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You attempt to distinguish people as those “with turbans” and those “without turbans”. This is a very great mistake . BOTH A MUSLIM WITH A TURBAN AND A MUSLIM WITHOUT A TURBAN IS A MUSLIM BY ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.


You can stop people going off to the mountains [to be terrorists] through science. But they won’t stop so long as Darwinist propaganda persists. They go to the mountains to apply the Marxist education they receive.


YOU WILL NEVER HEAR A HYPOCRITES SPEAK OF GLOBAL DOMINION … Global dominion? “No, thanks.” Islamic Union? “No, thanks.” For them people must never mention Turkish-Islamic Union. For them, the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in this century will never happen and the coming of Hazrat Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) must never happen … Their mentality is always one of running away … IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE HYPOCRITE, YOU CAN UNDERSTAND HIM FROM THAT.


You must say insha’Allah when doing something to avoid falling into disbelief. It is Allah Who does all things.


Youth should have an education of love. There is a policy of anti-love; they appear on television with cold, aggressive and quarrelsome faces. Love is the reality of this world, love is one of the greatest blessings of Allah. It is very important to love everything and to be exceedingly understanding. When a person goes out, he wants to come across people who would welcome him with love.


You are not supposed to respond to satan’s whisperings. You would say “go away!” Especially never respond to the satan’s whisperings related to ablution and salat. The only response to satan’s whispering would be not taking it into consideration.

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41-46 / Total: 46
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