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When God gives wealth, power and health, some people tend to forget Him. However, when that happens, life loses its meaning.


Women are the adornments in this world and Paradise. Those who don’t know to respect and love women must first eliminate the lovelessness in their hearts.


We congratulate the martydom of our martyrs. It’s a great blessing that we admire. May God give a blessed life to their families.


While producing a perfume, the producer makes strenuous effort to attain the same fragrance every time, to ensure consistency. But in nature, it always perfectly the same.


We will never allow a radical, hateful, discriminatory mentality to come and darken Turkey. A bright, beautiful future awaits Turkey. Anti-art, anti-science, misogynistic people shouldn’t hold their breath.


Wherever we look we see the signs of God, His infinite intelligence and sublime art.


We are lovingly remembering our beloved, precious Sheikh Nazim Qibrisi, who was born today.


We’re sincerely talking about God, without expecting anything in return. We’re not religion technicians. We’re talking about our love for God.


We’re surrounded by countless blessings. Most people can appreciate fruits, water etc, but miss how vital for instance the oxygen is.


We will go through difficult times like in a stormy sea, but in the end it’ll all be good.


We will continue our intellectual efforts until the Islamic Unity is formed, and until the dajjali system [antichrist] is intellectually crushed and the British deep state falls, no matter what opposition we encounter.


We are all the children and members of this nation. It is better that we abstain from any tension or quarrel and follow a soothing tone.


We want a world in which all women – both those wearing jilbab (full covering) or revealing clothes - are respected highly.


Women are beautiful beings created only to serve God. Those men who think ladies exist to serve them are grossly mistaken. One should marry a woman to experience true love with her, as a reflection of love for God. But some people wrongly view women as an object.


We don't want bloodshed in any part of the world. We are against all kinds of tyranny, oppression and violence.


We pray to God that the Prophet Jesus and Mahdi make their advent soon.


We, the Turks, respect peaceful, democratic communists, but will not accept those that resort to violence.


Wherever we look, there is golden ratio, flawless color coordination and a dazzling order in nature. God’s artistry is glorious. Masha’Allah.


We are a one big family. This nation, this country, this state belongs to us. We won’t let anyone talk ill about our President. The British deep state should very well know that we won't give in to their evil plots. President Erdoğan is an honest, brave man. They are trying to intimidate him in vain. We would never leave our President alone.


We communicate the message of Islam and prevent the Darwinist philosophy from suffocating people in a world where many Muslims can’t preach Islam. Our anti-Darwinist works are instrumental in raising a faithful generation. Some bigoted circles don’t grasp the kind of scourge we prevent.

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21-40 / Total: 1095
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