings - from a TV remote to fruits to vegetables at the groceries.


We are not against the communist ideal of building social justice and peace; we are against the dark, irreligious, cruel, blood-shedding character of communism.


We criticize a person only to correct his mistakes; we don’t want anyone to feel down.


We work night and day to earn God’s approval and never take a break. Some people don't understand this but they too will soon understand.


We are religious, devout people and we always talk about God everywhere we go.

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1-20 / Total: 1095
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